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On November 7, 2000.

On November 7, 2000, “Eagle Records” label released “Pure”, the fourteenth Gary Numan album. It was recorded in 2000, at “Alien Studios” in London, and was produced by Gary Numan and Sulpher.


  • Gary Numan – vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming
  • Richard Beasley – drums
  • Steve Harris – guitar
  • Rob Holliday– guitar, keyboards
  • Monti – drums, keyboards, programming

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Numan, except where noted.

  1. Pure
  2. Walking With Shadows
  3. Rip
  4. One Perfect Lie
  5. My Jesus
  6. Fallen
  7. Listen to My Voice
  8. A Prayer for the Unborn
  9. Torn
  10. Little Invitro
  11. I Can’t Breathe – Gary Numan, Rob Holliday, Monti

On June 12, 1997.

On June 12, 1997, “Wind-up” label released “My Own Prison”, the debut Creed studio album. It was recorded in 1996, at “The Kitchen Studio” in Tallahassee, Florida, “Criteria Studios” in Miami, Florida, and was produced by John Kurzweg. The album was certified 3 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, and in 2002, 6 x Platinum in US by the “RIIA”, and is one of the 200 best selling albums of all time in US.


  • Scott Stapp- lead vocals, art direction
  • Mark Tremonti- guitar, backing vocals, art direction
  • Brian Marshall– bass, art direction
  • Scott Phillips– drums, art direction
  • John Kurzweg– keyboards, art direction
  • Mark Droescher – art direction, design
  • Daniel Tremonti – cover design, cover photography
  • Justin Brown – cover photography
  • Cece Wren, Judd Allison – additional photography
  • Jeff Hansen – executive producer
  • Recorded by John Kurzweg
  • Assisted by Chris Carrol
  • Digital engineeringby Andrew Roshberg
  • Assistant mix engineers – Fran Flannery, Ron Saint Germain
  • Masteredby Howie Weinberg

Track listing:

All tracks written by Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti.

  1. Torn
  2. Ode
  3. My Own Prison
  4. Pity for a Dime
  5. In America
  6. Illusion
  7. Unforgiven
  8. Sister
  9. What’s This Life For
  10. One