On July 23, 1996.

On July 23, 1996, “American” label released “Three Snakes and One Charm”, the fourth Black Crowes studio album. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Jack Joseph Puig, Chris Robinson, Rich Robinson, Marc Ford, Eddie Harsch, Johnny Colt and Steve Gorman.


  • Chris Robinson– vocals
  • Rich Robinson– guitar
  • Marc Ford– guitar
  • Eddie Harsch– keyboards
  • Johnny Colt– bass guitar
  • Steve Gorman– drums
  • The Dirty Dozen – horns, arrangements
  • Bruce Kaphan – pedal steel
  • Rik Taylor – banjo
  • Gary “Mudbone” Cooper, Garry Shider, Barbara Mitchell, Erica Stewart – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Under a Mountain
  2. Good Friday
  3. Nebakanezer
  4. One Mirror Too Many
  5. Blackberry
  6. Girl from a Pawnshop
  7. (Only) Halfway to Everywhere
  8. Bring On, Bring On
  9. How Much for Your Wings?
  10. Let Me Share the Ride
  11. Better When You’re Not Alone
  12. Evil Eye

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