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On February 10, 2017.

On February 10, 2017, “Yep Roc” label released “Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins”, the fourteenth Chuck Prophet album. It was recorded in 2016, at “Hyde Street Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Brad Jones, Paul Q. Kolderie, Chuck Prophet and Bill Wesemann.


  • Chuck Prophet – vocals, guitar
  • Kevin T White – bass
  • Brad Jones – bass, harmonica, keyboards
  • Stephanie Finch – vocals
  • Jim Hoke – woodwind
  • Paul Revelli, Prairie Prince, Vicente Rodriquez – drums
  • James DePrato – guitar
  • Matt Winegar – keyboards, bass, guitar
  • Richard Dodd – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Chuck Prophet, except where noted.

  1. Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  2. Your Skin
  3. Open Your Heart – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  4. Come Out in Code – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  5. Killing Machine – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  6. Bad Year for Rock and Roll – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  7. Jesus Was a Social Drinker
  8. In The Mausoleum (For Alan Vega) – Chuck Prophet, James DePrato, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  9. Rider of the Train
  10. It Was Connie Britton
  11. Post-War Cinematic Dead Man Blues – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  12. We Got Up and Played
  13. Alex Nieto – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)

On October 6, 1998.

On October 6, 1998, “Capricorn” label released “Prolonging the Magic”, the third Cake studio album. It was recorded in 1998, and was produced by John McCrea. In 1999 the album was certified Platinum in US by the “RIAA”.


  • John McCrea– vocals, guitar, piano, organ, Moog, producing, arranging, design
  • Vince DiFiore – trumpet, background vocals, arranging
  • Gabe Nelson – bass, mandolin, guitar, piano, arranging
  • Todd Roper – drums, percussion, background vocals, arranging
  • Xan McCurdy, Rusty Miller – electric guitar
  • Tyler Pope, Chuck Prophet, Jim Campilongo– arranging, electric guitar
  • Ben Morss – arranging, piano
  • David Palmer– keyboards
  • Greg Vincent – pedal steel guitar
  • Mark Needham – additional percussion, engineering, mixing
  • Richard Lyman – musical saw
  • Joe Johnston, Jay Bowman, Gabriel Shepard,Justin Phelps, Scott Reams, Rafael Serrano – engineering
  • Kirt Shearer, Craig Long – engineering, mixing
  • Greg Brown – arranging
  • Keara Fallon – design
  • Don C. Tyler – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by John McCrea, except where noted.

  1. Satan Is My Motor – John McCrea, Gabriel Nelson, Tyler Pope
  2. Mexico
  3. Never There
  4. Guitar
  5. You Turn the Screws
  6. Walk On By
  7. Sheep Go to Heaven
  8. When You Sleep
  9. Hem of Your Garment
  10. Alpha Beta Parking Lot
  11. Let Me Go
  12. Cool Blue Reason
  13. Where Would I Be? – John McCrea, Gabriel Nelson, Joe Snook

On June 22, 2004.

On June 22, 2004, “Vapors Records” label released “Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love”, the eleventh Jonathan Richman solo album. It was recorded in 2004, at “Mobius Studio” in San Francisco, and was produced by Jonathan Richman.


  • Jonathan Richman – vocals, guitar
  • Greg Keranen, Miles Montalbano – bass
  • Tommy Larkins – drums
  • Ralph Carney- brass, woodwind, percussion
  • Alison Faith-Levy, Chuck Prophet, Dave Sorrenson, Jenny Rae Richman, Liz Zoria, Nicole Montalbano, Roger Montalbano, Stephanie Finch, Susan Hertzfeld – backing vocals
  • Oliver Dicicco – engineer
  • Miles Montalbano – layout, design
  • Marty Crosley – cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Jonathan Richman.

  1. Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love” Version 1
  2. Sunday Afternoon
  3. Vincent Van Gogh
  4. Cosi Veloce
  5. He Gave Us the Wine to Taste
  6. Salvador Dali
  7. My Baby Love Love Loves Me
  8. In che mondo viviamo
  9. Behold the Lilies of the Field
  10. Les etoiles
  11. The World Is Showing Its Hand
  12. Abu Jamal
  13. On a du soleil
  14. The Sea Was Calling Me Home
  15. Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love” Version 2


On January 25, 2000.


On January 25, 2000, “Artemis Records” released “Life’ll Kill Ya”, the tenth Warren Zevon studio album. It was recorded in 1999, and was produced by Paul Q. Kolderie and Sean Slade.


  • Warren Zevon –  percussion,  keyboards,  guitar,  piccolo, vocals, penny whistle, harmonica; theremin
  • Jorge Calderón- bass, percussion, vocals
  • Dennis Collins – vocals
  • Babi Floyd – vocals
  • Curtis King – vocals, art direction
  • Chuck Prophet- guitar
  • Jim Ryan- mandolin
  • Winston Watson – percussion, snare drums
  • Jonathan Exley – design, photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Warren Zevon, except where noted.

  1. I Was in the House When the House Burned Down
  2. Life’ll Kill Ya
  3. Porcelain Monkey – Jorge Calderón, Warren Zevon
  4. For My Next Trick I’ll Need a Volunteer
  5. I’ll Slow You Down
  6. Hostage-O
  7. Dirty Little Religion
  8. Back in the High Life Again – Will Jennings, Steve Winwood
  9. My Shit’s Fucked Up
  10. Fistful of Rain – Jorge Calderón, Warren Zevon
  11. Ourselves to Know
  12. Don’t Let Us Get Sick