On July 6, 2004.

On July 6, 2004, “Maple Music Recordings” label released “Star Trails”, the twelve Spirit of the West album. It was recorded 2003 – 2004, at “Cold Creek Studios”, “Greenhouse Studios Inc.”, “Thunder Child Studio” in Canada, and was produced by John Mann, Geoffrey Kelly, Hugh McMillan, Vince R. Ditrich, Tobin ‘Gull’ Frank,


  • John Mann – vocals, guitar, arrangements
  • Geoffrey Kelly – vocals, flute, whistle, guitar, arrangements
  • Hugh McMillan – bass, mandolin, guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, piano, arrangements, engineer, editing, mixing
  • Vince R. Ditrich – vocals, drums, percussion, arrangements, editing, mixing
  • Tobin ‘Gull’ Frank – vocals, piano, organ, accordion, arrangements
  • Oliver Schroer – violin
  • Colleen Eccleston – vocals
  • Alan Stokes, Jay Evjen, Scotte Cooke – backing vocals
  • Alec Watson – accordion, engineer
  • Steven Drake – vibraphone, engineer
  • Krischan Grohne – backing vocals, engineer
  • Chris “Professor Higgins” Hibbins – engineer
  • Ricardo Almeida – engineer, technician
  • Allan Rodger – engineer, technician
  • Andrew M. White – engineer
  • Michael Donegani – backing vocals, assistant engineer
  • Julian Bakker – assistant engineer
  • Brandon Cherrington – mixing
  • Jeff Sitar – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by John Mann and Geoffrey Kelly.

  1. Small, Small World
  2. Waiting for Martin
  3. Come Back Oscar
  4. July
  5. The Wedding Speech (Drink and Be Merry)
  6. Out of the Boy
  7. Be a Guy
  8. Enough, Already Alright (Hello Cleveland)
  9. King of Scotland
  10. Morning in the Bath Abbey

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