On August 27, 2001.


On August 27, 2001, “One Little Indian Records” label released “Vespertine”, the fourth Björk solo studio album. It was recorded 2000-2001 in San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain; Reykjavík, Iceland; New York City, and was produced by Björk, Thomas Knak, Martin Gretschmann and Marius de Vries.


  • Björk– arranger, programming, beat programming, basslines, strings arrangements, choir arrangements, harp arrangements, music box arrangements, vocal editing, sounds recording, field recording
  • Valgeir Sigurðsson– programming, beat programming, Pro Tools, engineer
  • Martin Gretschmann aka Console– programming
  • Jake Davies – programming, Pro Tools, engineer
  • Matthew Herbert– programming
  • Leigh Jamieson – Pro Tools
  • Thomas Knak– programming
  • Jan “Stan” Kybert – Pro Tools
  • Matmos– programming, beat programming
  • Vince Mendoza– string arrangements, choir arrangements, orchestration
  • Zeena Parkins– harp, harp arrangements
  • Jack Perron – adaptation to music box
  • Guy Sigsworth– programming, beat programming, celeste, celeste arrangements, clavichord, clavichord arrangements, choir arrangements
  • Mark “Spike” Stent– mixing
  • Damian Taylor – programming, beat programming, Pro Tools
  • Caryl Thomas – harp
  • Marius de Vries– programming, beat programming
  • Patrick Gowers– composer of vocal and organ arrangements
  • Paul’s Cathedral Choir, conducted by John Scott– choir
  • M/M Paris– art direction, design, drawing
  • Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin – photography

Track listing:

  1. Hidden Place – Björk
  2. Cocoon – Björk, Thomas Knak
  3. It’s Not Up To You – Björk
  4. Undo – Björk
  5. Pagan Poetry – Björk
  6. Frosti – Björk
  7. Aurora – Björk
  8. An Echo, a Stain – Björk, Guy Sigsworth
  9. Sun In My Mouth – Björk, E.E. Cummings, Guy Sigsworth
  10. Heirloom – Björk, Martin Gretschmann
  11. Harm of Will – Björk, Guy Sigsworth
  12. Unison – Björk


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