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On October 12, 2009.

On October 12, 2009, “Kitchenware” label released “In This Light and on This Evening”, the third Editors album. It was recorded 2008 – 2009, at “Miloco Studios”, “Assault” and “Battery Studios” in London, and was produced by Mark ‘Flood’ Ellis .


  • Tom Smith, Chris Urbanowicz, Russell Leetch, Edward Lay– band members
  • Tim Young – mastering
  • Cenzo Townshend, Rob Kirwan, Ben Hillier – mixing
  • Darren Lawson – mixing assistant
  • Liliane Lijn – cover art
  • Tom Hingston Studio – design, art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Edward Lay, Russell Leetch, Tom Smith, and Chris Urbanowicz.

  1. In This Light and on This Evening
  2. Bricks and Mortar
  3. Papillon
  4. You Don’t Know Love
  5. The Big Exit
  6. The Boxer
  7. Like Treasure
  8. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
  9. Walk the Fleet Road




In June 1985.

In June 1985, “Kitchenware” label released “Steve McQueen”, the second Prefab Sprout studio album. It was recorded 1984 – 1985, at “Nomis Studios” in London, and was produced by Thomas Dolby. Due to legal conflict with the estate of American actor Steve McQueen, the album was released in US by the name “The Wheels Good”.


  • Neil Conti– drums, percussion
  • Martin McAloon – bass
  • Paddy McAloon– composition, guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Wendy Smith – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Kevin Armstrong– guitar
  • Mark Lockhart – saxophone
  • Matt Barry, Brian Evans, Tim Hunt, Dana, Andy Scarth, Chris Sheldon, Kathy Smith, Sven Taits – engineering
  • Thomas Dolby– instruments, mixing
  • East Orange – sleeve design
  • Mike Shipley – mixing, mixdown engineering
  • Phil Thornally – mixing
  • John Warwick – photography, hand-colouring

Track listing:

All tracks by Paddy McAloon.

  1. Faron Young
  2. Bonny
  3. Appetite
  4. When Love Breaks Down
  5. Goodbye Lucille #1
  6. Hallelujah
  7. Moving the River
  8. Horsin’ Around
  9. Desire As
  10. Blueberry Pies
  11. When the Angels

On June 25, 2007.

On June 25, 2007, “Kitchenware” label released “An End Has a Start”, the second Editors album. It was recorded 2006 – 2007, and was produced by Jacknife Lee. The album was certified Platinum in UK by the “BPI”.


  • Tom Smith– lead vocals, guitar, piano
  • Russell Leetch– bass guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Ed Lay– drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Chris Urbanowicz– lead guitar, synthesizer
  • Edith Bowman– performer
  • Robert Whitaker – performer
  • James Banbury – cello, string arrangements
  • Alison Dodds – violin
  • Fiona McCapra – violin
  • Anne Struther – choir, chorus
  • Garret Lee – choir, chorus, performer
  • Jacknife Lee– programming, engineering, mixing
  • Sam Bell – programming, engineering, performer
  • Dani Castelar – performer, assistant engineer
  • Jon Gray – engineering, performer
  • Tom McFall – choir, chorus, engineering
  • Neil Comber – mixing assistant
  • Pete Hofmann – engineering
  • Cenzo Townshend – mixing
  • Idris Khan – images, cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Tom Smith, Chris Urbanowicz, Russell Leetch and Edward Lay.

  1. Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
  2. An End Has a Start
  3. The Weight of the World
  4. Bones
  5. When Anger Shows
  6. The Racing Rats
  7. Push Your Head Towards the Air
  8. Escape the Nest
  9. Spiders
  10. Well Worn Hand

On March 14, 1988.

Langley Park

On March 14, 1988, “Kitchenware” label released “From Langley Park to Memphis” the third Prefab Sprout studio album. It was recorded in 1987, and was produced by Thomas Dolby, Jon Kelly, Paddy McAloon and Andy Richards.


  • Paddy McAloon– vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, piano, harmonica, bass guitar
  • Martin McAloon – bass guitar
  • Wendy Smith – vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano, tambourine
  • Neil Conti– drums, percussion
  • Pete Townshend – guitar
  • Stevie Wonder – harmonica
  • Thomas Dolby, Gary Moberley, Andy Richards – keyboards
  • Gloria Augustus, Rose Banks, Ricky Barber, Andraé Crouch, Sandra Crouch, Vonciele Faggette, Von Foggett, Richard Hollywood, Jean Johnson, Verdine Johnson, Sabrina Johnstom, Geary Lanier, Janet Mims, Bert Noriega, Alfie Silas – background vocals
  • Lenny Castro, Louis Jardim, Wendy Smith – percussion
  • John Altman, Robin Smith – arranger, conductor
  • Mike Ross, John Timperly – string engineer
  • Mike Shipley – mixing
  • David Leonard, Richard Moakes, Tony Phillips – engineer, mixing
  • Michael J. Ade, Michael Brauer, Cliff Brigden, Geoff Bruckner, Dave Conors, Gonzales Espinoza, Tim Hunt, Peter Jones, Jon Kelly, Karl Lever, Steve Lyon, Mark O’Donoughue, Gary Olazabal, Mickey Sweeney, Steve Van Day, Terence Wilson – engineer
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Stephen Male – design
  • Nick Knight – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Paddy McAloon

  1. The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll
  2. Cars and Girls
  3. I Remember That
  4. Enchanted
  5. Nightingales
  6. Hey Manhattan!
  7. Knock On Wood
  8. The Golden Calf
  9. Nancy (Let Your Hair Down For Me)
  10. The Venus of the Soup Kitchen