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In February 1976.

In February 1976, “Columbia” label released “Smile”, the sixth Laura Nyro album. It was recorded in 1975, at “CBS 30th Street Studio” in New York City, and was produced by Laura Nyro and Charlie Calello.


  • Laura Nyro – vocals, piano, guitar, wood block
  • John Tropea, Hugh McCracken, Joe Beck, Jeff Mironov, Jerry Friedman, Greg Bennett – guitar
  • Will Lee, Richard Davis, Bob Babbitt- bass
  • Chris Parker, Allan Schwartzberg, Rick Marotta- drums
  • Jimmy Maelen- tambourine, wood block
  • Nydia Mata, Carter C.C. Collins – congas
  • Rubens Bassini- shaker
  • David Friedman – vibraphone
  • Joe Farrell, Michael Brecker, George Young – saxophone
  • Randy Brecker- trumpet
  • Paul Messing – triangle
  • Nisako Yoshida, Reiko Kamota – koto
  • Don Puluse, Tim Geelan – engineer
  • Jay Messina, Lou Waxman, Stan Tonkel – assistant engineer
  • Ed Lee – artwork
  • Patty Newport – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Laura Nyro, except where noted.

  1. Sexy Mama – Al Goodman, Sylvia Robinson, Harry Ray
  2. Children of the Junks
  3. Money
  4. I Am the Blues
  5. Stormy Love
  6. The Cat Song
  7. Midnite Blue
  8. Smile

In August 1970.

In August 1970, “Columbia” label released “Easy Does It”, the third Al Kooper album. It was recorded in 1969, and was produced by Al Kooper.


  • Al Kooper – piano, organ, guitars, ondioline, sitar, vibraphone, prepared guitar, electronic effects, vocals
  • Stu Woods – electric bass, backing vocal
  • Rick Marotta– drums, backing vocal
  • David Bromberg– pedal steel, guitar
  • Tom Cosgrove, Louie Shelton, Stu Scharf, Joe Beck, Tommy Tedesco, Keith Allison, Freddie Weller, Wayne Moss, Charlie Daniels– guitar
  • Lyle Ritz, John Miller, Joe Osborn, Charlie McCoy– electric bass
  • Earl Palmer, Joe Corero, Jr, Ken Buttrey, Al Rogers – drums
  • Larry Knechtel– piano
  • Fred Lipisus – tenor saxophone
  • Peter Ivers– harmonica
  • George Devens – percussion
  • Milt Holland– tabla
  • Pete Drake– pedal steel
  • The Blossoms– backing vocal
  • Bobby Colomby– congas
  • Charlie Calello– string and horn arrangements
  • Jackson Marlie – vocals
  • Jimmie Haskell– arrangements and conductor
  • Don Puluse, Neil Wilburn, Stan Tonkel, Sy Mitchell, Tim Geelan – engineers
  • Mike Ruschack – mastering engineer
  • Stan Weiss – remix engineer

Track listing:

  1. Brand New Day – Al Kooper
  2. Piano Solo Introduction to I Got a Woman
  3. I Got a Woman – Ray Charles, Renald Richard
  4. Country Road – James Taylor
  5. I Bought You the Shoes (You’re Walking Away In) – Bob Brass, Irwin Levine, Kooper
  6. Introduction
  7. Easy Does It – Al Kooper
  8. Buckskin Boy – Al Kooper, Charlie Calello
  9. Love Theme from The Landlord – Al Kooper
  10. Sad, Sad Sunshine – Al Kooper
  11. Let the Duchess No – John Gregory, Jim Roberts
  12. She Gets Me Where I Live – Al Kooper, Charlie Calello
  13. A Rose and a Baby Ruth – D. Loudermilk
  14. Baby, Please Don’t Go – Big Joe Williams
  15. God Sheds His Grace on Thee – Al Kooper, Charlie Calello

In April 1974.

In April 1974, “Columbia” label released “Secret Treaties”, the third Blue Öyster Cult studio album.  It was recorded in 1974, at “CBS Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Murray Krugman, David Lucas and Sandy Pearlman. The album cover art was by Ron Lesser. In 1975, a poll of critics of “Melody Maker” magazine voted “Secret Treaties” as the “Top Rock Album of All Time”.


  • Eric Bloom– vocals, stun guitar, keyboards
  • Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser– lead guitar
  • Allen Lanier– keyboards, rhythm guitar, synthesizers, second lead guitar
  • Joe Bouchard– bass, vocals
  • Albert Bouchard– drums, vocals
  • Tim Geelan, Jerry Smith – engineering
  • Lehman Yates, Lou Schlossberg – recording

Track listing:

  1. Career of Evil – Patti Smith, Albert Bouchard
  2. Subhuman – Sandy Pearlman, Eric Bloom
  3. Dominance and Submission – Sandy Pearlman, Eric Bloom, Albert Bouchard
  4. ME 262 – Sandy Paerlman, Eric Bloom, Albert Bouchard
  5. Cagey Cretins – Richard Meltzer, Albert Bouchard
  6. Harvester of Eyes – Richard Meltzer, Eric Bloom, Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser
  7. Flaming Telepaths – Sandy Pearlman, Eric Bloom, Albert Bouchard, Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser
  8. Astronomy – Sandy Pearlman, Joe Bouchard, Albert Bouchard

In March 1975.

In March 1975, “Epic” label released “Go Girl Crazy!” the debut Dictators studio album. It was recorded in 1975, and was produced by Murray Krugman and Sandy Pearlman. The album is considered one of the first punk rock releases.


  • Handsome Dick Manitoba– lead vocals
  • Ross “The Boss” Funicello– guitar, backing vocals
  • Scott Kempner– rhythm guitar
  • Stu Boy King –percussion, drums
  • Andy Shernoff– bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Greg Calbi –mastering
  • David Gahr – photography
  • Tim Geelan –engineering
  • Ed Sprigg –mixing
  • Lou Waxman – engineering

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Shernoff, except where noted.

  1. The Net Big Thing
  2. I Got You Babe – Sonny Bono
  3. Back to Africa
  4. Master Race Rock
  5. Teengenerate
  6. California Sun – Henry Glover,Morris Levy
  7. Two Tub man
  8. Weekend
  9. (I Live For) Cars and Girls