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In October 1965.

In October 1965, “White Whale” label released “It Ain’t Me Babe”, the debut Turtles studio album. It was recorded in 1965, and was produced by Bones Howe, Lee Lasseff and Ted Feigin.


  • Al Nichol – guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass guitar
  • Mark Volman- guitar, vocals
  • Don Murray- drums
  • Howard Kaylan- keyboards, vocals

Track listing:

  1. Wanderin’ Kind – Howard Kaylan
  2. It Was a Very Good Year – Ervin Drake
  3. Your Maw Said You Cried – Stephen Schlaks, B. Glazer
  4. Eve of Destruction – F. Sloan
  5. Glitter and Gold – Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
  6. Let Me Be – F. Sloan
  7. Let the Cold Winds Blow – Howard Kaylan
  8. It Ain’t Me Babe – Bob Dylan
  9. A Walk in the Sun – Howard Kaylan
  10. Last Laugh – Howard Kaylan, Nita Garfield
  11. Love Minus Zero/No Limit – Bob Dylan
  12. Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan

In August 1973.

In August 1973, “Columbia” label released “No Sweat”, the sixth Blood, Sweat & Tears studio album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Electric Lady Studios” in New York City and “Trident Studios”in London, and was produced by Steve Tyrell.

  • Personnel:
    Jerry Fisher – vocals
  • Dave Bargeron- trombone, tuba, bass trombone, baritone horn, background vocals
  • Bobby Colomby- drums, percussion, background vocals
  • Jim Fielder- bass, background vocals
  • Lou Marini- woodwinds
  • Lew Soloff- trumpet
  • Tom Malone– trumpet, ARP, 12-String fiddle
  • Georg Wadenius– guitar, background vocals
  • Larry Willis– keyboards
  • Paul Buckmaster– synthesizer, ARP, horn arrangements, string arrangements, string conductor
  • David Hentschel– synthesizer, ARP
  • Steve Katz– guitar
  • Chuck Winfield – trumpet, flugelhorn, French horn
  • Jimmy Maelen, Frank Ricotti– percussion
  • Joshie Armstead, Valerie Simpson, Maretha Stewart – background vocals

Track listing:

  1. Roller Coaster – Mark James
  2. Save Our Ship – Georg Wadenius, Cynthia Weil
  3. Django (An Excerpt) – John Lewis
  4. Rosemary – Randy Newman
  5. Song for John – Lou Marini
  6. Almost Sorry – Jeff Kent, Doug Lubahn
  7. Back Up Against the Wall – Buddy Buie, James Cobb
  8. Hip Pickles – Lou Marini
  9. My Old Lady – Georg Wadenius, Cynthia Weil
  10. Empty Pages – Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood
  11. Mary Miles – Michael Rabon
  12. Inner Crisis – Larry Willis


In March 1982.

In March 1982, “Atlantic” label released “One to One”, the thirteen Carole King album. It was recorded in 1982, at “Studio South” in Austin, Texas and “Kendun Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Mark Hallman and Carole King. The album was accompanied by concert video featuring on-camera comments by Carole King, live performances from “One to One” studio album, and some of her best-known songs from previous LP’s.


  • Carole King – vocals, piano
  • Mark Hallman- guitar, harmonica, background vocals
  • Reese Wynans- keyboards
  • Danny Kortchmar- guitar
  • Robert McEntee – guitar
  • Eric Johnson- guitar, Fender Rhodes
  • Charles Larkey – bass
  • Steve Meador – drums
  • Christopher Dennis – percussion
  • Richard Hardy – flute, saxophone
  • Louise Goffin- background vocals
  • Engineered by Chet Himes, James Tuttle

Track listing:

All tracks by Carole King except where noted.

  1. One to One – Carole King, Cynthia Weil
  2. It’s a War
  3. Lookin’ Out for Number One
  4. Life Without Love – Gerry Goffin, Louise Goffin, Warren Pash
  5. Golden Man
  6. Read Between the Lines
  7. (Love Is Like A) Boomerang
  8. Goat Annie
  9. Someone You Never Met Before – Louise Goffin, Carole King
  10. Little Prince


On November 25, 1974.


On November 25, 1974, “Columbia” label released “John Dawson Winter III”, the seventh Johnny Winter studio album. It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Shelly Yakus.


  • Johnny Winter- guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Edgar Winter- keyboards, saxophone, vocals
  • Rick Derringer- guitar
  • Randy Jo Hobbs- bass
  • Richard Hughes – drums
  • Kenny Ascher- keyboards
  • Michael Brecker- saxophone
  • Randy Brecker- trumpet
  • Louis del Gatto – saxophone
  • Paul Prestopino – steel guitar
  • David Taylor – trombone
  • Mark Kreider – backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Johnny Winter; except where noted.

  1. Rock & Roll People – John Lennon
  2. Golden Olden Days of Rock & Roll – Vic Thomas
  3. Self Destructive Blues
  4. Raised on Rock – Mark James
  5. Stranger
  6. Mind over Matter – Allen Toussaint
  7. Roll with Me – Rick Derringer
  8. Love Song to Me
  9. Pick Up on My Mojo
  10. Lay Down Your Sorrows – Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
  11. Sweet Papa John