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On January 9, 1967.

On January 9, 1967, “Atlantic” label released “Collections”, the second Young Rascals album. It was recorded May – December 1966, and was produced by Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati, Gene Cornish, and Dino Danelli.


  • Felix Cavaliere – vocals, organ, piano
  • Gene Cornish – vocals, guitar, bass
  • Eddie Brigati – vocals, percussion
  • Dino Danelli – drums

Track listing:

  1. What Is the Reason – Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati
  2. Since I Fell for You – Buddy Johnson
  3. (I’ve Been) Lonely Too Long – Felix Cavaliere
  4. No Love to Give – Gene Cornish
  5. Mickey’s Monkey – Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland / Turn On Your Love Light – Deadric Malone, Joseph Scott
  6. Come On Up – Felix Cavaliere
  7. Too Many Fish in the Sea – Eddie Holland, Norman Whitfield
  8. More – Riz Ortolani, Nino Oliviero, Norman Newell, Marcello Ciorciolini
  9. Nineteen Fifty-Six – Gene Cornish
  10. Love Is a Beautiful Thing – Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati
  11. Land of a Thousand Dances – Chris Kenner

In August 1964.

In August 1964, “Reprise” label released “It Might as Well Be Swing”, studio album by Frank Sinatra, accompanied by Count Basie and his orchestra. It was recorded June 9–12, 1964, Hollywood, and was produced by Sony Burke.


  • Frank Sinatra- vocals
  • Count Basie- piano
  • Quincy Jones- arranger, conductor
  • Al Porcino, Don Rader, Wallace Davenport, Al Aarons, George Cohn and Harry “Sweets” Edison- trumpets
  • Henry Coker, Grover Mitchell, Bill Hughes, Henderson Chambers and Kenny Shroyer – trombones
  • Frank Foster, Charles Fowlkes, Marshal Royal, Frank Wessand Eric Dixon – reeds
  • Emil Richards – vibraphone
  • George Catlett – double bass
  • Freddie Green- guitar
  • Sonny Payne- drums
  • Gerald Vinci, Israel Baker, Jacques Gasselin, Thelma Beach, Bonnie Douglas, Marshall Sosson, Erno Neufeld, Lou Raderman, Paul Shure and James Getzoff – violins
  • Virginia Majewski, Paul Robyn, Alvin Dinkin and Stan Harris –
  • violasEdgar Lustgarten and Ann Goodman – cellos
  • Lowell Frank – engineer
  • Ted Allen – cover photo

Track listing:

  1. Fly Me to the Moon – Bart Howard
  2. I Wish You Love – Léo Chauliac, Charles Trenet, Albert Beach
  3. I Believe in You – Frank Loesser
  4. More (Theme from Mondo Cane) – Riz Ortolani, Nino Oliviero, Marcello Ciorciolini, Norman Newell
  5. I Can’t Stop Loving You – Don Gibson
  6. Hello Dolly – Jerry Herman
  7. I Wanna Be Around – Johnny Mercer, Sadie Vimmerstedt
  8. The Best Is Yet to Come – Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh
  9. The Good Life – Sacha Distel, Jack Reardon
  10. Wives and Lovers – Burt Bacharach, Hal David


In February 1966.


In February 1966, “Tangerine” label released “Crying Time”, the twenty sixth Ray Charles album. It was recorded in 1965, at “R.P.M. International Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Joe Adams.


  • Ray Charles– piano, vocals
  • The Raelettes– performer
  • Onzy Matthews- arranger
  • William Alexander – album cover
  • George S. Whiteman – album cover
  • Joe Lebow – liner notes

Track listing:

  1. Crying Time – Buck Owens
  2. No Use Crying – Roy Gaines, Freddie Lee Kober, J.B. Daniels
  3. Let’s Go Get Stoned – Valerie Simpson, Nikolas Ashford, Jo Armstead
  4. Going Down Slow – Jimmy Oden
  5. Peace of Mind – Ray Charles,  Holiday
  6. Tears – Norman Newell, Robert Maxwell
  7. Drifting Blues – Johnny Moore, Eddie Williams, Charles Brown
  8. We Don’t See Eye to Eye – Percy Mayfield
  9. You’re In For a Big Surprise – Percy Mayfield
  10. You’re Just About to Lose Your Clown – Johnny MacRae
  11. Don’t You Think I Ought To Know – William Johnson, Melvin Wettergreen
  12. You’ve Got a Problem – William D. Weeks, Freddy James

On March 3, 1967.

Walker Bros

On March 3, 1967, “Philips” label released “Images”, the third Walker Brothers album. It was recorded in 1966, and was produced by John Franz.


  • Gary Walker- drums, vocals
  • John Walker- guitar, vocals
  • Scott Walker- vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Reg Guest – accompaniment

Track listing:

  1. Everything Under the Sun – Bob Crew, G.Knight
  2. Once Upon a Summertime – Michael Legrand, Johnny Mercer, Eddy Marnay
  3. Experience – Scott Engel
  4. Blueberry Hill – Al Lewis, Vincent Rose, Larry Stock
  5. Orpheus – Scott Engel
  6. Stand By Me – Ben E. King, jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
  7. I Wanna Know – John Maus
  8. I Will Wait for You – Michael Legrand, Jacues Demy, Norman Gimbel
  9. It Makes No Difference Now – Norman Newell, Iller Pattachini
  10. I Can’t Let It Happen to You – John Maus
  11. Genevieve – Scott Engel
  12. Just Say Goodbye – Petula Clark, Pierre Delanoe, Alvin Hatch