Arlo Guthrie: Washington County

In October 1970, “Reprise” label released “Washington County”, the third Arlo Guthrie studio album. It was recorded in August 1970, and was produced by Lenny Waronker and John Pilla.


  • Arlo Guthrie – vocals, banjo, guitar, piano, autoharp, harp
  • Ry Cooder – bottleneck guitar
  • John Pilla – guitar, autoharp, harmony vocals
  • Clarence White – electric guitar
  • Doug Dillard – banjo
  • Hoyt Axton – vocals, bass
  • Chris Ethridge – bass guitar
  • Gary Walters – bass guitar
  • Richie Hayward – drums
  • Barry Feldman – executive producer
  • Van Dyke Parks – co-producer

Track listing:

All tracks by Arlo Guthrie, except where noted.

  1. Introduction
  2. Fencepost Blues
  3. Gabriel’s Mother’s Hiway Ballad #16 Blues
  4. Washington County
  5. Valley to Pray – Doc Coutson, John Pilla, Arlo Guthrie
  6. Lay Down Little Doggies – Woody Guthrie
  7. I Could Be Singing
  8. If You Would Just Drop By
  9. Percy’s Song – Bob Dylan
  10. I Want to Be Around

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