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Tom Verlaine

On January 28, 2023, Thomas Miller aka Tom Verlaine died aged 73. He was musician (guitar, piano), singer and songwriter, member of the bands The Neon Boys and Million Dollar Bashers, but was best known as frontman of The Television. Verlaine guested as guitarist on numerous releases of other artists including Luna and Patti Smith. As leader Verlaine released ten albums.


Jethro Tull: The Zealot Gene

On January 28, 2022, “Inside Out Music” label released “The Zealot Gene”, the 22nd Jethro Tull studio album. It was recorded March 2017 – July 2021, at “Modern World Studios” in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, and was produced by Ian Anderson.


  • Ian Anderson – vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, whistle, harmonica, stereo mixing, artwork concept, photography
  • Florian Opahle – electric guitar
  • John O’Hara – piano, keyboards, accordion, organ
  • David Goodier – bass guitar
  • Scott Hammond – drums
  • Joe Parrish-James – guitar
  • Michael Nyandoro – engineer
  • Nick Watson – mastering
  • Jakko Jakszyk – 5.1 surround sound mixing
  • Thomas Ewerhard – artwork design
  • James Anderson – photography
  • Tim Bowness – liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Ian Anderson.

  1. Mrs. Tibbets
  2. Jacob’s Tales
  3. Mine is the Mountain
  4. The Zealot Gene
  5. Shoshana Sleeping
  6. Sad City Sisters
  7. Barren Beth, Wild Desert John
  8. The Betrayal of Joshua Kynde
  9. Where Sid Saturday Go?
  10. Three Loves, Three
  11. In Brief Visitation
  12. The Fisherman of Ephesus

Eels: Extreme Witchcraft

On January 28, 2022, “E Works” and “PIAS” label released “Extreme Witchcraft”, the fourteenth Eels studio album. It was recorded March – October 2021, and was produced by E and John Parish.


  • E (Mark Oliver Everett) – vocals, guitar, recording, mixing
  • John Parish – guitar, recording, mixing
  • Koool G Murder – bass guitar, recording, mixing
  • P-Boo – drums, recording, mixing
  • Ryan Bosch – recording, mixing
  • Don Hersch – mastering 
  • Philip Beaudreau – design
  • Gus Black – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by E (Mark Oliver Everett) and John Parish, except where noted.

  1. Amateur Hour
  2. Good Night on Earth
  3. Strawberries & Popcorn
  4. Steam Engine – Mark Oliver Everett, Kelly Logsdon
  5. Grandfather Clock Strikes Twelve – Mark Oliver Everett
  6. Stumbling Bee
  7. The Magic
  8. Better Living Through Desperation
  9. So Anyway
  10. What It Isn’t – Mark Oliver Everett, Kelly Logsdon
  11. Learning While I Lose – Mark Oliver Everett, Mike Sawitzke
  12. I Know You’re Right – Mark Oliver Everett, Kelly Logsdon

Anais Mitchell: Same

On January 28, 2022, “BMG Rights Management” label released the self-titled, eighth Anaïs Mitchell studio album. It was recorded in 2021, at “Dreamland Recording Studios” in Hurley, New York, and was produced by Josh Kaufman.


  • Anaïs Mitchell – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Josh Kaufman – electric guitar, synthesizer, bass, piano, mandolin, organ, harmonica, 12-string guitar, synth bass
  • Aaron Dessner – electric guitar
  • Thomas Bartlett – piano, synthesizer, Wurlitzer, Rhodes piano, Mellotron, organ
  • Michael Lewis – bass, saxophones, clarinet, synthesizer
  • JT Bates – drums, percussion
  • Alex Sopp – flute
  • Nico Muhly – ensemble, string arrangement, arrangement
  • Nadia Sirota – viola
  • Bella Blasko – engineer
  • D. James Goodwin – mixing
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • Steve Fallone – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Anais Mitchell.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Bright Star
  3. Revenant
  4. On Your Way (Felix Song)
  5. Real World
  6. Backroads
  7. Little Big Girl
  8. Now You Know
  9. The Words
  10. Watershed

Geoffrey Nicholls

On January 28, 2017, Geoffrey James Nicholls died aged 72. He was musician (keyboards, bass, and guitar) and vocalist, performed and recorded with Quartz, Tony Martin, Johnny Neal and the Starliners, World of Oz, and Jimmy Helms, but was best known as a longtime member Black Sabbath.

Paul Kantner

On January 28, 2016, Paul Lorin Kantner died aged 74. He was musician (guitar, banjo, and harmonica) and vocalist, member of the KBC Band and Jefferson Starship, but was best known as the co-founder, rhythm guitarist and occasional vocalist of the Jefferson Airplane. In 1996, as a member of Jefferson Airplane, Kantner was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”.

On January 28, 2014.

On January 28, 2014, “Mexican Summer” label released “Held in Splendor”, the second Quilt studio album. It was recorded in 2013, at “ Mexican Summer” in-house studio in New York City, and was produced by Jarvis Taveniere.


  • Anna Fox Rochinski – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, piano, organ  
  • Shane Butler – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, loops  
  • Keven Lareau – vocals, bass
  • John Andrews – vocals, drums, percussion, piano, organ, saw
  • Daniel Bachmann – lap steel guitar
  • Jarvis Taveniere – bass guitar
  • Renata Zeiguer – violin
  • Alexandra Jones – cello
  • Adam Schatz – saxophone
  • Natalie Mering – vocals
  • Al Carlson – engineer
  • Davey Jewell – engineer assistant
  • Jeff Lipton – mastering
  • Maria Rice – mastering
  • Jack Schneider – painting
  • Allison Pharmakis – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Anna Fox Rochinski, Shane Butler, Keven Lareau and John Andrews.

  1. Arctic Shark
  2. Saturday Bride
  3. Eye of the Pearl
  4. Mary Mountain
  5. Tie Up the Tides
  6. The Hollow
  7. A Mirror
  8. Just Dust
  9. The World Is Flat
  10. Tired & Buttered
  11. Secondary Swan
  12. Talking Trains
  13. I Sleep in Nature

On January 28, 2003.

On January 28, 2003, “Justin Time” label released “Now Is Another Time”, the 87th David Murray album, credited to David Murray’s Latin Big Band. It was recorded April 2001 – June 2002, at “Sound On Sound Studio” in New York City, and was produced by Valerie Malot and David Murray.


  • David Murray – tenor saxophone
  • Cesar Lopez Martinez, Ernesto Varona Rodriguez German, German Fermin, Roman Feliu O’Reilly, Valazco Urdeliz, Velasco Urdeliz – alto saxophone
  • Irvin Luichel Acao Sierra, Orlando Sanchez Soto – tenor saxophone
  • Hamiet Bluiett, Moises Marquez Loyva – baritone saxophone
  • Jose Luis Cortez, Kahil-Ikshr Smith – flute 
  • Hugh Ragin, Alexander Brown Cabrera, Bacilio Bernardo Marquez, Carmelo Andres, Cristobal Ferrer, Elpidio Chappotin Elgado, Rafael Gavilan – trumpet
  • Craig Harris, Amaury Perez Rodriguez, Boris Sarmiento, Denis Cuni Rodriguez, Heikel Fabian Triminio, Leonardo Alarcon Henville, Sergio Ricardo Luna Longchamp – trombone
  • Carcasses Colon, Emilio Morales, Luis Manuel Guerra Crespo, Miguel Angel De Armas, Roberto Julio, Tony Perez – piano
  • Feliciano Arango Noa, Narciso Jorge, Reyes Hernandez – bass
  • Giraldo Piloto, Olivier Valdes Rey – drums
  • Jorge Luis Guerra – guiro
  • Adel Gonzales Gomez, Evelio Ramos Delfin, Tomas Ramos Ortiz – congas
  • Jose Luis Quintana Fuerte “Changuito” – timbales
  • Dany Gignoux – booklet, photography

Track listing:

All tracks by David Murray

  1. Crystal
  2. Aerol’s Change
  3. Blue Muse
  4. Break Out
  5. Mambo Dominica
  6. Giovanni’s Mission
  7. Sad Kind of Love

On January 28, 1997.

On January 28, 1997, “Warner Bros” label released “Perfect from Now On”, the third Built to Spill album. It was recorded in 1996, and was produced by Phil Ek.


  • Doug Martsch – vocals, guitar, Moog
  • Brett Nelson – bass, Moog
  • Scott Plouf – drums, percussion, piano, Moog
  • Brett Netson – guitar
  • John McMahon – cello 
  • Robert Roth – mellotron
  • Peter Lansdowne – drums
  • Karena Youtz – “title and some words”; backing vocals
  • Phil Ek – recording, engineer
  • Howie Weinberg – mastering
  • Kip Beelman, Sam Hofstedt – engineer assistant
  • Chris Takino – mixing assistant
  • Tae Won Yu – design, art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Doug Martsch.

  1. Randy Described Eternity
  2. I Would Hurt a Fly
  3. Stop the Show
  4. Made-Up Dreams
  5. Velvet Waltz
  6. Out of Site
  7. Kicked It in the Sun
  8. Untrustable / Part 2 (About Someone Else)

Arild Andersen: Mira

On January 28, 2014, “ECM” label released “Mira”, the 19th Arild Andersen album. It was recorded in December 2012, at “Rainbow Studio” in Oslo, and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Arild Andersen- bass
  • Tommy Smith- tenor saxophone, shakuhachi
  • Paolo Vinaccia- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Arild Andersen except where noted.

  1. Bygone
  2. Blussy
  3. Alfie – Burt Bacharach, Hal David
  4. Rossetti
  5. Reparate
  6. Raijin – Tommy Smith, Paolo Vinaccia
  7. Le Saleya
  8. Kangiten
  9. Mira
  10. Eight and More
  11. Stevtone – Arild Andersen, Kirsten Bråten Berg