On July 16, 2002.

On July 16, 2002, “Heavenly” label released “Daybreaker”, the third Beth Orton album. It was recorded in 2002, at “Ridge Farm Studio” in Surrey, “Eastcote Studios” in London, and was produced by Beth Orton, Victor Van Vugt and Ben Watt.


  • Ted Barnes – acoustic guitar
  • Sean Read – keyboards
  • Ali Friend – bass guitar
  • Will Blanchard – drums
  • Ryan Adams- acoustic and slide guitar, bass, piano, bass, backing vocals
  • Richard “Dread” Mann – engineer
  • John McCormack – assistant engineer
  • Miles Showell – mastering
  • Andy Bradfield, Ben Watt – miing

Track listing:

All tracks by Beth Orton, except where noted.

  1. Paris Train – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton
  2. Concrete Sky – Johnny Marr, Beth Orton
  3. Mount Washington
  4. Anywhere
  5. Daybreaker
  6. Carmella
  7. God Song
  8. This One’s Gonna Bruise – Ryan Adams, Beth Orton
  9. Ted’s Waltz – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton
  10. Thinking About Tomorrow – Ted Barnes, Beth Orton, Sean Read, Sebastian Steinberg

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