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On April 27, 2009.

On April 27, 2009, “InsideOut” label released “Blood”, the third OSI studio album. It was recorded in 2008, and was produced by Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore.


  • Jim Matheos– guitar, bass, keyboards, programming
  • Kevin Moore– vocals, keyboards, programming
  • Gavin Harrison– drums
  • Mikael Åkerfeldt– vocals
  • Tim Bowness– vocals
  • Mixed by Phil Magnotti, Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore

Track listing:

All lyrics by Kevin Moore, except where noted; all music by Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore, except where noted.

  1. The Escape Artist
  2. Terminal
  3. False Start
  4. We Come Undone
  5. Radiologue
  6. Be the Hero
  7. Microburst Alert – music by Jim Matheos
  8. Stockholm – lyrics by Mikael Åkerfeldt
  9. Blood




On April 21, 2006.

On April 21, 2006, “insideOut Music” label released “Free”, the second OSI album. It was recorded in November 2005, and was produced by Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore.


  • Jim Matheos- guitars, keyboards, programming
  • Kevin Moore- vocals, keyboards, programming
  • Mike Portnoy- acoustic drums
  • Joey Vera
  • Bige Akdeniz– guitar, vocals

Track listing:

All lyrics by Kevin Moore; all music by Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore, except where noted.

  1. Sure You Will
  2. Free
  3. Go
  4. All Gone Now
  5. Home Was Good
  6. Bigger Wave
  7. Kicking
  8. Better
  9. Simple Life
  10. Once
  11. Our Town

On September 23, 1997.


On September 23, 1997, “East West Records” label released “Falling into Infinity”, the fourth Dream Theater studio album. It was recorded June–July 1997, at “Avatar Studios” in Manhattan, and was produced by Kevin Shirley. It was band’s first and only studio album to feature keyboardist Derek Sherinian following the departure of Kevin Moore in 1994.


  • James LaBrie– lead vocals and backing vocals, arrangement
  • John Petrucci– guitar, background vocals, arrangement
  • Derek Sherinian– keyboards, backing vocals, arrangement
  • John Myung– bass, Chapman Stick, arrangement
  • Mike Portnoy– drums, percussion, backing vocals, harmony vocals, arrangement
  • Doug Pinnick– additional vocals
  • Kevin Shirley– engineering, mixing
  • Rich Alvy – engineering assistance
  • Barbara Lipke – engineering assistance
  • Dave Swope – mixing assistance
  • Leon Zervos– mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Dream Theater, lyrics as noted.

  1. New Millennium – Mike Portnoy
  2. You Not me – John Petrucci, Desmond Child
  3. Peruvian Skies – John Petrucci
  4. Hollow Years – John Petrucci
  5. Burning My Soul – Mike Portnoy
  6. Hell’s Kitchen
  7. Lines in the Sand – John Petrucci
  8. Take Away My Pain – John Petrucci
  9. Just Let me Breathe – Mike Portnoy
  10. Anna Lee – James LaBrie
  11. Trial of Tears – John Myung
  • It’s Raining
  • Deep in Heaven
  • The Wasteland