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In December 1977.

In December 1977, “CTI” label released “Autophysiopsychic”, th 34th Yusef Lateef album. It was recorded in October 1977, at “Electric Lady Studios” in New York Studios, and Creed Taylor.


  • Yusef Lateef – vocals, flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, shahnai
  • Art Farmer – flugelhorn
  • Clifford Carter – keyboards
  • Eric Gale – electric guitar
  • Gary King – electric bass
  • Jim Madison – drums
  • Sue Evans – percussion
  • Frank Floyd, Babi Floyd, Milt Grayson, Norberto Jones – backing vocals
  • David Matthews – arranger

Track listing:

All tracks by Yusef Lateef except where noted.

  1. Robot Man
  2. Look on the Right Side
  3. Yl – David Matthews
  4. Communication
  5. Sister Mamie

On September 1, 2017.

On September 1, 2017, “White Noise” label released “The Punishment of Luxury”, the thirteenth Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark studio album. It was recorded in 2017, at “Bleepworks” and “Northern Electric”, and was produced by Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys.


  • Andy McCluskey– vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, engineer, recording
  • Paul Humphreys– vocals, keyboards, mixing, engineer, recording
  • Martin Cooper– keyboards
  • Stuart Kershaw– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul Humphreys and Andy McCluskey.

  1. The Punishment of Luxury
  2. Isotype
  3. Robot Man
  4. What Have We Done
  5. Precision & Decay
  6. As We Open, So We Close
  7. Art Eats Art
  8. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, Bang
  9. On More Time
  10. La Mitrailleuse
  11. Ghost Star
  12. The View from Here