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In November 1969.

In November 1969, “Elektra” label released “Changing Horses”, the fifth Incredible String Band album. It was recorded in 1969, at “Sound Techniques” in London, “Elektra Records Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Joe Boyd.


  • Robin Williamson– lead and backing vocals,  guitars,  washboard , piano,  flute, sarangi, Chinese banjo, percussion, organ, gimbri, violin
  • Mike Heron- lead vocals, guitars, piano, vibraphone, percussion, sitar, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Licorice McKechnie- guitar, organ, kazoo, percussion, backing vocals
  • Rose Simpson- bass guitar, percussion, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Big Ted – Robin Williamson
  2. White Bird – Mike Heron
  3. Dust Be Diamonds – Mike Heron, Robin Williamson
  4. Sleepers, Awake! – Mike Heron
  5. and Mrs. – Robin Williamson
  6. Creation – Robin Williamson


In November 1968.

In November 1968, “Elektra” label released “Wee Tam and the Big Huge”, the fourth  Incredible String Band album. It was recorded April – August 1968, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Joe Boyd.


  • Robin Williamson– lead vocals; guitar, bass guitar, guimbri, percussion,  sarangi, violin, harpsichord, piano, organ, kazoo, bass drum, whistle, harmonica,  drums
  • Mike Heron– lead vocals, guitar,  bass guitar, sitar, organ, harpsichord, washboard, percussion, harmonica
  • Rose Simpson– violin; percussion, backing vocals
  • Licorice McKechnie– percussion, Irish harp,  backing vocals

Track listing:

Wee Tam

  1. Job’s Tears Robin Williamson
  2. Puppies – Mike Heron
  3. Beyond the Sea – Mike Heron
  4. The Yellow Snake – Robin Williamson
  5. Log Cabin Home in the Sky – Mike Heron
  6. You Get Brighter – Mike Heron
  7. The Half-Remarkable Question – Robin Williamson
  8. Air – Mike Heron
  9. Ducks on a Pond – Robin Williamson

The Big Huge

  1. Maya – Robin Williamson
  2. Greatest Friend – Mike Heron
  3. The Son of Noah’s Brother – Robin Williamson
  4. Lordly Nightshade – Robin Williamson
  5. The Mountain of God – Robin Williamson
  6. Cousin Caterpillar – Mike Heron
  7. The Iron Stone – Robin Williamson
  8. Douglas Traherne Harding – Mike Heron
  9. The Circle Is Unbroken – traditional, arr. by Robin Williamson

In July 1967.

In July 1967, “Elektra” label released “The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion”, the second The Incredible String Band studio album. It was recorded in 1967 at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Joe Boyd.


  • Robin Williamson- vocals, guitar, mandolin, oud, bowed and bass gimbri, flute, percussion
  • Mike Heron- vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Licorice McKechnie- vocals, percussion
  • Danny Thompson- double bass
  • John Hopkins- piano
  • Soma (Nazir Jairazbhoy)- sitar, tanpura

Track listing:

  1. Chinese White – Mike Heron
  2. No Sleep Blues – Robin Williamson
  3. Painting Box – Mike Heron
  4. The Mad’s Hatter’s Song – Robin Williamson
  5. Little Cloud – Mike Heron
  6. The Eyes of Fate – Robin Williamson
  7. Blues for the Muse – Robin Williamson
  8. The Hedgehog’s Song – Mike Heron
  9. First Girl I Loved – Robin Williamson
  10. You Know What You Could Be – Mike Heron
  11. My Name Is Death – Robin Williamson
  12. Gently Tender – Mike Heron
  13. Way Back in the 1960s – Robin Williamson

On June 1, 1966.

On June 1, 1966, “Elektra” label released the debut, self-titled Incredible String Band album. It was recorded in 1966, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Joe Boyd. In the Melody Maker’s annual poll, “The Incredible String Band” won the title “Folk Album of the Year”.


  • Mike Heron– lead and backing vocals; guitar
  • Clive Palmer– lead and backing vocals; banjo, guitar; kazoo
  • Robin Williamson– lead vocals, violin, guitar,  tin whistle; mandolin; backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Maybe Someday – Mike Heron
  2. October Song – Robin Williamson
  3. When the Music Starts to Play – Mike Heron
  4. Schaeffer’s Jig – traditional
  5. Womankind – Robin Williamson
  6. The Tree – traditional, arr. Robin Williamson
  7. Whistle Tune – traditional, arr. Robin Williamson
  8. Dandelion Blues – Robin Williamson
  9. How Happy I Am – Mike Heron
  10. Empty Pocket Blues – Clive Palmer
  11. Smoke Shovelling Song – Robin Williamson
  12. Can’t Keep Me Here – Mike Heron
  13. Good as Gone – Robin Williamson
  14. Footsteps of the Heron – Mike Heron
  15. Niggertown – traditional, arr. Clive Palmer
  16. Everything’s Fine Right Now – Mike Heron


In April 1973.

In April 1973, “Island” label released “No Ruinous Feud”, the eleventh Incredible String Band album. It was recorded in January 1973, and was produced byRoger Mayer and Mike Heron.

Track listing:

  1. Explorer – Mike Heron
  2. Down Belore Cathay – Malcolm Le Maistre
  3. Saturday Maybe – Robin Williamson
  4. Jigs – traditional, arr. Robin Williamson
  5. Old Buccaneer – Robin Williamson
  6. At the Lighthouse Dance – Malcolm Le Maistre
  7. Second Fiddle – Duke Reid
  8. Circus Girl – Robin Williamson
  9. Turquoise Blue – Mike Heron
  10. My Blue Tears – Dolly Parton
  11. Weather the Storm – Robin Williamson
  12. Little Girl – Mike Heron

In April 1970.

In April 1970, “Elektra” label released “I Looked Up”, the sixth Incredible String Band album. It was recorded in 1970, and was produced by Joe Boyd.


  • Robin Williamson– vocals, guitar, flute, gimbri, violin
  • Mike Heron– vocals, guitar, harp, organ, piano, violin, horn
  • Licorice McKechnie– vocals, percussion, drums, dulcimer, keyboards
  • Rose Simpson– vocals, bass guitar, violin, percussion
  • Dave Mattacks– drums
  • John Gimbri – flute

Track listing:

All tracks by Mike Heron except where noted.

  1. Black Jack Davy
  2. The Letter
  3. Pictures in a Mirror – Robin Williamson
  4. This Moment
  5. When You Find Out Who You Are – Robin Williamson
  6. Fair As You


In March 1968.


In March 1968, “Elektra” label released “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter” the third Incredible String Band album. It was recorded December 1967, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Joe Boyd.


  • Robin Williamson – vocals, guitar, gimbri, penny whistle, percussion, pan pipe, piano, oud, mandolin, jaw harp, chahanai, water harp, harmonica
  • Mike Heron – vocals, sitar, Hammond organ, guitar, hammered dulcimer, harpsichord
  • Dolly Collins– flute organ, piano
  • David Snell – harp
  • Licorice McKechnie– vocals, finger cymbals
  • Richard Thompson– vocals
  • Judy Dyble– vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Robin Williamson, except where noted.

  1. Koeeoaddi There
  2. The Minotaur’s Song
  3. Witches Hat
  4. A Very cellular Song – Mike Heron
  5. Mercy I Cry City – Mike Heron
  6. Waltz of the New Moon
  7. The Water Song
  8. Three is a Green Crown
  9. Swift As the Wind – Mike Heron
  10. Nightfall