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In November 1971.

In November 1971, “Elektra” label released “Anticipation”, the second Carly Simon studio album. It was recorded in 1971, at “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Paul Samwell-Smith.


  • Carly Simon – acoustic guitar, guitar, piano, vocals
  • Paul Glanz – piano
  • Jim Keltner– drums
  • Del Newman – horn arrangements
  • Andy Newmark– percussion, drums
  • Jim Ryan – acoustic and electric guitar, bass, guitar, electric bass
  • John Ryan – bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Carly Simon; except where noted.

  1. Anticipation
  2. Legend in Your Own Time
  3. Our First Day Together
  4. The Girl You Think You See – Carly Simon, Jacob Brackman
  5. Summer’s Coming Around Again – Carly Simon, Jimmy Ryan, Paul Glanz
  6. Share the End – Carly Simon, Jacob Brackman
  7. The Garden – Carly Simon, Jacob Brackman
  8. Three Days
  9. Julie Through the Glass
  10. I’ve Got to Have You – Kris Kristofferson

In October 1975.

In October 1975, “MCA” label released “Sun and Steel”, the sixth Iron Butterfly studio album. It was recorded 1974 – 1975, and was produced by John Ryan.


  • Erik Brann– guitars, lead vocals
  • Bill DeMartines – keyboards, lead and backing vocals
  • Phil Kramer– bass, lead and backing vocals
  • Ron Bushy– drums
  • David Richard Campbell- orchestration
  • Jerome Jumonville – horns
  • Julia Tillman, Maxine Willard, and June Deniece Williams – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Erik Brann except where noted.

  1. Sun and Steel
  2. Lightnin’ – Bill DeMartines, Phillip Kramer
  3. Beyond the Milky Way – Ron Bushy, DeMartines
  4. Free
  5. Scion
  6. Get It Out
  7. I’m Right, I’m Wrong – Bill DeMartines, Phil Kramer
  8. Watch the World Going By
  9. Scorching Beauty

In August 1982.

In August 1982, “Columbia” label released “Shangó”, the twelfth Santana studio album. It was recorded in 1982, and was produced by Bill Szymczyk, John Ryan, Carlos Santana and Gregg Rolie.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, vocals
  • Alex Ligertwood– vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Richard Baker – keyboards
  • Gregg Rolie– organ, vocals
  • David Margen – bass
  • Graham Lear– drums
  • Armando Peraza– congas, bongos, vocals
  • Raul Rekow – congas, vocals
  • Orestes Vilató– timbales, vocals
  • Bill Szymczyk– arranger, engineer, mixing
  • John Ryan – arranger
  • Jim Gaines, Will Herold, Ben King – engineer
  • Maureen Droney – assistant engineer
  • Ray Etzler – director
  • Ted Jensen– mastering
  • Richard Stutting – art direction, design
  • Guido Harari – photography

Track listing:

  1. The Nile – Carlos Santana, Alex Ligertwood, Gregg Rolie
  2. Hold On – Ian Thomas
  3. Night Hunting Time – Paul Brady
  4. Nowhere to Run – Russ Ballard
  5. Nueva York- Carlos Santana, Graham Lear, Raul Rekow, Armando Peraza, Alex Ligertwood, Richard Baker, David Margen, Orestes Vilato, Gregg Rolie
  6. Oxun (Oshūn) – Carlos Santana, Alex Ligertwood, Gregg Rolie, Graham Lear, Armando Peraza, Raul Rekow, Orestes Vilato
  7. Body Surfing – Carlos Santana, Alex Ligertwood
  8. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) – Johnny Bristol, Vernon Bullock, Harvey Fuqua
  9. Let Me Inside – Carlos Santana, Solberg
  10. Warrior – David Margen, Richard Baker, Alex Ligertwood, Carlos Santana
  11. Shangó – Raul Rekow, Orestes Vilato, Armand Peraza

In August 1981.

In August 1981, “Arista” label released “Brothers of the Road”, the eighth Allman Brothers Band studio album. It was recorded in March 1981, at “Young’un Sound” in Nashville, and was produced by John Ryan.


  • Gregg Allman– vocals, organ, acoustic guitar
  • Dickey Betts– vocals, lead, slide, and acoustic guitar
  • Butch Trucks– drums
  • David “Rook” Goldflies– bass
  • Mike Lawler– pianos, synthesizers, clavinet
  • “Dangerous” Dan Toler– lead and rhythm guitar
  • David “Frankie” Toler– drums
  • Charlie Daniels– fiddle
  • Jimmy Hall– sax
  • Mark “Tito” Morris– congas, timbales, percussion
  • Thomas Cain, Johnny Cobb, Jimmy Hall, Chip Young, Greg Guidry, Joy Lannon, Donna McElroy, Keith England, Jeff Silverman, Randall Hart, Peter Kingsberry, Joe Pizzulo – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Brothers of the Road – Dickey Betts, Jim Goff
  2. Leavin’ – Gregg Allman
  3. Straight from the Heart – Dickey Betts, Johnny Cobb
  4. The Heat Is On – Dickey Betts, Mike Lawler, Buddy Yochim
  5. Maybe We Can Go Back to Yesterday – Dickey Betts, Dan Toler
  6. The Judgment – Dickey Betts
  7. Two Rights – Dickey Betts, Cobb, Lawler
  8. Never Knew How Much (I Needed You) – Gregg Allman
  9. Things You Used to Do – Gregg Allman, Keith England
  10. I Beg of You – Rose Marie McCoy, Kelly Owens

In July 1973.

In July 1973, “Wooden Nickel Records” released “Styx II”, the second Styx album. It was recorded 1972 – 1973, at “Paragon Recording Studios” and  “St. James Cathedral” in Chicago, and was produced by John Ryan.


  • Dennis DeYoung– keyboards, vocals
  • James Young– guitar, vocals
  • John Curulewski– guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Chuck Panozzo– bass
  • John Panozzo– drums
  • Executive producer: Bill Traut
  • Engineers: Marty Feldman, Barry Mraz

Track listing:

Side “Heads”

  1. You Need Love – Dennis DeYoung
  2. Lady – Dennis DeYoung
  3. A Day – John Curulewski
  4. You Better Ask – John Curulewski

Side “Tails”

  1. Little Fugue in G – Johan Sebastian Bach
  2. Father O.S.A. – Dennis DeYoung
  3. Earl of Roseland – Dennis DeYoung
  4. I’m Gonna Make You Feel It – Dennis DeYoung


In March 1972.

In March 1972, “Wooden Nickel” label released the debut, self-titled Styx album. It was recorded in 1971, at “Paragon Recording Studios” in Chicago, and was produced by John Ryan and Bill Traut.


  • Dennis DeYoung- keyboards, vocals
  • James Young- guitar, vocals
  • John Curulewski- guitar, vocals
  • Chuck Panozzo- bass
  • John Panozzo- drums
  • Engineers: Marty Feldman, Barry Mraz
  • Mixing: Barry Mraz, John Ryan

Track listing:

  1. Movement for the Common Man – Dennis DeYoung, John Ryan, Aaron Copland
  • Children of the Young
  • Street Collage
  • Fanfare for the Common Man
  • Mother Nature’s Matinee
  1. Right Away – Paul Frank
  2. What Has Come Between Us – Mark Gaddis
  3. Best Thing – James Young, Dennis DeYoung
  4. Quick is the Beat of My Heart – Lewis Mark

On November 8, 1974.


On November 8, 1974,”Wooden Nickel” label released “Man of Miracles”, the fourth Styx album. It was recorded in 1974 at “Golden Voice Studios” in South Pekin, and was produced by John Ryan and Bill Traut.


  • Dennis DeYoung– keyboards, vocals
  • James Young– guitar, vocals
  • John Curulewski– guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Chuck Panozzo– bass
  • John Panozzo– drums
  • Engineer: Gary Loizzo.

Track listing:

  1. Rock & Roll Feeling – James Young, John Curulewski
  2. Havin’ a Ball – John. Curulewski, James. Young
  3. Golden Lark – Dennis DeYoung
  4. A Song for Suzanne – Dennis DeYoung
  5. A Man Like Me – James Young
  6. Best Thing – James Young, Dennis DeYoung
  7. Evil Eyes – Dennis DeYoung
  8. Southern Woman – James Young, Ray Brandle
  9. Christopher, Mr. Christopher – Dennis DeYoung
  10. Man of Miracles – James Young, Denis DeYoung, Ray Brandle