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On April 14, 2014.

On April 14, 2014, “Unmade Road” label released “Hendra”, the second Ben Watt studio album. It was recorded 2013 – 2014, at “Eastcote Studios”, “The Square”, “Northern Heights”,  “Air Lyndhurst Hall”, and was produced by Ewan Pearson.


  • Ben Watt – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, electric piano, piano, synthesizer, mellotron
  • Jim Watson – keyboards, organ, synthesizer
  • Ewan Pearson – synthesizer, mellotron, handclaps
  • Steve Pearce – upright and electric bass
  • Leo Taylor– drums
  • Bernard Butler – electric guitar
  • Martin Ditcham – tambourine, congas, shaker, drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Ben Watt.

  1. Hendra
  2. Forget
  3. Spring
  4. Golden Ratio
  5. Matthew Arnold’s Field
  6. The Gun
  7. Nathaniel
  8. The Levels
  9. Young Man’s Game
  10. The Heart Is a Mirror



On July 16, 2002.

On July 16, 2002, “Heavenly Records” and “Astralwerks Records” labels released “Daybreaker”, the third Beth Orton album. It was recorded in 2002, at “Ridge Farm Studio” in Surrey, “Eastcote Studios”, and was produced by Beth Orton, Victor Van Vugt and Ben Watt.


  • Beth Orton – vocals, guitar, synthesizer, keyboards
  • Ryan Adams- acoustic and slide guitar, piano, bass, backing vocals
  • Ted Barnes – acoustic guitar
  • Will Blanchard – drums
  • Ali Friend – bass guitar
  • Sean Read – keyboards
  • Miles Showell – mastering
  • Andy Bradfield, Ben Watt – mixing
  • Richard “Dread” Mann – engineer
  • John McCormack – assistant engineer

Track listing:

  1. Paris Train – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton
  2. Concrete Sky – Johnny Marr, Beth Orton
  3. Mount Washington – Beth Orton
  4. Anywhere – Beth Orton
  5. Daybreaker – Beth Orton
  6. Carmella – Beth Orton
  7. God Song – Beth Orton
  8. This One’s Gonna Bruise – Ryan Adams, Beth Orton
  9. Ted’s Waltz – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton
  10. Thinking About Tomorrow – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton, Sean Read, Sebastian Steinberg


On May 16, 2005.

On May 16, 2005, “Warp Records” label released “A Certain Trigger”, the debut  Maxïmo Park studio album. It was recorded in 2004, at “Eastcote Studios” and “2khz Studios” in London, and was produced by Paul Epworth.


  • Paul Smith – vocals
  • Duncan Lloyd– guitar
  • Lukas Wooller– keyboards
  • Tom English – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Duncan Lloyd and Paul Smith, except where noted.

  1. Signal and Sign
  2. Apply Some Pressure
  3. Graffiti
  4. Postcard of a Painting
  5. Going Missing
  6. I Want You to Stay – Lukas Wooller, Paul Smith
  7. Limassol – Archis Tiku, Paul Smith
  8. The Coast Is Always Changing
  9. The Night I Lost My Head – Paul Smith
  10. Once, a Glimpse
  11. Now I’m All Over the Shop
  12. Acrobat – Lukas Wooller, Paul Smith
  13. Kiss You Better – Paul Smith


On June 24, 1997.


On June 24, 1997, “Island” label released “Curtains”, the third Tindersticks studio album. It was recorded in July – October, 1996, at “Angel Studios”, “Eastcote Studios, in London, and  “Searsound” in  New York, and was produced by Tindersticks.

Track listing:

  1. Another Night In
  2. Rented Rooms
  3. Don’t Look Down
  4. Dick’s Slow Song
  5. Fast One
  6. Ballad of Tindersticks
  7. Dancing
  8. Let’s Pretend
  9. Desperate Man
  10. Buried Bones
  11. Bearsuit
  12. (Tonight) Are You Trying to Fall in Love Again
  13. I Was Your Man
  14. Bathtime
  15. Walking



On April 18, 2007.


On April 18, 2007, “Domino” label released “Favourite Worst Nightmare”, the second Arctic Monkeys studio album. It was recorded in December 2006, at “Miloco Studios”, “Eastcote Studios”, “Kork Studios” in London, “Motor Museum” in Liverpool, and was produced by James Ford and Mike Crossey. The album was certified 2x Platinum by “BPI” in the UK. At the 2008  “BRIT Awards” “Favourite Worst Nightmare” won the award for “Best British Album”.


  • Alex Turner- vocals, guitars, baritone guitar, organ
  • Matt Helders- drums, percussion, backing vocals, co-lead vocals
  • Jamie Cook- guitars
  • Nick O’Malley- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • James Ford– additional guitar
  • Miles Kane– additional guitar

Track listing:

All lyrics by Alex Turner, except where noted, all music by Arctic Monkeys.

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Teddy Picker
  3. D Is for Dangerous
  4. Balaclava
  5. Fluorescent Adolescent – Alex Turner, Johanna Bennet
  6. Only Ones Who Know
  7. Do Me a Favor
  8. This House is a Circus
  9. If You Were There, Beware
  10. The Bad Thing
  11. Old Yellow Bricks
  12. 505