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On February 10, 2017.

On February 10, 2017, “Yep Roc” label released “Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins”, the fourteenth Chuck Prophet album. It was recorded in 2016, at “Hyde Street Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Brad Jones, Paul Q. Kolderie, Chuck Prophet and Bill Wesemann.


  • Chuck Prophet – vocals, guitar
  • Kevin T White – bass
  • Brad Jones – bass, harmonica, keyboards
  • Stephanie Finch – vocals
  • Jim Hoke – woodwind
  • Paul Revelli, Prairie Prince, Vicente Rodriquez – drums
  • James DePrato – guitar
  • Matt Winegar – keyboards, bass, guitar
  • Richard Dodd – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Chuck Prophet, except where noted.

  1. Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  2. Your Skin
  3. Open Your Heart – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  4. Come Out in Code – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  5. Killing Machine – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  6. Bad Year for Rock and Roll – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  7. Jesus Was a Social Drinker
  8. In The Mausoleum (For Alan Vega) – Chuck Prophet, James DePrato, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  9. Rider of the Train
  10. It Was Connie Britton
  11. Post-War Cinematic Dead Man Blues – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)
  12. We Got Up and Played
  13. Alex Nieto – Chuck Prophet, klipschutz (Kurt Lipschutz)

On February 7, 1990.


On February 7, 1990, “Caroline Records” label released “Frizzle Fry”, the debut Primus studio album. It was recorded on Christmas 1989, at “Different Fur” in San Francisco, and was produced by Les Claypool, Larry LaLonde, Tim Alexanderaka “Herb”, Todd Huth and Matt Winegar.


  • Les Claypool– bass, electric upright bass, double bass, vocals
  • Larry LaLonde– electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Tim Alexanderaka “Herb” – drums
  • Todd Huth– acoustic guitar
  • Sathington Willoughby Orchestra
  • Les Claypool aka “Snap” –banjo, string bass
  • Larry LaLonde aka “Chunker” –archtop acoustic guitar
  • Tim Alexander aka “Herb” – toyorgan
  • Matt Winegar aka “Exxon” – toypiano
  • Todd Huth – acoustic guitar
  • Lance “Link” Montoya– sculpture
  • Snap –airbrushing, cartooning
  • Paul Haggard – jacket design,photography

Track listing:

All lyrics by Lee Claypool, all music by Primus, except where noted.

  1. To Defy the Laws of Tradition
  2. Groundhog Day
  3. Too Many Puppies
  4. Knowtail
  5. Frizzle Fry
  6. John the Fisherman
  7. You Can’t Kill Michael Malloy – Matt Winegar
  8. The Toys Go Winding Down
  9. Pudding Time
  10. Sathington Willoughby
  11. Spegetti Western
  12. Harold of the Rocks
  13. To Defy