On June 24, 1997.


On June 24, 1997, “Island” label released “Curtains”, the third Tindersticks studio album. It was recorded in July – October, 1996, at “Angel Studios”, “Eastcote Studios, in London, and  “Searsound” in  New York, and was produced by Stuart A. Staples, David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Dickon Hinchliffe, Mark Colwill and Al Macaulay.


  • Stuart A. Staples– vocals
  • David Boulter– organ, accordion
  • Neil Fraser guitar
  • Dickon Hinchliffe– guitar, strings, arranger
  • Mark Colwill – bass
  • Al Macaulay– drums, percussion
  • Jesús Alemañy – trumpet, arranger
  • David Patman – bongos
  • Craig Chettle – recording, mixing
  • Bartholomew & Windsor – artwork

Track listing:

  1. Another Night In
  2. Rented Rooms
  3. Don’t Look Down
  4. Dick’s Slow Song
  5. Fast One
  6. Ballad of Tindersticks
  7. Dancing
  8. Let’s Pretend
  9. Desperate Man
  10. Buried Bones
  11. Bearsuit
  12. (Tonight) Are You Trying to Fall in Love Again
  13. I Was Your Man
  14. Bathtime
  15. Walking

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