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In November 1976.

In November 1976, “A&M” label released “Play ‘n’ the Game”, the eighth Nazareth studio album. It was recorded in 1976, and was produced by Manny Charlton,


  • Dan McCafferty- vocals
  • Darrell Sweet- percussion, drums, background vocals
  • Pete Agnew- bass guitar, guitar, background vocals
  • Manny Charlton– guitar
  • Nick Blagona – engineer
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Mike Brown – remastering
  • Robert M. Corich – liner notes, remastering
  • Laura Vallis – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Manny Charlton, Dan McCafferty, Pete Agnew, Darrell Sweet, except where noted.

  1. Somebody to Roll
  2. Down Home Girl – Artie Butler, Jerry Leiber
  3. Flying
  4. Waiting for the Man
  5. Born to Love
  6. I Want To (Do Everything for You) – Joe Tex
  7. I Don’t Want to Go On Without You – Bert Berns, Jerry Wexler
  8. Wild Honey – Brian Wilson, Mike Love
  9. A. Girls



In September 1967.

In September 1967, “Bang” label released “Blowin’ Your Mind!, the debut Van Morrison studio album.  It was recorded in March 1967, and was produced by Bert Berns. “Rolling Stone” magazine included it in its list of the “40 Essential Albums of 1967”.


  • Van Morrison – guitar, vocals
  • Eric Gale– bass
  • Gary Chester– drums
  • Al Gorgoniand Hugh McCracken – guitars
  • Paul Griffin- piano
  • Garry Sherman – conductor, organ, actual arranger, musical supervisor
  • Vic Anesini – mastering
  • Brooks Arthur – engineer
  • Bert Berns– arranger, director, liner notes
  • Adam Block – project director
  • Garry Sherman – music supervisor

Track listing:

All tracks by Van Morrison, except where noted.

  1. Brown Eyed Girl
  2. He Ain’t Give You None
  3. B. Sheets
  4. Spanish Rose
  5. Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) – Wes Farrell, Bert Russell
  6. Ro Ro Rosey
  7. Who Drove the Red Sports Car?
  8. Midnight Special – traditional

In July 1967.

In July 1967, “Atlantic” label released “The Sound of Wilson Pickett”, the sixth Wilson Pickett album. It was recorded in 1967 at “Fame Studios” in Alabama, and was produced by Rick Hall, Tom Dowd and Jerry Wexler.


  • Wilson Pickett – vocals
  • Tommy Cogbill- bass
  • Chips Moman- guitar
  • Junior Lake – bass
  • Roger Hawkins- drums
  • Spooner Oldham- piano. organ
  • Wayne Jackson- trumpet
  • Gene Miller – trumpet
  • Andrew Love- tenor saxophone
  • Charles Chalmers – tenor saxophone
  • Floyd Newman- baritone saxophone

Track listing:

  1. Soul Dance Number Three – Wilson Pickett, Jerry Wexler
  2. Funky Broadway – Arlester “Dyke” Christian
  3. I Need a Lot of Loving Every Day – Dan Penn, Lindon Oldham
  4. I Found A Love, Part I – Wilson Pickett, Willie Schofield, Robert West
  5. I Found A Love, Part II – Wilson Pickett, Willie Schofield, Robert West
  6. You Can’t Stand Alone – Rudy Clark
  7. Mojo Mamma – Bert Berns, Jerry Wexler
  8. I Found The One – Bobby Womack
  9. Something Within Me – Bobby Womack
  10. I’m Sorry About That – Bobby Womack
  11. Love Is a Beautiful Thing – Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati


On June 11, 1965.

Angry Young Them

On June 11, 1965, “Decca” label released “The Angry Young Them”, the debut Them album. It was recorded 1964 – 1965, and was produced by Tommy Scott, Bert Berns and Dick Rowe.


  • Van Morrison– vocals, harmonica, tenor sax
  • Peter Bardens– keyboards, organ
  • Billy Harrison -guitar
  • Alan Henderson –bass
  • John McAuley – drums, piano, harmonica

Track listing:

  1. Mystic Eyes – Van Morrison
  2. If You and I Could Be as Two – Van Morrison
  3. Little Girl – Van Morrison
  4. Just a Little Bit – Ralph Bass,Buster Brown, John Thornton, Ferdinand “Fats” Washington
  5. I Gave My Love a Diamond – Bert Berns,Wes Farrell
  6. Gloria – Van Morrison
  7. You Just Can’t Win – Van Morrison
  8. Go On Home Baby – Bert Berns, Wes Farrell
  9. Don’t Look Back – John Lee Hooker
  10. I Like It Like That – Van Morrison
  11. I’m Gonna Dress in Black – Tommy Scott, M. Howe
  12. Bright Lights, Big City – Jimmy Reed
  13. My Little Baby – Bert Berns, Wes Farrell
  14. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 – Bobby Troup


On January 15, 1965.

The Rolling Stones - 2

On January 15, 1965, “Decca” label released “The Rolling Stones No. 2”, the second Rolling Stones studio album. It was recorded June – November 1964, at the “Chess Studios” in Chicago, “Regent Sound Studios” in London and “RCA Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Andrew Loog Oldham.


  • Mick Jagger– lead vocals, harmonica, tambourine, percussion
  • Keith Richards– electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Brian Jones– electric, acoustic, and slide guitars, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, backing vocals
  • Bill Wyman– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Charlie Watts– drums, percussion
  • Jack Nitzsche– piano, sound effects, tambourine
  • Ian Stewart– piano

Track listing:

  1. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love – Solomon Burke, Bert Berns, Jerry Wexler
  2. Down Home Girl – Jerry Leiber, Arthur Butler
  3. You Can’t Catch Me – Chuck Berry
  4. Time is on My Side – Norman Meade
  5. What a Shame – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  6. Grown Up Wrong – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  7. Down the Road Apiece – Don Raye
  8. Under the Boardwalk – Arthur Resnick, Kenny Young
  9. I Can’t Be Satisfied – Muddy Waters
  10. Pain in My Heart – Allen Toussaint
  11. Off the Hook – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  12. Susie Q – Dale Hawkins, Stan Lewis, Eleanor Broadwater

On January 11, 1971.


On January 11, 1971, “Columbia” label released “Pearl”, the second and final Janis Joplin solo studio album. It was recorded September – October, 1970, and was produced by Paul A. Rothchild. This was the only Janis Joplin album recorded with the Full Tilt Boogie Band. The album was certified 4 x Platinum in US by the “RIAA”.


  • Janis Joplin – vocals, guitar
  • Richard Bell – piano
  • Ken Pearson –organ
  • John Till– electric guitar
  • Brad Campbell –bass guitar
  • Clark Pierson –drums
  • Bobby Womack– acoustic guitar
  • Bobbye Hall– conga, percussion
  • Phil Badella, John Cooke, Vince Mitchell –backing vocals
  • Sandra Crouch –tambourine
  • Barry Feinstein, Tom Wilkes – photography, design for Camouflage Productions

Track listing:

  1. Move Over – Janis Joplin
  2. Cry Baby – Jerry Ragovoy, Bert Berns
  3. A Woman Left Lonely – Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham
  4. Half Moon – John Hall, Johanna Hall
  5. Buried Alive in the Blues – Nick Graventies
  6. My Baby – Jerry Ragovoy, Mort Shuman
  7. Me and Bobby McGee – Kris Kristofferson, Fred Foster
  8. Mercedes Benz – Janis Joplin, Bob Neuwirth, Michael McClure
  9. Trust Me – Bobby Womack
  10. Get It While You Can – Jerry Ragovoy, Mort Shuman

On December 10, 1970.


On December 10, 1970, “Polydor” label released “Ginger Baker’s Air Force 2”, the second and final Ginger Baker’s Air Force album. It was recorded May – October, 1970, at the “Trident Studios” and “Olympic Studios” in London, and was produced by Ginger Baker, Rick Grech, Denny Laine & Graham Bond.


  • Ginger Baker: drums, timpani, tubular bells, African drums, vocals
  • Ken Craddock: guitars, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
  • Colin Gibson: bass guitar
  • Graham Bond: alto saxophone, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
  • Steve Gregory: tenor saxophone, flutes
  • Bud Beadle: baritone, alto & tenor saxophones
  • Diane Stewart: vocals
  • Catherine James: vocals
  • Neemoi “Speedy” Acquaye: drums, percussion, African drums
  • Denny Laine: guitars, piano, vocals
  • Rick Grech: bass guitar
  • Harold McNair: tenor & alto saxophones, flutes
  • Aliki Ashman: vocals
  • Rocki Dzidzornu: percussion, conga

Track listing:

  1. Let Me Ride – Roebuck Staples
  2. Sweet Wine – Ginger Baker, Janet Godfrey
  3. Do U No Hu Yor Phrenz R? – Ginger Baker
  4. We Free Kings – Ginger Baker
  5. I Don’t Want to Go on Without You – Bert Berns, Jerry Wexler
  6. Toady – Ginger Baker
  7. 12 Gates of the City – Graham Bond