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On June 11, 2002.

On June 11, 2002, “Universal” label released “In Violet Light”, the eighth Tragically Hip (The) album. It was recorded 2001 – 2002, at “Compass Point” in Nassau, “The Bathouse” in Bath, Ontario, and was produced by Hugh Padgham, Mark Vreeken, Gord Downie, Paul Langlois, Rob Baker, Gord Sinclar and Johnny Fay. The album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”.


  • Gord Downie – violin
  • Paul Langlois – guitar
  • Rob Baker – guitar, design, cover painting
  • Gord Sinclair – bass
  • Johnny Fay – drums
  • Neil Symonette – percussion
  • Mark Vreeken – recording
  • Hugh Padgham – additional recording, engineer 
  • Terry Manning – engineer
  • Alex Dixon, Oswald Bowe, Aaron Holmberg, Dave Koster – engineer assistant
  • Hugh Padgham, Terry Manning – mixing
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering
  • Andrew McLachlan – design
  • Richard Beland – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Gord Downie, Paul Langlois, Rob Baker, Gord Sinclar and Johnny Fay.

  1. Are You Ready
  2. Use It Up
  3. The Darkest One
  4. It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
  5. Silver Jet
  6. Throwing off Glass
  7. All Tore Up
  8. Leave
  9. A Beautiful Thing
  10. The Dire Wolf
  11. The Dark Canuck

In September 1970.

In September 1970, “Warner Bros” label released “Down Home”, the second Seals and Crofts studio album. It was recorded in August 1972, and was produced by Louie Shelton.


  • Jimmy Seals– vocals, acoustic guitar, violin
  • Dash Crofts– vocals, mandolin
  • John Hall – electric guitar
  • John Simon – piano
  • Paul Harris– organ
  • Eddie Rich, Harvey Brooks, Jim Rolleston – bass
  • Greg Thomas – drums
  • Producer: John Simon
  • Engineers: Mark Harman, Steve Barncard, Tony May
  • Album design: Wayne Kimbell
  • Cover photograph: Richard Edlund
  • Liner photograph: Hillary Herbst

Track listing:

All tracks by Jim Seals and Dash Crofts, except where noted.

  1. Ridin’ Thumb
  2. Hand-Me-Down Shoe
  3. Purple Hand
  4. Robin
  5. Hollow Reed
  6. Gabriel Go On Home
  7. Tin Town
  8. Today
  9. Cotton Mouth
  10. Granny Will Your Dog Bite? – traditional, arranged by Jim Seals
  11. Leave – Jim Seals, John Trombatore
  12. See My Life (reprise, secret track) – Jim Seals

On July 7, 1998.

On July 7, 1998, “Reprise” label released “Stunt”, the fourth  Barenaked Ladies album. It was recorded February – March 1998, and was produced by Barenaked Ladies, David Leonard and Susan Rogers.


  • Colin Alexander – scratching
  • Jim Creeggan– electric bass, violin, electric double bass, cello, background vocals , double bass, arco bass, handclaps, acoustic double bass
  • Kevin Hearn– organ , synthesizer, banjo, piano, accordion, electric guitar, keyboards, electric piano , background vocals, clavinet , melodica, sampling, wah wah guitar, handclaps
  • Steven Page– acoustic guitar, electric guitar, background vocals, flute, piano, lead vocals, all vocals, phat drumz guy , co-lead vocals, handclaps
  • Ed Robertson– acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, background vocals, lead vocals, co-lead vocals, invisible rap, handclaps
  • Tyler Stewart– percussion, bongos, drums, background vocals, snare drums, handclaps
  • Pierre “French Pete” Tremblay – background vocals
  • Natasha Hébert – Parlez Français
  • Sue Drew – expert violin tuning
  • “Party” recorded live at Jimmy C’s birthday
  • “Hala Hala Hala” sampled by Don Garbutt
  • Engineers – David Leonard, Susan Rogers
  • Assistant engineers – Charlie Brocco, Femio Hernández, Boo Macleod, Kevin Szymanski
  • Mixing – David Leonard, Tom Lord-Alge
  • Mastering – Stephen Marcussen
  • Photography – Jay Blakesberg
  • Artwork, design – John Rummen

Track listing:

All tracks by Steven Page and Ed Robertson, except where noted.

  1. One Week – Ed Robertson
  2. It’s All Been Done – Steven Page
  3. Light Up My Room
  4. I’ll Be That Girl – Steven Page, Stephen Duffy
  5. Leave
  6. Alcohol – Steven Page, Stephen Duffy
  7. Call and Answer – Steven Page, Stephen Duffy
  8. In the Car – Steven Page
  9. Never is Enough
  10. Who Needs Sleep
  11. Told You So
  12. Some Fantastic
  13. When You Dream
  14. She’s On Time
  15. Long Way Back Home

On May 26, 2003.

On May 26, 2003, “Warner Music Germany” label released “Friend or Foe?”, the fourth Blackmail album. It was recorded in 2002, at “Tonstudio-45.de” in Lahnstein, Germany, and was produced by Aydo Abay, Kurt Ebelhäuser, Carlos Ebelhäuser and Mario Mathias.


  • Aydo Abay– vocals
  • Kurt Ebelhäuser– guitars, backing vocals, keyboards
  • Carlos Ebelhäuser– bass
  • Mario Matthias– drums

Track listing:

  1. Airdrop
  2. Evon
  3. It Could Be Yours
  4. On the Tightrope
  5. Sunday Sister
  6. Fast Summer
  7. Leave
  8. Nobody’s Home (In My Home I’m Alone)
  9. Dive
  10. All Mine
  11. Friend

On December 5, 1966.


On December 5, 1966, “Atco” label released the self-titled, debut Buffalo Springfield album. It was recorded July – September 1966, at “Gold Star Studios” in Los Angeles, and “Columbia Recording Studio” in Hollywood, and was produced by Charles Greene and Brian Stone.


  • Richie Furay- rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals
  • Dewey Martin- drums, backing vocals
  • Bruce Palmer- bass guitar
  • Stephen Stills- lead guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboards
  • Neil Young- lead guitar, lead and backing vocals, harmonica, piano
  • Tom May, Doc Siegel, James Hilton, Stan Ross – engineers
  • Buffalo Springfield, Charles Greene, Brian Stone – mixing
  • Sandy Dvore – design
  • Henry Diltz, Ivan Nagy – photography

Track listing:

  1. Go and Say Goodbye – Stephen Stills
  2. Sit Down, I Think I Love You – Stephen Stills
  3. Leave – Stephen Stills
  4. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing – Neil Young
  5. Hot Dusty Roads – Stephen Stills
  6. Everybody’s Wrong – Stephen Stills
  7. Flying on the Ground Is Wrong – Neil Young
  8. Burned – Neil Young
  9. Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It – Neil Young
  10. Baby Don’t Scold Me – Stephen Stills
  11. Out of My Mind – Neil Young
  12. Pay the Price – Stephen Stills