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In September 1971.

In September 1971, “Parrot” label released “Street Corner Talking”, the seventh Savoy Brown studio album. It was recorded in 1971, at “Olympic Sound Studios” in London, and was produced by Neil Slaven.


  • Kim Simmonds– lead guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Paul Raymond– keyboards, guitar, vocals
  • Andy Silvester– bass guitar
  • Dave Walker– vocals
  • Dave Bidwell – drums
  • George Chkiantz– engineer
  • Rod Thear – assistant engineer
  • David Anstey – cover illustration

Track listing:

  1. Tell Mama – Paul Raymond, Kim Simmonds
  2. I Can’t Get Next To You – Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield
  3. Let It Rock – Paul Raymond, Kim Simmonds
  4. Time Does Tell – Kim Simmonds
  5. Street Corner Talking – Kim Simmonds
  6. All I Can Do – Billy Davis, Gwen Gordy Fuqua, Berry Gordy, Jr.
  7. Wang Dang Doodle – Willie Dixon

In March 1969.


In March 1969, “Decca” label released “Blue Matter”, the third Savoy Brown album. It was recorded December / March 1968 – January 1969, and was produced by Mike Vernon. The album is mix of live and studio recordings.

  • Chris Youlden– lead vocal, guitar, piano
  • Kim Simmonds– lead guitar, harmonica, piano
  • “Lonesome” Dave Peverett– rhythm guitar, vocal
  • Tone Stevens– bass
  • Roger Earl– drums, percussion
  • Bob Hall– piano
  • Rivers Jobe– bass
  • Terry Flannery, Keith Martin, Alan Moore, Brian Perrin, Derek Wadsworth– trombones
  • Track one arranged by Terry Noonan, Savoy Brown & Mike Vernon
  • Recorded & Engineered by Roy Thomas Baker
  • Assistant Recording Engineers: Colin Freeman, Michael Mailes, John Punter, Mike Vernon
  • David Anstey – cover design
  • David Wedgbury – photography

Track listing:

  1. Train to Nowhere – Kim Simmonds, Chris Youlden
  2. Tolling Bells – Kim Simmonds, Chris Youlden
  3. She’s Got a Ring in His Nose and a Ring on Her Hand – Chris Youlden
  4. Vicksburg Blues – Bob Hall, Chris Youlden
  5. Don’t Turn Me from Your Door – John Lee Hooker
  6. Grits Ain’t Groceries (All Around the World) – Titus Turner
  7. May Be Wrong – Dave Peverett
  8. Louisiana Blues – Muddy Waters
  9. It Hurts Me Too – Mel London

In February 1972.


In February 1972, “Parrot” label released “Hellbound Train”, the eighth Savoy Brown album. It was recorded in 1971, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Neil Slaven.


  • Kim Simmonds– guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Paul Raymond– guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Andy Silvester– bass
  • Dave Walker– vocals
  • Dave Bidwell – drums
  • Roy Thomas Baker– engineer
  • David Anstey – artwork

Track listing:

  1. Doin’ Fine – Andy Silvester, Kim Simmonds
  2. Lost and Lonely Child – Kim Simmonds
  3. I’ll Make Everything Alright – Kim Simmonds
  4. Troubled by These Days and Times – Paul Raymond
  5. If I Could See an End – Paul Raymond, Kim Simmonds
  6. It’ll Make You Happy – Kim Simmonds
  7. Hellbound Train – Andy Silvester, Kim Simmonds

On November 10, 1967.


On November 10, 1967, “Deram” label released “Days of Future Passed”, the second Moody Blues album. It was recorded October – November 1967, at “Decca Studios” in London, and was produced by Tony Clarke. It was band’s first concept album, with mixture of classical and rock elements, and is widely regarded as one of the first progressive rock albums at all.


  • Mike Pinder- mellotron, piano, tambura, vocals
  • Ray Thomas- flutes, percussion, piano, vocals
  • Justin Hayward- acoustic & electric guitars, piano, sitar, vocals
  • John Lodge- bass, vocals
  • Graeme Edge- drums, percussion, vocals
  • Peter Knight– conducting, arrangements
  • The London Festival Orchestra
  • Derek Varnals – engineering
  • Hugh Mendl– executive production, liner notes
  • Michael Dacre-Barclay
  • David Anstey – cover design, cover painting

Track listing:

  1. The Day Begins
  • The Day Begins – Peter Knight, The Moody Blues
  • Morning Glory – Graeme Edge
  1. Dawn: Dawn Is a Feeling
  • Intro – Peter Knight
  • Dawn Is a Feeling – Mike Pinder
  1. The Morning: Another Morning
  • Intro – Peter Knight
  • Another Morning – Ray Thomas
  1. Lunch Break: Peak Hour
  • Intro – Peter Knight
  • Peak Hour – John Lodge
  1. The Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?) / Time to Get Away
  • Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?) – Justin Hayward
  • (Evening) Time to Get Away – John Lodge)
  1. Evening: The Sun Set: Twilight Time
  • Intro – Peter Knight
  • The Sunset – Mike Pinder
  • Twilight Time – Ray Thomas
  1. The Night: Nights in White Satin
  • Nights in White Satin – Justin Hayward)
  • Late Lament – Graeme Edge, Peter Knight