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On June 12, 2018.

On June 12, 2018, Philip John “Jon” Hiseman died aged 73. He was musician,  recording engineer, record producer and music publisher, regarded as one of the best and most influential drummers in the history of the rock music. He has worked with many famous musicians and bands including Jack Bruce, John Mayall, Tempest, United Jazz + Rock Ensemble, JCM, but was best known as founding member and drummer of Colosseum. Hiseman released two solo albums:

  • A Night in the Sun– 1982
  • About Time Too!– 1991



In November 1969.

In November 1969, “Vertigo” label released “Valentyne Suite”, the second   Colosseum album. It was recorded in 1969, and was produced by Tony Reeves and Gerry Bron.


  • Dave Greenslade- Hammond organ, vibraphone, piano, backing vocal
  • Dick Heckstall-Smith- saxophones, flute
  • Jon Hiseman- drums, machine
  • James Litherland- guitars, lead vocals
  • Tony Reeves- bass guitar
  • Neil Ardley- conductor, string arrangement

Track listing:

  1. The Kettle – Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman
  2. Elegy – James Litherland
  3. Butty’s Blues – James Litherland
  4. The Machine Demands a Sacrifice – James Litherland, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Pete Brown, Jon Hiseman
  5. Valentyne Suite Theme One: January’s Search – Dave Greenslade
  6. Valentyne Suite Theme Two: February’s Valentyne – Dave Greenslade
  7. Valentyne Suite Theme Three: The Grass is Always Greener – Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman

In April 1970.

In April 1970, “Dunhill” label released “The Grass Is Greener” the third Colosseum, album. It was recorded in 1969, and was produced by Tony Reeves and Gerry Bron. The album was released only in the United States.


  • Dave Greenslade- organ, keyboards, vocals
  • Dick Heckstall-Smith- saxophone
  • Jon Hiseman- drums
  • Dave “Clem” Clempson- guitar, vocals
  • Tony Reeves- bass
  • James Litherland – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Jumping Off the Sun – Mike Taylor, Dave Tomlin
  2. Lost Angeles – Dave Greenslade, Dick Heckstall-Smith
  3. Elegy – James Litherland
  4. Butty’s Blues – James Litherland
  5. Rope Ladder to the Moon – Pete Brown, Jack Bruce
  6. Bolero – Maurice Ravel
  7. The Machine Demands a Sacrifice – Pete Brown, Jon Hiseman, James Litherland
  8. The Grass Is Greener – Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman


In December 1970.


In December 1970, “Vertigo” label released “Daughter of Time”, the fourth  Colosseum album. It was recorded in 1970, at “Lansdowne Studios” in London, except “The Time Machine”, recorded at Royal Albert Hall, July 2, 1970, and was produced by Gerry Bron.


  • Mark Clarke- bass guitar
  • Dave “Clem” Clempson- guitar, lead vocal
  • Chris Farlowe- lead vocals
  • Louis Cennamo- bass guitar
  • Dave Greenslade- organ, piano, vibes, backing vocals
  • Dick Heckstall-Smith- soprano and tenor saxophones, spoken word
  • Jon Hiseman- drums, percussion
  • Tony Reeves- bass guitar
  • Barbara Thompson- flute; alto, soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophones; backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Three Score and Ten, Amen – Clem Clempson, Dave Greenslade, Jon Hiseman
  2. Time Lament – Dave Greenslade
  3. Take Me Back to Doomsday – Clem Clempson, Dave Greenslade, Jon Hiseman, Dick Heckstall-Smith
  4. The Daughter of Time – Barry Dennen, Dave Greenslade, Dick Heckstall-Smith
  5. Theme for an Imaginary Western – Pete Brown, Jack Bruce
  6. Bring Out Your Dead – Clem Clempson, Dave Greenslade
  7. Downhill and Shadows – Clem Clempson, Jon Hiseman, Tony Reeves
  8. The Time Machine – Jon Hiseman

On June 21, 1968.


On June 21, 1968, “Decca” label released “Bare Wires”, the eight John Mayall’s Bluesbrakers album. It was recorded in April 1968, at “Decca Studios”  in London, and was produced by Mike Vernon and John Mayall. “Bare Wires” was the last John Mayall studio album to feature the name “Bluesbreakers”.


  • John Mayall– vocals,  harmonica,  piano,  harpsichord,  organ, harmonium, guitar
  • Mick Taylor– lead guitar, Hawaiian guitar
  • Chris Mercer –tenor, baritone saxophone
  • Dick Heckstall-Smith– tenor, soprano saxophone
  • Jon Hiseman– drums, percussion
  • Henry Lowther– cornet, violin
  • Tony Reeves– string bass, bass guitar
  • Peter Green– guitar
  • Keef Hartley– drums
  • Derek Varnals – engineer
  • Pete Smith, Jan Persson –photography

Track listing:

All tracks by John Mayall, except where noted.

  1. Bare Wires Suite (Medley)
  • Bare Wires
  • Where Did I Belong
  • I Started Walking
  • Open Up A New Door
  • Fire
  • I Know Now
  • Look In The Mirror
  1. I’m a Stranger
  2. No Reply – John Mayall, Mick Taylor
  3. Hartley Quits – Mick Taylor
  4. Killing Time
  5. She’s Too Young
  6. Sandy



On April 8, 1971.


On April 8, 1971, “Deram” released “Overdog”, the fourth Keef Hartley Band album. It was recorded in 1970 – 1971, and was produced by Neil Slaven and Keef Hartley.


  • Keef Hartley- drums, percussion
  • Miller Anderson- vocals, guitar
  • Gary Thain- bass guitar
  • Mick Weaver- keyboards
  • Dave Caswell- trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Lyle Jenkins- tenor saxophone, flute
  • Johnny Almond- flute
  • Jon Hiseman- drums, percussion
  • Peter Dines- keyboards
  • Ingrid Thomas- backing vocals
  • Joan Knighton- backing vocals
  • Valerie Charrington- backing vocals
  • Robin Black- engineer
  • John Punter- engineer, A.I.R.
  • Roy Thomas Baker- engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Miller Anderson, except where noted.

  • Enroute – Keef Hartley, Gary Thain
  • Imitations From Home – Keef Hartley
  1. You Can Choose
  2. Plain Talkin
  3. Theme Song / Enroute / Theme Song Reprise
  4. Overdog
  5. Roundabout
  6. Imitations From Home
  7. We Are All The Same