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On September 26, 2005.

On September 26, 2005, “Lost Highway” label released “Jacksonville City Nights”, the seventh Ryan Adams studio album. It was recorded in 2005, in Nashville, TN, and in New York City, and was produced by Tom Schick.


The Cardinals

  • Ryan Adams – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
  • P. Bowersock – electric guitars
  • Catherine Popper – bass, piano, background vocals
  • Brad Pemberton – drums, percussion
  • Jon Graboff – pedal steel, background vocals

Other musicians:

  • Claudia Chopek – violin.
  • David Gold – violin, viola.
  • Bob Hoffnar – pedal steel
  • Byron Isaacs – background vocals.
  • Norah Jones – vocals, piano
  • Julia Kent – cello.
  • Joe McGinty – piano
  • Michael Panes – violin
  • Johnny T – drums
  • Glenn Patscha – piano, background vocals

The Nashville String Machine

  • Bergen White – arranger, conductor
  • Carl Gorodetsky, Pamela Sixfin, Conni Ellisor, Allan Umstead, David Angell, Cathy Umstead, Mary Kathryn Vanosdale – violin
  • Kris Wilkinson, Gary Vanosdale, Jim Grosjean – viola
  • Carole Rabinowitz, Bob Mason – cello

Track listing:

All lyrics by Ryan Adams, all music by Ryan Adams, J.P. Bowersock, Pemberton, Catherine Popper and Jon Graboff, except where noted.

  1. A Kiss Before I Go
  2. The End – Ryan Adams, Michael Panes
  3. Hard Way To Fall
  4. Dear John – Ryan Adams, Norah Jones
  5. The Hardest Part
  6. Games
  7. Silver Bullets
  8. Peaceful Valley
  9. September
  10. My Heart Is Broken – Ryan Adams, Caitlin Cary
  11. Trains – Ryan Adams, Michael Panes
  12. Pa
  13. Withering Heights
  14. Don’t Fall Me Now

On September 12, 2006.

On September 12, 2006, “Capitol” label released “Face the Promise”, the sixteenth Bob Seger studio album. It was recorded 2000 – 2008, at “Ocean Way Studios” in Nashville, and “Home Studios” in Michigan, and was produced by Bob Seger (Real Mean Bottle co-produced with Kid Rock). The album was certified Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Bob Seger – vocals, synthesizer, percussion, electric and acoustic guitar, mixing
  • Kid Rock– guitar
  • Bernie Barlow, Bekka Bramlett, Laura Creamer, Shaun Murphy- backing vocals
  • Eddie Bayers, Steve Brewster – drums
  • David Cole – percussion
  • T. Corenflos- electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Eric Darken– tambourine
  • Kenny Greenberg- electric guitar
  • Aubrey Haynie– fiddle
  • Steve Herman – trumpet
  • Jim Hoke – tenor saxophoneWilliam Huber – trombone
  • John Jarvis, Gordon Mote, Steve Nathan, Bill Payne- piano
  • Randy Leago – tenor saxophone
  • Paul Leim- drums, cowbell
  • Sam Levine – baritone saxophone
  • Patty Loveless– vocals
  • Larry Paxton, Michael Rhodes, Glenn Worf- bass
  • Brent Rowan, Biff Watson, Marlin Young – electric guitar
  • David Angell, Zeneba Bowers, John Catchings, David Davidson, Conni Ellisor, Carl Gorodetzky, Jim Grosjean, Craig Nelson, Carole Rabinowitz, Pamela Sixfin, Elisabeth Small, Gary Vanosdale, Mary Kathryn Vanosdale, Matthew Walker – strings
  • David N. Cole – recording engineer, miixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Seger except where noted.

  1. Wreck This Heart
  2. Wait for Me
  3. Face the Promise
  4. No Matter Who You Are
  5. Are You
  6. Simplicity
  7. No More
  8. Real Man Bottle – Vince Gill
  9. Won’t Stop
  10. Between
  11. The Answer’s in the Question


On October 2, 1978.


On October 2, 1978, “Reprise” label released “Comes a Time” the ninth Neil Young album. It was recorded November 1975 – November 1977, at “Triad Recording, Ft. Lauderdale, FL”; “Columbia Recording Studio” in London; “Wally Heider Recording Studio” in San Francisco; “Woodland Sound Studios”; “Sound Shop” in Nashville, and “Broken Arrow Ranch” in Redwood City, CA, and was produced by Neil Young, David Briggs, Ben Keith and Tim Mulligan.


  • Neil Young – guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Frank Sampedro– guitar, piano, vocals
  • Billy Talbot– bass, vocals
  • Ralph Molina– drums, vocals
  • Tim Mulligan – saxophone
  • Nicolette Larson– harmony vocals
  • Ben Keith– steel guitar
  • Karl Himmel – drums
  • Tim Drummond– bass
  • Spooner Oldham– piano
  • Rufus Thibodeaux– fiddle
  • Joe Osborn– bass
  • Larrie Londin– drums
  • J. Cale– electric guitar
  • Farrel Morris – percussion
  • Rita Fey – autoharp
  • Grant Boatwright, John Christopher, Jerry Shook, Vic Jordan, Steve Gibson, Dale Sellers, Ray Edenton – acoustic guitars
  • Shelly Kurland, Stephanie Woolf, Marvin Chantry, Roy Christensen, Gary Vanosdale, Carl Goroditzby, George Binkley, Steve Smith, Larry Harvin, Larry Lasson, Carol Walker, Rebecca Lynch, Virginia Ghristensen, Maryanna Harvin, George Kosmola, Martha Mccrory, Chuck Cochran – strings
  • Tim Mulligan, Michael Laskow, David McKinley, Danny Hilly, Mike Porter, Denny Purcell, Rich “Hoss” Adler, Ernie Winfrey, Gabby Garcia, Paul Kaminsky – engineering
  • Elliot Roberts – art direction
  • Tom Wilkes – art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Young, except where noted.

  1. Goin’ Back
  2. Comes a Time
  3. Look Out for My Love
  4. Lotta Love
  5. Peace of Mind
  6. Human Highway
  7. Already One
  8. Field of Opportunity
  9. Motorcycle Mama
  10. Four Strong Winds – Ian Tyson