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On January 12, 2010.

On January 12, 2010, “Domino” label released “Heartland”, the third Owen Pallett album. It was recorded in 2009, at “The Greenhouse” in Reykjavík, and was produced by Owen Pallett.


  • Owen Pallett – vocals, violin, keyboards, arranger
  • Lisa Chisholm – bassoon
  • Micah Hellbrum – clarinet
  • Sarah Jeffrey – oboe, cor anglais
  • Leonie Wall – flute, piccolo
  • Gabe Radford – horn
  • David Pell – trombone
  • Mike Fedyshyn – trumpet
  • The Czech Symphony Strings / directed by Adam Klemens / recorded by Jan Holzner
  • The St. Kitts’ Winds / contracted by John Marshman / recorded by Jeff McMurrich, Matt Smith
  • Sturla Mio Þórisson – recording engineer
  • Mixed by Rusty Santos
  • Mastered by Alan Douches
  • Colin Bergh – design, illustration
  • Jimmy Limit – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Owen Pallett.

  1. Midnight Directives
  2. Keep the Dog Quiet
  3. Mount Alpentine
  4. Red Sun No. 5
  5. Lewis Takes Action
  6. The Great Elsewhere
  7. Oh Heartland, Up Yours!
  8. Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
  9. Flare Gun
  10. E Is for Estranged
  11. Tryst with Mephistopheles
  12. What Do You Think Will Happen Now?



On October 6, 2014.

On October 6, 2014, “Kranky” label released “Atomos”, the second A Winged Victory for the Sullen album. The album contains the music from “Atomos”, a dance piece by choreographer Wayne McGregor and his company Wayne McGregor Random Dance. The music was recorded in 2013, in Brussels, Berlin and Reykjavik.


  • Dustin O’Halloran – arranger, engineer, score
  • Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie- arranger, engineer, score
  • Francesco Donadello – engineer, mixing
  • Ben Frost- engineer
  • Nayon Han, Arthur Hornig, Christelle Heinen, Isabelle Klemt, Charlotte Danhier – cello
  • Margaret Hermant – harp, violin
  • Bo Kondren – mastering
  • Sophie Bayet – violia
  • Neil Leiter – viola
  • Craig McCaffrey – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie.

  1. Atomos I
  2. Atomos II
  3. Atomos III
  4. Atomos V
  5. Atomos VI
  6. Atomos VII
  7. Atomos VIII
  8. Atomos IX
  9. Atomos X
  10. Atomos XI
  11. Atomos XII

On September 19, 2006.

On September 19, 2006, “Drag City” label released “The Letting Go”, the twelve Will Oldham (released under his moniker Bonnie “Prince” Billy) studio album. It was recorded in 2006, in Reykjavík, Iceland and produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson.


  • Emmett Kelly– guitar
  • Dawn McCarthy– singing
  • Paul Oldham – bass
  • Valgeir Sigurdsson– recording, mixing
  • Jim White– drums

Track listing:

  1. Love Comes to Me
  2. Strange Form of Life
  3. Wai
  4. Cursed Sleep
  5. No Bad News
  6. Cold & wet
  7. Big Friday
  8. Lay and Love
  9. The Seedling
  10. Then the Letting Go
  11. God’s Small Song
  12. I Called You Back
  13. Ebb Tide (bonus on some versions)


On August 27, 2001.


On August 27, 2001, “One Little Indian Records” label released “Vespertine”, the fourth Björk solo studio album. It was recorded 2000-2001 in San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain; Reykjavík, Iceland; New York City, and was produced by Björk, Thomas Knak, Martin Gretschmann and Marius de Vries.


  • Björk– arranger, programming, beat programming, basslines, strings arrangements, choir arrangements, harp arrangements, music box arrangements, vocal editing, sounds recording, field recording
  • Valgeir Sigurðsson– programming, beat programming, Pro Tools, engineer
  • Martin Gretschmann aka Console– programming
  • Jake Davies – programming, Pro Tools, engineer
  • Matthew Herbert– programming
  • Leigh Jamieson – Pro Tools
  • Thomas Knak– programming
  • Jan “Stan” Kybert – Pro Tools
  • Matmos– programming, beat programming
  • Vince Mendoza– string arrangements, choir arrangements, orchestration
  • Zeena Parkins– harp, harp arrangements
  • Jack Perron – adaptation to music box
  • Guy Sigsworth– programming, beat programming, celeste, celeste arrangements, clavichord, clavichord arrangements, choir arrangements
  • Mark “Spike” Stent– mixing
  • Damian Taylor – programming, beat programming, Pro Tools
  • Caryl Thomas – harp
  • Marius de Vries– programming, beat programming
  • Patrick Gowers– composer of vocal and organ arrangements
  • Paul’s Cathedral Choir, conducted by John Scott– choir
  • M/M Paris– art direction, design, drawing
  • Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin – photography

Track listing:

  1. Hidden Place – Björk
  2. Cocoon – Björk, Thomas Knak
  3. It’s Not Up To You – Björk
  4. Undo – Björk
  5. Pagan Poetry – Björk
  6. Frosti – Björk
  7. Aurora – Björk
  8. An Echo, a Stain – Björk, Guy Sigsworth
  9. Sun In My Mouth – Björk, E.E. Cummings, Guy Sigsworth
  10. Heirloom – Björk, Martin Gretschmann
  11. Harm of Will – Björk, Guy Sigsworth
  12. Unison – Björk


On March 8, 1982.


On March 8, 1982, “Kamera” label released “Hex Enduction Hour”, the fourth Fall studio album. It was recorded in 1981, at “Regal Cinema” in Hitching, in 1981 at “Hljóðriti” in Reykjavik, and was produced by Grant Showbiz, Richard Mazda and Mark E. Smith.


  • Mark E. Smith– vocals, tape operation, guitar, cover design
  • Steve Hanley– bass guitar, backing vocals, xylophone
  • Craig Scanlon– guitar, backing vocals, piano
  • Marc Riley– electronic organ, guitar, piano, backing vocals, banjo
  • Paul Hanley– drums, guitar
  • Karl Burns– drums, backing vocals, tape operation
  • Kay Carroll – percussion, backing vocals
  • Alan Skinner – cover design

Track listing:

All lyrics by Mark E. Smith.

  1. The Classical – The Fall
  2. Jawbone and the Air-Rifle – The Fall
  3. Hip Priest – The Fall
  4. Fortress / Deer Park – Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanlon, Marc Riley, Karl Burns
  5. Mere Pseud Mag. Ed – Mark E. Smith
  6. Winter (Hostel – Maxi) – Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanion
  7. Winter 2 – Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanion
  8. Just Step S’ways – Mark E. Smith
  9. Who Makes the Nazis? – Mark E. Smith
  10. Iceland – Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanlon, Marc Riley, Steve Hanley
  11. And This Day – The Fall

On February 10, 1997.


On February 10, 1997, “Food Records” label released the self titled, fifth Blur studio album. It was recorded July to November 1996, at “Stúdíó Grettisgat” in Reykjavík, “Maison Rouge Studio” in Fulham, “Studio 13 Mayfair Studios” in London, and was produced by Stephen Street and Blur.  In 2013, “NME” magazine ranked the album at number 137 in its list of “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.


  • Damon Albarn– lead vocals, piano, keyboards, Hammond organ, acoustic guitar
  • Graham Coxon– electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, vocals, theremin,  drums
  • Alex James– bass guitar, lead and rhythm basses
  • Dave Rowntree– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree, except where noted.

  1. Beetlebum
  2. Song 2
  3. Country Sad Ballad Man
  4. M.O.R. – David Albarn, David Bowie, Graham Coxon, Brian Eno, Alex James, Dave Rowntree
  5. On Your Own
  6. Theme from Retro
  7. You’re So Great – Graham Coxon
  8. Death of a Party
  9. Chinese Bombs
  10. I’m Just a Killer for Your Love
  11. Look Inside America
  12. Strange News from Another Star
  13. Movin On
  14. Essex Dogs” (includes hidden track Interlude)