Big Wreck: Grace Street

On February 3, 2017, “Ole” and “Warner Music Canada” label released “Grace Street”, the fifth Big Wreck studio album. It was recorded July – November 2016, at “The Orange Lounge”, “The Farm Studios”, “Noble Street Studios”, and was produced by Ian Thornley and Garth Richardson.


  • Ian Thornley – vocals, lead guitar, keyboards
  • Paulo Neta – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Brian Doherty – rhythm guitar
  • David McMillan – bass guitar
  • Chuck Keeping – drums, percussion
  • Alain Johannes – cigfiddle
  • Casey Marshall – additional backing vocals
  • Tyler Tasson – additional backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Thornley, except where noted.

  1. It Comes as No Surprise
  2. One Good Piece of Me
  3. Tomorrow Down
  4. You Don’t Even Know
  5. Useless
  6. A Speedy Recovery
  7. Motionless
  8. Digging In – lyrics by Ian Thornley, Casey Marshall
  9. The Receiving End – music by Ian Thornley, Alain Johannes
  10. Floodgates
  11. The Arborist
  12. Skybunk Marche – music by Ian Thornley, Brian Doherty
  13. All My Fears on You

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