On April 14, 2014.

On April 14, 2014, “Unmade Road” label released “Hendra”, the second Ben Watt studio album. It was recorded 2013 – 2014, at “Eastcote Studios”, “The Square”, “Northern Heights”,  “Air Lyndhurst Hall”, and was produced by Ewan Pearson.


  • Ben Watt – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, electric piano, piano, synthesizer, mellotron
  • Jim Watson – keyboards, organ, synthesizer
  • Ewan Pearson – synthesizer, mellotron, handclaps
  • Steve Pearce – upright and electric bass
  • Leo Taylor– drums
  • Bernard Butler – electric guitar
  • Martin Ditcham – tambourine, congas, shaker, drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Ben Watt.

  1. Hendra
  2. Forget
  3. Spring
  4. Golden Ratio
  5. Matthew Arnold’s Field
  6. The Gun
  7. Nathaniel
  8. The Levels
  9. Young Man’s Game
  10. The Heart Is a Mirror


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