On June 1, 1966.

On June 1, 1966, “Elektra” label released the debut, self-titled Incredible String Band album. It was recorded in 1966, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Joe Boyd. In the Melody Maker’s annual poll, “The Incredible String Band” won the title “Folk Album of the Year”.


  • Mike Heron– lead and backing vocals; guitar
  • Clive Palmer– lead and backing vocals; banjo, guitar; kazoo
  • Robin Williamson– lead vocals, violin, guitar,  tin whistle; mandolin; backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Maybe Someday – Mike Heron
  2. October Song – Robin Williamson
  3. When the Music Starts to Play – Mike Heron
  4. Schaeffer’s Jig – traditional
  5. Womankind – Robin Williamson
  6. The Tree – traditional, arr. Robin Williamson
  7. Whistle Tune – traditional, arr. Robin Williamson
  8. Dandelion Blues – Robin Williamson
  9. How Happy I Am – Mike Heron
  10. Empty Pocket Blues – Clive Palmer
  11. Smoke Shovelling Song – Robin Williamson
  12. Can’t Keep Me Here – Mike Heron
  13. Good as Gone – Robin Williamson
  14. Footsteps of the Heron – Mike Heron
  15. Niggertown – traditional, arr. Clive Palmer
  16. Everything’s Fine Right Now – Mike Heron



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