On November 1, 1993.


On November 1, 1993, “EMI” released “The Red Shoes, the seventh Kate Bush studio album. Its release was accompanied by Bush’s short film, “The Line, the Cross and the Curve”. The album was recorded in three years period, from 1990 till 1993, and was produced by Kate Bush.


  • Jeff Beck: guitar
  • Haydn Bendall: engineer
  • Gary Brooker: Hammond organ
  • Kate Bush: bass, arranger, composer, keyboards, vocals, piano, guitar
  • Paddy Bush: vocals, whistle, mandola, valiha, singing bowls, fujara, musical bow
  • Eric Clapton: guitar
  • Gaumont d’Oliver: bass, percussion, drums, sound effects
  • Stuart Elliott: percussion, drums
  • John Giblin: bass
  • Lenny Henry: vocals
  • Nigel Hitchcock: baritone& tenor saxophones
  • Michael Kamen: orchestration
  • Nigel Kennedy: violin, viola
  • Lily: narrator
  • Danny McIntosh: guitar
  • Charlie Morgan: percussion
  • Del Palmer: Fairlight sampler, engineer, mixing
  • Demetr Penev: vocal arrangements for Trio Bulgarka
  • Prince: bass, guitar, arranger, keyboards, vocals
  • Neil Sidwell: trombone
  • Steve Sidwell: trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Paul Spong: trumpet
  • Trio Bulgarka: vocals
  • Colin Lloyd Tucker: vocals
  • Justin Vali: vocals, valiha, kabosy

Track listing:

All compositions by Kate Bush.

  1. Rubberband Girl
  2. And So Is Love
  3. Eat the Music
  4. Moments of Pleasure
  5. The Song of Solomon
  6. Lily
  7. The Red Shoes
  8. Top of the City
  9. Constellation of the Heart
  10. Big Stripey Lie
  11. Why Should I Love You
  12. You’re the One

On November 1, 1988.


On November 1, 1988, “Fontana” label released “Flag”, the sixth Yello album. “Flag” featured the eight-minute “The Race”, track that was used as a trailer for “Eurosport”. The album was produced by Yello and its early cut of the album was used as soundtrack for the British movie “Nuns on the Run”.


  • Dieter Meier, Boris Blank: Vocals
  • Billy Mackenzie: Backing Vocals
  • Leos Gerteis: Clarinet
  • Chico Hablas: Guitars
  • Beat Ash: Drums, Percussion

Track listing:

All compositions by Dieter Meier and Boris Blank.

  1. Tied Up
  2. Of Course I’m Lying
  3. 3rd Of June
  4. Blazing Saddles
  5. The Race
  6. Alhambra
  7. Otto Di Catania
  8. Tied Up In Gear


On November 1, 1974.

Poco - Cantamos

On November 1, 1974, “Epic” label released “Cantamos”, the eighth Poco album. “Cantamos” was recorded in August and September 1974, and was produced by Poco.


  • Paul Cotton- guitar, vocals
  • Rusty Young- steel guitar, banjo, guitar, vocals
  • Timothy B. Schmit- bass, vocals
  • George Grantham- drums, vocals

Track listing:

  1. Sagebrush Serenade – Rusty Young
  2. Susannah – Paul Cotton
  3. High and Dry – Rusty Young
  4. Western Waterloo – Paul Cotton
  5. One Horse Blue – Paul Cotton
  6. Bitter Blue – Timothy B. Schmit
  7. Another Time Around – Paul Cotton
  8. Whatever Happened To Your Smile -Timothy B. Schmit
  9. All The Ways – Rusty Young

On November 1, 1974.


On November 1, 1974, “Philips” label released “Autobahn”, the fourth Kraftwerk studio album. “Autobahn” was recorded in 1974, at the “Conny Plank’s Studio” in Koln, and was produced by Ralf Hütter, Conny Plank and Florian Schneider.


  • Ralf Hütter– vocals, electronics
  • Florian Schneider– vocals, electronics
  • Klaus Röder– violin, guitar
  • Wolfgang Flür– percussion
  • Konrad “Conny” Plank– sound engineer
  • Emil Schult– cover painting
  • Barbara Niemöller – Back cover photo

Track listing:

All compositions by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, except where noted.

  1. Autobahn – Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider and Emil Schult
  2. Kometenmelodie 1
  3. Kometenmelodie 2
  4. Mitternacht
  5. Morgenspaziergang



On November 1, 1972.


On November 1, 1972, “Polydor” released “Slayed?”, the third Slade album. “Slayed?” was recorded during 1972, and was produced by Chas Chandler. The album featured band’s two biggest hits, “Gudbuy t’Jane” and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” and became their greatest commercial success. “Slayed?” was regarded by the critics as band’s best studio album. In the 1974 “Record and Radio Mirror” poll results, “Slayed?” peaked at  number 4 on the top ten list of best British albums.


  • Noddy Holder- lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Dave Hill- lead guitar
  • Jim Lea- bass guitar, piano
  • Don Powell- drums
  • Gered Mankowitz– cover photography
  • Chris Charlesworth- liner notes

Track listing:

  • How D’You Ride – Noddy Holder and Jim Lea
  • The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazee – Noddy Holder
  • Look at Last Nite – Noddy Holder and Jim Lea
  • I Won’t Let It ‘Appen Agen – Jim Lea
  • Move Over – Janis Joplin
  • Gudbuy T’Jane – Noddy Holder and Jim Lea
  • Gudbuy Gudbuy – Noddy Holder and Jim Lea
  • Mama Weer All Crazee Now – Noddy Holder and Jim Lea
  • I Don’ Mind – Noddy Holder and Jim Lea
  • Let the Good Times Roll/ Feel So Fine – Leonard Lee


On November 1, 1970.


On November 1, 1970, “Warner Bros Records” released “American Beauty”, the sixth Grateful Dead album. It was recorded August – September 1970, at the “Wally Heider Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Grateful Dead and Steve Barncard. In 2003, “American Beauty” was ranked number 258 on “Rolling Stone” magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”.


  • Jerry Garcia– guitar, pedal steel, piano, vocals
  • Phil Lesh– bass, guitar, piano, vocals
  • Bob Weir– guitar, vocals
  • Pigpen (Ron McKernan)– harmonica, vocals
  • Mickey Hart– percussion
  • Bill Kreutzmann– drums
  • Robert Hunter– songwriter
  • Dave Torbert– bass
  • David Nelson– electric guitar
  • David Grisman– mandolin
  • Howard Wales– organ; piano
  • Ned Lagin– pianoRolling Stone”
  • Artwork: Kelley/MouseStudios
  • Rear photo: George Conger

Track listing:

All compositions by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, except where noted

  1. Box of Rain – Phil Lesh,  Robert Hunter
  2. Friend of the Devil – Jerry Garcia, John Dawson, Robert Hunter
  3. Sugar Magnolia – Bob Weir, Robert Hunter
  4. Operator – Ron McKernan
  5. Candyman
  6. Ripple
  7. Brokedown Palace
  8. Till the Morning Comes
  9. Attics of My Life
  10. Truckin’ – Jerry Garcia,Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Robert Hunter

On October 31, 1983.

Paul McCartney_-_Pipes of peace

On October 31, 1983, “Parlaphone” label released “Pipes of Peace”, the fourth Paul McCartney studio album. “Pipes of Peace” was recorded in October/December 1980, February–March 1981, summer 1981, September–October 1982, and February-July 1983, and was produced by George Martin.


  • Paul McCartney: bass guitar, guitars, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, drums, vocals
  • Linda McCartney: keyboards, backing vocals
  • Michael Jackson: vocals (duet with McCartney) on Say Say Say and The Man
  • Eric Stewart: guitars, backing vocals
  • Denny Laine: guitars, keyboards, vocals
  • Hughie Burn: guitar
  • Geoff Whitehorn: guitar
  • Stanley Clarke: bass guitar, vocals
  • Gavin Wright: violin
  • Jerry Hey: strings, horn
  • Gary Herbig: flute
  • Chris Hammer Smith: harmonica
  • Andy Mackay: saxophone
  • Ernie Watts: saxophone
  • Gary Grant: horns
  • Ringo Starr: drums
  • Steve Gadd: drums
  • Dave Mattacks: drums
  • James Kippen: tabla
  • Petalozzi’s Children’s Choir: backing vocals

Track listing:

All compositions by Paul McCartney, except where noted..

  1. Pipes of Peace
  2. Say Say Say – Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
  3. The Other Me
  4. Keep Under Cover
  5. So Bad
  6. The Man – Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
  7. Sweetest Little Show
  8. Average Person
  9. Hey Hey – Paul McCartney and Stanley Clarke
  10. Tug of Peace
  11. Through Our Love



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