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On November 3, 1972.

On November 3, 1972, “Track” label released “Whistle Rymes”, the second John Entwistle studio album. It was recorded in May 1972, at “Island Studios” in London, and was produced by John Alcock and John Entwistle.


  • John Entwistle — lead vocals; bass guitar; keyboards; synthesizers; bass synthesizer; trumpet; piano; French horn
  • Peter Frampton — electric guitar
  • John Weider — violin, backing vocals
  • Rod Coombes — drums
  • Gordon Barton — drums
  • Jimmy McCulloch — electric guitar
  • Neil Sheppard — electric piano; organ
  • Bryan Williams — trombone; keyboards
  • Alan Ross — acoustic guitar
  • Brian Humphries — engineer
  • Mike Weighell — engineer
  • Graham Lethbridge — drawing, cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by John Entwistle.

  1. Ten Little Friends
  2. Apron Strings
  3. I Feel Better
  4. Thinkin’ It Over
  5. Who Cares?
  6. I Wonder
  7. I Was Just Being Friendly
  8. The Window Shopper
  9. I Found Out
  10. Nightmare (Please Wake Me Up)

On May 27, 1975.

Venus and Mars

On May 27, 1975, “Capitol” label released “Venus and Mars”, the fourth Wings studio album. It was recorded 5–13 November 1974, at “Abbey Road Studios” in London, 20 January–20 February 1975 at “Sea Saint” in New Orleans, and “Wally Heider Studios”, and was produced by Paul McCartney. The album has been certified Platinum in UK (BPI), Canada (Music Canada) and in the US (RIIA).


  • Paul McCartney– vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards, piano, percussion
  • Linda McCartney– keyboards, backing vocals, percussion
  • Denny Laine– vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion
  • Jimmy McCulloch– guitars, vocals, percussion
  • Joe English– drums, percussion
  • Geoff Britton– drums
  • Kenneth “Afro” Williams –congas
  • Dave Mason– guitar
  • Tom Scott– saxophone
  • Allen Toussaint– piano, guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, except where noted.

  1. Venus and Mars
  2. Rock Show
  3. Love in Song
  4. You Gave Me the Answer
  5. Magneto and Titanium Man
  6. Letting Go
  7. Venus and Mars (Reprise)
  8. Spirits of Ancient Egypt
  9. Medicine Jar – Jimmy McCulloch,Colin Allen
  10. Call Me Back Again
  11. Listen to What the Man Said
  12. Treat Her Gently – Lonely Old People
  13. Crossroads Theme – Tony Hatch

On March 31, 1978.


On March 31, 1978, “Parlaphone” label released “London Town”, the sixth Wings studio album. It was recorded February 1977 – January 1978, at “Abbey Road Studios”, “AIR Studios”, London; Virgin Islands, and was produced by Paul McCartney.


  • Paul McCartney– vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, violin, flageolet, recorder
  • Denny Laine– vocal, guitar, bass, flageolet, recorder, percussion
  • Linda McCartney– vocal, keyboards, percussion
  • Jimmy McCulloch– guitar, percussion
  • Joe English– vocal, drums, percussion, harmonica
  • Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Laine – cover design, photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul McCartney, except where noted.

  1. London Town – Paul McCartney, Denny Laine
  2. Cafe on the Left Bank
  3. I’m Carrying
  4. Backwards Traveller
  5. Cuff Link
  6. Children Children – Paul McCartney, Denny Laine
  7. Girlfriend
  8. I’ve Had Enough
  9. With a Little Luck
  10. Famous Groupies
  11. Deliver Your Children – Paul McCartney, Denny Laine
  12. Deliver Your Children
  13. Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Paul McCartney, Denny Laine
  14. Morse Moose and the Grey Goose – Paul McCartney, Denny Laine

On March 25, 1976.


On March 25, 1976, “MPL Communications” label released “Wings at the Speed of Sound”, the fifth Wings studio album.It was recorded 5 January–4 February 1976, at ”Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by Paul McCartney


  • Paul McCartney- vocals, acoustic, electric and bass guitars,  keyboards, double bass
  • Linda McCartney- vocals, keyboards
  • Denny Laine- vocals, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, piano
  • Jimmy McCulloch- vocals, acoustic, electric and bass guitars
  • Joe English- vocals, drums, percussion
  • Tony Dorsey – trombone
  • Thaddeus Richard – saxophone, clarinet, flute
  • Steve Howard – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Howie Casey– saxophone
  • George Tidwell – trumpet

 Track listing:

All tracks by Paul and Linda McCartney, except where noted.

  1. Let ‘Em In
  2. The Note You Never Wrote
  3. She’s My Baby
  4. Beware My Love
  5. Wino Junko – Jimmy McCulloch, Colin Allen
  6. Silly Love Songs
  7. Cook of the House
  8. Time to Hide – Denny Laine
  9. Must Do Something About It
  10. San Ferry Anne
  11. Warm and Beautiful