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On May 3, 2005.

On May 3, 2005, “LO-MAX Records” label released “Oceans Apart”, the ninth and final The Go-Betweens studio album. It was recorded November 2004 – January 2005, and was produced by Mark Wallis and Dave Ruffy.


  • Robert Forster– vocals, guitars, piano, organ
  • Grant McLennan– vocals, guitars
  • Adele Pickvance –backing vocals, bass, keyboards
  • Glenn Thompson – backing vocals, drums, keyboards, guitar,
  • Tom Rees-Roberts – flugelhorn
  • Trevor Miles – trombone
  • David Powell – tuba
  • Duncan Lamont – clarinet
  • Dave Ruffy – keyboards, percussion
  • Rachel Gutek – cover design
  • Bleddyn Butcher – photography
  • Stuart Dayman – cover photo

Track listing:

All tracks by Robert Foster and Grant McLennan.

  1. Here Comes a City
  2. Finding You
  3. Born to a Family
  4. No Reason to Cry
  5. Boundary Rider
  6. Darlinghurst Nights
  7. Lavender
  8. The Statue
  9. This Night’s for You
  10. The Mountains Near Dellray



In June 1987.

In June 1987, “Beggars Banquet” label released “Tallulah”, the fifth The Go-Betweens album. It was recorded in 1987, in Camden, London, and was produced by Richard Preston and Craig Leon.

  • Amanda Brown— violin, oboe, guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Robert Forster— vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Grant McLennan— vocals, lead guitar, piano
  • Lindy Morrison— drums
  • Robert Vickers— bass guitar
  • Audrey Riley— cello
  • El Tito — Flamencoguitar
  • Simon Fisher-Turner — backing vocals
  • Colin Lloyd-Tucker — backing vocals
  • Peter Anderson – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Grant McLennan and Robert Forster.

  1. Right Here
  2. You Tell Me
  3. Someone Else’s Wife
  4. I Just Get Caught Out
  5. Cut It Out
  6. The House That Jack Kerouac Built
  7. Bye Bye Pride
  8. Spirit of a Vampyre
  9. The Clarke Sisters
  10. Hope Then Strife

In March 1986.

In March 1986, “Beggars Banquet” label released “Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express”, the fourth The Go-Betweens album. It was recorded 1985-1986, at “Berry Street Studio” in London, and was produced by Richard Preston.


  • Robert Forster— vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Grant McLennan— vocals, lead guitar, loops, treatments
  • Lindy Morrison— drums
  • Robert Vickers — bass guitar
  • Dean B. Speedwell — organ, piano, accordion, vibes, bassoon
  • Audrey Riley— cello, string arrangements
  • Chris Tomlin — 1st violin
  • Sally Herbert — 2nd violin
  • Sue Dench — viola
  • Tracey Thorn— backing vocals
  • Richard Preston — loops, treatments

Track listing:

All tracks by Grant McLennan, Robert Forster.

  1. Spring Rain
  2. The Ghost and the Black Hat
  3. The Wrong Road
  4. To Reach Me
  5. Twin Layers of Lightning
  6. In the Core of the Flame
  7. Head Full of Steam
  8. Bow Down
  9. Palm Sunday (On Board the SS Within)
  10. Apology Accepted