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On February 13, 1986.

On February 13, 1986, “Celluloid Records” label released “Blast of Silence”, the third Golden Palominos studio album. It was recorded in 1985, at “RPM Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Anton Fier.


  • Peter Blegvad– vocals, guitars
  • Carla Bley– piano
  • Jack Bruce– vocals, bass guitar
  • T-Bone Burnett– vocals, guitar
  • Tony Conniff – bass guitar
  • Aïyb Dieng– percussion
  • Don Dixon– vocals, guitar
  • Anton Fier– drums, percussion, additional production
  • Jody Harris– guitar
  • Lisa Herman – piano
  • Robert Kidney – vocals, guitar
  • Bill Laswell– bass guitar
  • Nicky Skopelitis– guitar
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow– steel guitar
  • Larry Saltzman – acoustic guitar
  • Chris Stamey– bass guitar
  • Syd Straw– vocals
  • Matthew Sweet– vocals
  • Pat Thrall– acoustic guitar
  • Bernie Worrell– Hammond organ
  • Larry Hirsch – recording
  • Don Hünerberg – recording
  • Mike Krowiak – engineering, recording
  • Jeff Lippay – recording

Track listing:

  1. I’ve Been the One – Lowell George
  2. Something Becomes Nothing – Peter Blegvad, Anton Fier, Matthew Sweet
  3. The Push and the Shove – Robert Kidney
  4. (Something Else Is) Working Harder – Peter Blegvad, Anton Fier, Jody Harris
  5. Angels – Peter Blegvad, Anton Fier, Syd Straw
  6. Diamond – Peter Holsapple
  7. Faithless Heart – Don Dixon, Anton Fier, Jody Harris
  8. Work Was New – Peter Blegvad, Anton Fier
  9. Stromg, Simple Silence – Peter Blegvad, Anton Fier
  10. Brides of Jesus – Lowell George, Bill Payne


In March 1982.

In March 1982, “Neutral” label released the debut, self-titled Sonic Youth EP. It was recorded December 1081-January 1982, at “Radio City Music Hall Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo and Richard Edson.


  • Thurston Moore– guitar, vocals, bass guitar
  • Kim Gordon– bass guitar, vocals, guitar
  • Lee Ranaldo– guitar, vocals, power drill
  • Richard Edson– drums
  • Don Hunerberg – engineering

Track listing:

All music by Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo and Richard Edson.

  1. The Burning Spear – lyrics Thurston Moore
  2. I Dreamed a Dream – lyrics Richard Edson, Lee Ranaldo
  3. She Is Not Alone – lyrics Thurston Moore
  4. I Don’t Want to Push It – lyrics Kim Gordon
  5. The Good and the Bad