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In November 1974.

In November 1974, “RCA” label released “Desolation Boulevard”, the third Sweet album. It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn.


  • Brian Connolly– lead vocals
  • Steve Priest– bass, lead and backing vocals
  • Andy Scott– guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Mick Tucker– drums, percussion, backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Andy Scott and Mick Tucker except where noted.

  1. The Six Teens – Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn
  2. Solid Gold Brass
  3. Turn It Down – Mike Chapman, Nick Chinn
  4. Medusa – Andy Scott
  5. Lady Starlight – Andy Scott
  6. The Man with the Golden Arm – Elmer Bernstein, Sylvia Fine
  7. Fox on the Run
  8. Breakdown
  9. My Generation – Pete Townshend

In November 1970.

In November 1970, “Threshold” label released “Medusa”, the second Trapeze studio album. It was recorded in 1970 at “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by John Lodge.


  • Mel Galley– guitar, vocals
  • Glenn Hughes– bass, piano, vocals
  • Dave Holland– drums
  • Roger Quested – engineering
  • Pat Travers– illustration
  • David Rohl– photography

Track listing:

  1. Black Cloud – Mel Galley, Tom Galley
  2. Jury – Mel Galley, Tom Galley
  3. Your Love Is Alright – Mel Galley, Glenn Hughes, Dave Holland
  4. Touch My Life – Mel Galley, Tom Galley
  5. Seafull – Glenn Hughes
  6. Makes You Wanna Cry – Mel Galley, Tom Galley
  7. Medusa – Glenn Hughes