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In November 1978.

In November 1978, “Ralph” label released “Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen”, the fifth  Residents album. It was recorded October 1977 – August 1978, and was produced by The Residents.


  • The Residents – arranger
  • Snakefinger – vocals, guitar
  • Ruby – vocals
  • Whifler – photography
  • Pore No Graphics – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by The Residents, except where noted.

Duck Stab side

  1. Constantinople
  2. Sinister Exaggerator – The Residents, Snakefinger
  3. The Booker Tease
  4. Blue Rosebuds
  5. Laughing Song
  6. Bach Is Dead
  7. Elvis and His Boss


Buster & Glen side


  1. Lizard Lady
  2. Semolina
  3. Birthday Boy
  4. Weight-Lifting Lulu
  5. Krafty Cheese
  6. Hello Skinny
  7. The Electrocutioner

In March 1982.

In March 1982, “Ralph” label released “The Tunes of Two Cities” the second part of the “Mole Trilogy” by The Residents. It was recorded October 1980-January 1982, and was produced by The Cryptic Corporation. The album is known to be one of the first to use the E-mu Emulator, one of the earliest commercial digital samplers.

  1. Serenade for Missy
  2. A Maze of Jigsaws
  3. Mousetrap
  4. God of Darkness
  5. Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
  6. Praise for the Curse
  7. The Secret Seed
  8. Smokebeems
  9. Mourning the Undead
  10. Song of the Wild
  11. The Evil Disposers
  12. Happy Home

In February 1977.


In February 1977, “Ralph” label released “Fingerprince”, the third Residents album. It was recorded 1974 – November 1976. Originally, “Fingerprince” was intended to be released as three-sided record named “Tourniquet of Roses”, but due to expense, the idea was abandoned and cut down to a regular two-sided album. In 1979, the third side was released separately as “Babyfingers”.
All tracks by The Residents.
1. You Yesyesyes
2. Home Age Conversation
3. Godsong
4. March de la Winni
5. Bossy
6. Boo Who?
7. Tourniquet of Roses
8. You Yesyesyes Again
9. Six Things to a Cycle

On July 3, 1974.


On July 3, 1974, “Casablanca Records” label released “Up for the Down Stroke”, the second Parliament album. It was recorded 1973 – 1974, and was produced by George Clinton.


  • Bernie Worrell– arrangement, keyboards
  • Eddie Hazel– guitar, arrangement, vocals
  • Bootsy Collins– bass, guitar, drums
  • Gary Bronson– drums
  • Ron Bykowski– guitar
  • Peter Chase – whistling
  • George Clinton– arrangement, vocals
  • Raymond Davis– vocals
  • Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood– drums
  • Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins– vocals
  • Cordell Mosson– bass
  • Ralph – engineer
  • Gary Shider– guitar, vocals
  • Calvin Simon– vocals
  • Grady Thomas– vocals
  • Tom “Curly” Ruff– mastering
  • Rod Dyer– design
  • Jon Echeverrieta– design

Track listing:

  1. Up for the Down Stroke – George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Fuzzy Haskins, Bernie Worrell
  2. Testify – George Clinton, Deron Taylor
  3. The Goose – George Clinton, Eddie Hazel
  4. I Can Move You (If You Let Me) – George Clinton, Cordell Mosson, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins
  5. I Just Got Back” (From the Fantasy, Ahead of Our Time in the Four Lands of Ellet) – Peter Chase
  6. All Your Goodies Are Gone – George Clinton, Fuzzy Haskins, Billy “Bass” Nelson
  7. Whatever Makes Baby Feel Good – George Clinton, Eddie Hazel
  8. Presence of a Brain – George Clinton, Garry Shider