In June 1985.

In June 1985, “Kitchenware” label released “Steve McQueen”, the second Prefab Sprout studio album. It was recorded 1984 – 1985, at “Nomis Studios” in London, and was produced by Thomas Dolby. Due to legal conflict with the estate of American actor Steve McQueen, the album was released in US by the name “The Wheels Good”.


  • Neil Conti– drums, percussion
  • Martin McAloon – bass
  • Paddy McAloon– composition, guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Wendy Smith – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Kevin Armstrong– guitar
  • Mark Lockhart – saxophone
  • Matt Barry, Brian Evans, Tim Hunt, Dana, Andy Scarth, Chris Sheldon, Kathy Smith, Sven Taits – engineering
  • Thomas Dolby– instruments, mixing
  • East Orange – sleeve design
  • Mike Shipley – mixing, mixdown engineering
  • Phil Thornally – mixing
  • John Warwick – photography, hand-colouring

Track listing:

All tracks by Paddy McAloon.

  1. Faron Young
  2. Bonny
  3. Appetite
  4. When Love Breaks Down
  5. Goodbye Lucille #1
  6. Hallelujah
  7. Moving the River
  8. Horsin’ Around
  9. Desire As
  10. Blueberry Pies
  11. When the Angels

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