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On September 1, 2017.

On September 1, 2017, “EMI” label released “Out of Silence”, the fourth Neil Finn album. It was recorded in August 2017, at “Roundhead Studios” in Auckland, New Zealand, and was produced by Neil Finn and Liam Finn.


  • Neil Finn: vocals, piano
  • Tim Finn: acoustic guitar, harmony vocals
  • Elroy Finn: drums, percussion, guitar
  • The Infinity Orchestra: strings
  • Amelia Murray, Don McGlashan, EJ Barnes, Harper Finn, Hollie Fullbrook, James Milne, Jimmy Metherell, Reb Fountain, Samuel Flynn Scott, Sandy Mill, Sean Donnelly – choir
  • Victoria Kelly: string arrangements
  • David Squire: choir director
  • Sharon Finn: artwork
  • Anna Taylor – design
  • Steve Dykes: photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Finn, except where noted.

  1. Love Is Emotional
  2. More Than One of You
  3. Chameleon Days
  4. Independence Day
  5. Alone – Tim Finn, Mervyn Peake
  6. Widow’s Peak – Sharon Finn
  7. Second Nature
  8. The Law Is Always on Your Side
  9. Terrorise Me
  10. I Know Different


On August 2, 1994.

On August 2, 1994, “Butterfly Records” label released “Pandemonium”, the ninth Killing Joke studio album. It was recorded 1993 – 1994, at “Townhouse Studios”, “Metropolis Studios”, and “Butterfly Studios” in London, “York Street Studio” in Auckland, New Zealand, “EMI Studios”, “Hani Mehana Studios”, “The King’s Chamber”, and “Great Pyramid” in Cairo, Egypt, and was produced by Youth and Greg Hunter.


  • Jaz Coleman– vocals, synthesizer
  • Kevin “Geordie” Walker– guitar
  • Martin “Youth” Glover– bass guitar, mixing
  • Geoff Dugmore– drums
  • Tom Larkin– drums
  • Larry De Zoete – drums
  • Hossam Ramzy– percussion
  • Said El Artist– percussion
  • Aboud Abdel Al – violin
  • Matt Austin – programming
  • Paddy Free – programming
  • Greg Hunter– engineering, mixing
  • Ron Saint Germain– mixing
  • Sameh Almazny – engineering assistance
  • Natalie Heath – engineering assistance
  • Matt Howe – engineering assistance
  • Sheldon Isaac – engineering assistance
  • Mike Coles – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by Jaz Coleman, Youth, and Geordie Walker.

  1. Pandemonium
  2. Exorcism
  3. Millennium
  4. Communion
  5. Black Moon
  6. Labyrinth
  7. Jana
  8. Whiteout
  9. Pleasures of the Flesh
  10. Mathematics of Chaos

On August 24, 2018.

On August 24, 2018, “Inertia” label released “Lightsleeper”, the first collaborative album by father and son duo Neil Finn and Liam Finn. It was recorded in 2018, at “Roundhead Studios” in Auckland, New Zealand, and was produced by Neil Finn and Liam Finn.


  • Neil Finn – vocals, piano, Wurlitzer, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ARP strings, synth, slide guitar, mellotron, beats, drum synthesizer, drums
  • Liam Finn – vocals, electric guitar, bass, beats, drums, acoustic guitar, synth, sound effects, samples, loops
  • Elroy Finn – drums, percussion, slide guitar
  • Sharon Finn – vocals, bass
  • Mick Fleetwood– drums, percussion
  • Connan Mockasin– electric guitar, choir
  • Elias Dendias – bouzouki
  • Spiros Anemogianis – accordion
  • Barnes Family – choir
  • Devo Finns – choir
  • Jimmy Metherrell – choir
  • Elliot Finn – vocals
  • Harper Finn – whisper
  • Matthew Eccles – percussion
  • Kody Neilson – drums
  • Victoria Kelly – string arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Finn and Liam Finn, except where noted.

  1. Island of Peace Prelude – Neil Finn
  2. Meet Me in the Air – Nei Finnl, Sharon Finn, Liam Finn, Elroy Finn
  3. Where’s My Room
  4. Anger Plays a Part – Liam Finn
  5. Listen – Neil Finn
  6. Any Other Way
  7. Back to Life
  8. Hiding Place
  9. Ghosts
  10. We Know What It Means
  11. Hold Her Close

On December 31, 2017.

On December 31, 2017, “Flightless” label released “Gumboot Soup”, the thirteenth King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard studio album. It was recorded  at “Flightless HQ”, “Rada” in Perth, Joey’s bedroom and “Whammy Bar” in Auckland, and was produced by Stu Mackenzie.


  • Cook Craig – vocals, guitar, keys, bass guitar, mellotron
  • Michael Cavanagh – drums
  • Ambrose Kenny-Smith – vocals, harmonica, synthesiser, keys
  • Stu Mackenzie – vocals, keys, percussion, guitar, mellotron, flute, saxophone, bass, synthesiser, drums
  • Eric Moore – drums
  • Lucas Skinner – bass, keyboards, piano
  • Joey Walker – vocals, guitar, bass, synthesiser, percussion
  • Stu Mackenzie – recording, mixing
  • Cook Craig – recording
  • Joey Walker – recording, mixing
  • Michael Badger – mixing
  • Joe Carra – mastering
  • Jason Galea – artwork, layout
  • Jamie Wdziekonski – photography

Track listing:

  1. Beginner’s Luck – Stu Mackenzie, Ambrose Kenny-Smith
  2. Greenhouse Heat Death – Stu Mackenzie
  3. Barefoot Desert – Stu Mackenzie, Ambrose Kenny-Smith
  4. Muddy Water – Stu Mackenzie, Joey Walker
  5. Superposition – Joey Walker
  6. Down the Sink – Cook Craig
  7. The Great Chain of Being – Stu Mackenzie
  8. The Last Oasis – Stu Mackenzie, Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Joey Walker
  9. All Is Known – Stu Mackenzie
  10. I’m Sleepin’ In – Stu Mackenzie
  11. The Wheel – Stu Mackenzie, Ambrose Kenny-Smith

On June 30, 2009.

On June 30, 2009, “Nonesuch” label released the self-titled, seventh Wilco studio album. It was recorded in January 2009, at “Roundhead” studios in Auckland, New Zealand and The Wilco Loft in Chicago, Illinois, and was produced by Jim Scott, Nels Cline, Mikael Jorgensen, Glenn Kotche, Pat Sansone, John Stirratt and Jeff Tweedy.


  • Jeff Tweedy– vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, 12-string electric guitar
  • Nels Cline– electric guitar, lap steel, electric “shorty” 12-string, loops, electric 12-string guitar, slide guitar
  • Mikael Jorgensen– piano, bowed piano, synthesizer, Hammond organ, background vocals
  • Glenn Kotche– drums, percussion, chimes, cimbalom, gunpowder
  • Pat Sansone– Wurlitzer electric piano,  harpsichord,  Fender  Rhodes,  Mellotron, dulcimer, celeste, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, field organ, Hammond organ, tambourine, pump organ, Optigan organ, background vocals
  • John Stirratt– bass, electric guitar, background vocals
  • Dave Max Crawford – trumpet
  • Leslie Feist– vocals
  • Neil Finn– background vocals
  • Jason Tobias – slide cimbalom

Track listing:

All tracks by Jeff Tweedy, except where noted.

  1. Wilco (The Song)
  2. Deeper Down” – Jeff Tweedy, Pat Sansone
  3. One Wing
  4. Bull Black Nova
  5. You and I
  6. You Never Know
  7. Country Disappeared
  8. Solitaire
  9. I’ll Fight
  10. Sonny Feeling
  11. Everlasting Everything