On January 26, 2009.

On January 26, 2009, “Domino” label released “Tonight”, the third Franz Ferdinand studio album. It was recorded 2007 – 2008, at “Old Govan Town Hall: in Govan, Scotland, “Mr. Dan’s Studio” in Buckeye, Arizona, and was produced by Dan Carey.


  1. Alex Kapranos– lead vocals, guitar, booklet
  2. Bob Hardy– bass guitar, booklet
  3. Paul Thomson– drums, percussion, backing vocals, booklet
  4. Nick McCarthy– guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, booklet
  5. John Dent – mastering
  6. Paul Savage, Alexis Smith, Dan Carey, Allen Johnston – engineers
  7. Dan Carey, Mike Fraser – mixing
  8. Eric Mosher – engineer assistant
  9. Matthew Cooper – artwork
  10. Rachel Graham – booklet
  11. Søren Solkær Starbird – front cover
  12. Jeremiah Olvera – personal assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Alex Kapranos, Bob Hardy, Paul Thomson and Nick McCarthy.

  1. Ulysses
  2. Turn It On
  3. No You Girls
  4. Send Him Away
  5. Twilight Omens
  6. Bite Hard
  7. What She came For
  8. Live Alone
  9. Can’t Stop Feeling
  10. Lucid Dreams
  11. Dream Again
  12. Katherine Kiss Me

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