On November 8, 1994.

On November 8, 1994, “Kitchenware” label released “Lost in the Former West”, the sixth Fatima Mansions album. It was recorded in 1994, and was produced by Ralph Jezzard, Jerry Harrison, and Gil Norton.


  • Cathal Coughlan – vocals, occasional keyboards
  • Andrías Ó Gruama – guitar
  • Nick Bagnall – keyboards
  • Hugh Bunker – bass guitar
  • Nicholas Tiompan Allum – drums, wind

Track listing:

All tracks by Cathal Coughlan, except where noted.

  1. Belong Nowhere
  2. The Loyaliser
  3. Popemobile to Paraguay
  4. Walk Yr Way
  5. Brunceling’s Song
  6. Lost in the Former West
  7. Nite Flights – Scott Walker
  8. Your World Customer
  9. Sunken Cities
  10. Brain Blister
  11. A Walk in the Woods
  12. Humiliate Me

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