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On September 8, 2003.

On September 8, 2003, “Dedicated Records” label released “Amazing Grace”, the fifth Spiritualized album. It was recorded in 2003 and was produced by J. Spaceman/


  • Spaceman– Epiphone Casino, Fender Jaguar, Fender Thinline, Martin 003 acoustic, Fender Telecaster, hammer dulcimer, Farfisa Compact, banjo, Fender Precision Bass, piano, bell, Radioshack
  • Tom Edwards– sleigh bells, piano, maracas, tambourine, marimba, tubular bells, timpani, Radioshack, Vox Continental, Farfisa Compact, foot stamps, vibraphone, Optigan
  • Kevin Bales– Gretsch drums
  • Doggen– Precision Bass, Fender Jaguar, Gibson Gold Top 57, Fender Jazzmaster, Rickenbacker 39 lapsteel, Fender Bass VI, harmonica, Gibson Les Paul Custom
  • Thighpaulsandra– Vox Continental, Kurtzweil, Rhodes, Hammond C3, piano
  • John Coxon– Gibson Firebird V, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Firebird III, harmonica, autoharp, Fender Bass VI, Martin D21, Hammond B3, piano, Fender Rhodes
  • Jonny Aitken: drums
  • Angie Brown: vocals
  • Lauraine McIntosh: vocals
  • Mary Pearce: vocals
  • Evan Parker: saxophone
  • Kenny Wheeler: trumpet
  • Jonathon Morcambe: French horn
  • Ray Dickaty: saxophone
  • Dave Temple: saxophone
  • Ben Edwards: trumpet
  • Nick Smart: trumpet
  • James Adams: trombone
  • Nick Sweeney: violin
  • Fay Sweet: violin
  • Tony Woollard: cello

Track listing:

All tracks by J Spaceman.

  1. This Little Life of Mine
  2. She Kissed Me (It Felt Like a Hit)
  3. Hold On
  4. Oh Baby
  5. Never Goin’ Back
  6. The Power and the Glory
  7. Lord Let It Rain On Me
  8. The Ballad of Richie Lee
  9. Cheapster
  10. Rated X
  11. Lay It Down Slow

On September 7, 2008.

On September 7, 2008, “Fat Possum” label released “And Nothing Hurt”, the eighth Spiritualized studio album. It was recorded in 2008 and was produced by J. Spaceman.


  • Spaceman– Fender Thinline, Fender Jazzmaster, Gibson L-00, Fender Bass VI, Burns Sonic Bass, Gibson Firebird III, Farfisa, Vox Continental, Juno-60, Radioshack 100, harmonica, glockenspiel, mixing
  • Tony Foster – Gibson Black Beauty, Fender Jazzmaster, harmonica, Rickenbackerlap steel, Epiphone Batwing
  • James Stelfox– Fender Precision Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Burns Sonic Bass, Fender Bass VI
  • Tom Edwards – percussion, timpani, vibraphone, glockenspiel
  • Lee Horsley – Hammond, piano, Vox Continental, Fender Rhodes, Farfisa Compact
  • Dave Richmond– orchestral bass, Burns Bison Bass
  • Scott Baylis – Roland Juno-106, Roland SH-01, Roland JU-06, Roli Seaboard
  • Jonny Aitken – drums
  • John Coxon – Gibson Firebird
  • Alan Wilkinson – saxophones
  • Kevin Brown – saxophones
  • Kevin Cunningham – trumpet
  • Stuart Haugh – trombone
  • Jim Walker – violin
  • Daniel Thomas – singing
  • Lena Wright – singing
  • Wendi Rose – singing
  • Travis Cole – singing
  • Alex Lamey – strings, horns
  • Adam Langston – strings, horns
  • Guy Massey – recording engineering
  • Tom Leach – recording engineering, assistant engineering
  • Misha Hering – recording engineering
  • Aaron Cupples– recording engineering
  • Iggy B – recording engineering
  • David Stanley – recording engineering
  • Shuta Shinoda – recording engineering
  • Darren Lawson – recording engineering
  • Oli Bayston– recording engineering
  • Emre Ramazanoglu – recording engineering
  • Armelle Pignon – assistant engineering
  • Ben McCluskey – assistant engineering
  • Josh Green – assistant engineering
  • Max Prior – assistant engineering
  • Tom Leach – assistant engineering
  • Noel Summerville – mastering engineering
  • Steve Mackey– further production, mixing
  • Darren Lawson – mixing
  • Farrow– design and art direction
  • Spaceman – design and art direction
  • Juliette Larthe – photography
  • Christina Dunlap – photography
  • Travis Waddell – photography
  • John Coxon – photography
  • Rich Good – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by J. Spaceman.

  1. A perfect Miracle
  2. I’m Your Man
  3. Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go
  4. Let’s Dance
  5. On the Sunshine
  6. Damaged
  7. The Morning After
  8. The Prize
  9. Sail on Through

On April 17, 2007.

On April 17, 2007, “Lonely Astronauts” label released “Let’s Just Be”, the sixth Joseph Arthur studio album, and the first with his backing band The Lonely Astronauts. It was recorded October – November 2006, at “Donner & Blitzen Studios, in Arcadia, California, and was produced by Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson, Jennifer Turner, Sibyl Buck and Greg Wieczorek.


  • Joseph Arthur– lead vocals, guitar, electric sitar, mixing
  • Kraig Jarret Johnson – guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboards
  • Jennifer Turner– guitar, lead and backing vocals
  • Sibyl Buck– backing vocals, bass
  • Greg Wieczorek– backing vocals, drums
  • Mathias Schneeberger – recording engineer.
  • Fred Kevorkian – mastering
  • Original artwork by Davies
  • Cerise Leang, Joseph Arthur, Lauren Pattenaude – photography
  • Karen Karibian – copy help
  • Judith Salavetz, Spencer Drate – art direction, design.

Track listing:

All tracks by Joseph Arthur, except where noted.

  1. Diamond Ring – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  2. Good Life
  3. Precious One
  4. Spaceman
  5. Take Me Home – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  6. Chicago
  7. Cockteeze – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  8. Lonely Astronaut
  9. Cocaine Feet
  10. Let’s Just Be – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  11. Shake It Off
  12. Lack a Vision
  13. Gimmie Some Company – Jennifer Turner
  14. I Will Carry You – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  15. Yer the Reason – Joseph Arthur, Kraig Jarret Johnson
  16. Star Song


On June 2, 2009.

On June 2, 2009, “RCA” label released “Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King”, the seventh Dave Matthews Band studio album. It was recorded in 2009, at “Haunted Hollow” in Charlottesville, Virginia; “Studio Litho”  and “Studio X” in Seattle, Washington; “Piety Street Studio” in  New Orleans, Louisiana, and was produced by Rob Cavallo.


  • Carter Beauford– drums, vocals
  • Stefan Lessard– bass
  • Dave Matthews– acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals, illustration, art direction
  • LeRoi Moore– saxophone
  • Boyd Tinsley– electric violin, violin
  • Tim Reynolds– electric guitar
  • Jeff Coffin– saxophone
  • Rashawn Ross– trumpet
  • Danny Barnes- banjo
  • David Campbell- string arranger, conductor
  • Engineer — Doug McKean
  • Mixing Engineer – Chris Lord-Alge
  • Mastering Engineer – Ted Jensen
  • Video — Joe Lawlor
  • Guitar tech — Craig Baker
  • Drum techs — Henry Luniewski, Jerry Johnson
  • Bass and violin tech — Erik Porter

Track listing:

  1. Grux – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Boyd Tinsley
  2. Shake Me Like a Monkey – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Boyd Tinsley, Rashawn Ross
  3. Funny the Way It Is – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Boyd Tinsley, Tim Reynolds
  4. Lying in the Hands of God – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Boyd Tinsley, Tim Reynolds
  5. Why I Am – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Boyd Tinsley, Tim Reynolds
  6. Drive In – Carter Beauford, Dave Matthews
  7. Spaceman – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews
  8. Squirm – Carter Beauford, Dave Matthews
  9. Alligator Pie – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews
  10. Seven – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Tim Reynolds
  11. Time Bomb – Dave Matthews
  12. Baby Blue – Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore, Boyd Tinsley, Tim Reynolds
  13. You & Me – Dave Matthews


In February 1977.


In February 1977, “Columbia” label released “Next”, the third Journey studio album. It was recorded May – October 1976, at “His Master’s Wheels” in San Francisco, and was produced by Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Ross Valory and Aynsley Dunbar.


  • Gregg Rolie– lead vocals, keyboards
  • Neal Schon– electric and acoustic guitars, lead vocals
  • Ross Valory– bass guitar, backing vocals, piano
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums, percussion,
  • Smiggy –engineer, mixing
  • Bruce Botnick– mastering
  • Herbie Herbert –director
  • Bruce Steinberg –art direction, design, photography, cover design
  • Ellie Oberzil – design
  • Mansfield –sleeve art

Track listing:

  1. Spaceman – Aynsley Dunbar, Gregg Rolie
  2. People – Aynsley Dunbar, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon
  3. I Would Find You – Tena Austin, Neal Schon
  4. Here We Are – Gregg Rolie
  5. Hustler – Aynsley Dunbar, Gregg Rolie
  6. Next – Heidi Cogdell, Aynsley Dunbar, Gregg Rolie
  7. Nickel and Dime – Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, George Tickner, Ross Valory
  8. Karma – Aynsley Dunbar, Neal Schon