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On December 25, 2009.

On December 25, 2009, James Victor Chesnutt died aged 45. He was songwriter and musician (guitar, singer), Chesnutt collaborated with many musicians and bands including Bob Mould, Widespread Panic, Elf Power, Danger Mouse, Lambchop, Bill Frisell and Jonathan Richman. He recorded 17 albums during his career.


On May 12, 2017.

On May 12, 2017, “Orange Twin” label released “Twitching in Time”, the thirteenth Elf Power album.


  • Andrew Rieger – vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion, flute, zanzithophone
  • Laura Carter – vocals, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, zanzithophone, loops
  • Matthew Garrison – vocals, bass
  • Peter Alvanos – vocals, drums, percussion
  • Davey Wrathgabar – vocals, guitars

Track listing:

All tracks by Andrew Rieger except where noted.

  1. Halloween Out Walking
  2. Ten Dollars on the Ground
  3. Watery Shreds – Laura Carter
  4. The Cat Trapped in the Wall
  5. Sniper in the Balcony
  6. All Things Combined
  7. In a Room
  8. Too Many Things in My Hands
  9. Cycling Aimlessly
  10. Cold Vines
  11. Twitching in Time
  12. Melted Down
  13. Withered Husk
  14. Gorging on the Feast