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On April 8, 2008.

On April 8, 2008, “Vapor Records” label released “Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild”, the thirteen Jonathan Richman solo album.


  • Jonathan Richman – vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Suzanne Pieskar – piano
  • Roger Montalbano – vocals
  • Miles Montalbano – vocals, bass
  • Greg Keranen – bass
  • Tommy Larkins – drums, percussion
  • Miles Montalbano – photography
  • Rory Earnshaw – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Jonathan Richman, except where noted.

  1. Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild
  2. No One Was Like Vermeer
  3. Time Has Been Going By So Fast
  4. Es Como El Pan
  5. Our Drab Ways
  6. The Lovers Are Here and They’re Full of Sweat
  7. Le Printemps Des Amoreux Est Venue
  8. When We Refuse to Suffer
  9. This Romance Will Be Different for Me
  10. Old World
  11. Our Party Will Be On The Beach Tonight
  12. When We Refuse to Suffer [second version]
  13. Here It Is – Leonard Cohen
  14. As My Mother Lay Lying

On December 25, 2009.

On December 25, 2009, James Victor Chesnutt died aged 45. He was songwriter and musician (guitar, singer), Chesnutt collaborated with many musicians and bands including Bob Mould, Widespread Panic, Elf Power, Danger Mouse, Lambchop, Bill Frisell and Jonathan Richman. He recorded 17 albums during his career.

On December 9, 1986.

On December 9, 1986, “Blackheart” label released “Good Music”, the fifth Joan Jett and the Blackhearts studio album. It was recorded in 1986, at “Record Plant” in New York City, “Nino Studios” in Baldwin, New York, “Broccoli Rabe” in Fairfield, New Jersey, “Kingdom Sound Studios” in Syosset, New York, and was produced by Kenny Laguna, Thom Panunzio, John Aiosa, Mark S. Berry, Larry Smith and Reggie Griffin.


  • Joan Jett- guitars, lead vocals
  • Ricky Byrd – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Kasim Sulton- bass
  • Gary Ryan – bass, backing vocals
  • Thommy Price, Lee Crystal – drums
  • Bob Halligan, Jr.- guitar, piano, backing vocals
  • Reggie Griffin – guitar, bass, drums
  • Rick Knowles – guitar
  • Michael Rudetsky, Ronnie Lawson – keyboards
  • Dennis Feldman – bass
  • Jimmy Bralower – drums
  • Ross Levinson – violin
  • Bashiri Johnson, Nelson Williams, Thom Panunzio, Larry Smith- percussion
  • Darlene Love- backing vocals, vocal arrangements
  • Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, Mike Love, Billy Hinsche, Bobby Figueroa – background vocals
  • Kenny Laguna- various instruments, backing vocals
  • The Uptown Horns:
    • Crispin Choe – baritone saxophone
    • Robert Funk – trombone
    • Arno Hecht – tenor saxophone
    • Paul Litteral – trumpet
  • Thom Panunzio- engineer, mixing
  • John Aiosa, Tom Swift, Gray Russell, Jim Ball – additional engineering
  • Bob Ludwig- mastering

Track listing:

  1. Good Music – Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna
  2. This Means War – Joan Jett, Bob Halligan Jr., Kenny Laguna
  3. Roadrunner – Jonathan Richman
  4. If Ya Want My Luv – Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna
  5. Fun, Fun, Fun – Brian Wilson, Mike Love
  6. Black Leather – Joan Jett, Reggie Griffin, Eddie Morris, William Adler
  7. Outlaw – Joan Jett, Bob Halligan Jr., Kenny Laguna, Ricky Bird
  8. Just Lust – Terry Abrahamson, Rick Nowels
  9. You Got Me Floatin’ – Jimi Hendrix
  10. Contact – Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna

In November 1975.

In November 1975, “Island” label released “Helen of Troy”, the sixth John Cale studio album. It was recorded in 1975, at “Sound Techniques” in  London, and was produced by John Cale.


  • John Cale – vocals, keyboards, guitar, production
  • Chris Spedding– guitar
  • Pat Donaldson– bass guitar
  • Timi Donald, Phil Collins– drums
  • Brian Eno– synthesizer
  • Robert Kirby– string, choir arrangement
  • John Wood– executive production
  • Vic Gamm – mixing engineer
  • Edward Barker – design
  • Keith Morris- photography

Track listing:

All tracks by John Cale, except where noted.

  1. My Maria
  2. Helen of Troy
  3. China Sea
  4. Engine
  5. Save Us
  6. Cable Hogue
  7. I Keep a Close Watch
  8. Pablo Picasso – Jonathan Richman
  9. Leaving It Up to You
  10. Baby What You Want Me to Do – Jimmy Reed
  11. Sudden Death

In August 1976.

In August 1976, “Beserkley” label released the debut, self-titled Modern Lovers  album. It was recorded in 1976, and was produced by John Cale, Robert Appere, Kim Fowley and Alan Mason. In 2003, the album was ranked at number 381 on “Rolling Stone”  magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”.


  • Jonathan Richman– vocals, electric guitars
  • Jerry Harrison– piano, organ, backing vocals
  • Ernie Brooks – bass, backing vocals
  • David Robinson– drums, backing vocals
  • John Cale– additional keyboards
  • Jim Blodgett – co-ordination
  • Lubin – assistance
  • Horn – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Jonathan Richman.

  1. Roadrunner
  2. Astral Plane
  3. Old World
  4. Pablo Picasso
  5. She Cracked
  6. Hospital
  7. Someone I Care About
  8. Girlfriend
  9. Modern World


On June 22, 2004.

On June 22, 2004, “Vapors Records” label released “Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love”, the eleventh Jonathan Richman solo album. It was recorded in 2004, at “Mobius Studio” in San Francisco, and was produced by Jonathan Richman.


  • Jonathan Richman – vocals, guitar
  • Greg Keranen, Miles Montalbano – bass
  • Tommy Larkins – drums
  • Ralph Carney- brass, woodwind, percussion
  • Alison Faith-Levy, Chuck Prophet, Dave Sorrenson, Jenny Rae Richman, Liz Zoria, Nicole Montalbano, Roger Montalbano, Stephanie Finch, Susan Hertzfeld – backing vocals
  • Oliver Dicicco – engineer
  • Miles Montalbano – layout, design
  • Marty Crosley – cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Jonathan Richman.

  1. Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love” Version 1
  2. Sunday Afternoon
  3. Vincent Van Gogh
  4. Cosi Veloce
  5. He Gave Us the Wine to Taste
  6. Salvador Dali
  7. My Baby Love Love Loves Me
  8. In che mondo viviamo
  9. Behold the Lilies of the Field
  10. Les etoiles
  11. The World Is Showing Its Hand
  12. Abu Jamal
  13. On a du soleil
  14. The Sea Was Calling Me Home
  15. Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love” Version 2