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On June 25, 1991.

On June 25, 1991, “Arista” label released “What You See Is What You Sweat”, the thirty-third Aretha Franklin studio album. It was recorded in 1990, and was produced by Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager, David “Pic” Conley, Aretha Franklin, Michel Legrand, Oliver Leiber, Gene Lennon, Bruce Roberts, Joshua Thompson, David Townsend, Luther Vandross, Narada Michael Walden and Elliot Wolff.


  • Aretha Franklin – lead and background vocals, piano
  • Rick Iantosca – acoustic guitar
  • Paul Jackson Jr. – guitar
  • Dean Parks – guitar
  • Vernon Black – guitar
  • David Townsend – guitar
  • Jean-Marc Benais – guitar
  • Teddy F. White – guitar
  • Al Turner – bass guitar
  • Marcus Miller – bass guitar
  • Dominique Bertram – bass guitar
  • Rudolph Stansfield – piano
  • Thierry Eliez – piano
  • Skip Anderson – keyboards
  • Burt Bacharach – keyboards
  • Oliver Leiber – keyboards, drum programming, guitar
  • Jason Miles – keyboards
  • Louis Biancaniello – keyboards, programming
  • David Foster – keyboards, programming
  • Nat Adderley Jr. – keyboards
  • Bobby Wooten – keyboards, electric piano, drum programming, synthesizer
  • Michael Boddicker – keyboards, programming
  • Hubert Eaves III – keyboards, drum programming
  • Elliot Wolff – keyboards, drum programming
  • Joshua Thompson – keyboards, guitar, synthesizer
  • Peter Schwartz – additional keyboards
  • Charles Scales – synthesizer
  • Michel Legrand – synthesizer
  • Guy Vaughn – drum programming
  • Narada Michael Walden – drums, programming
  • Buster Marbury – drums
  • André Ceccarelli – drums
  • Paulinho da Costa – percussion
  • Larry Fratangelo – percussion
  • Larry Williams – programming
  • Franck Thore – Pan pipes
  • Onita Sanders – harp
  • Candy Dulfer – saxophone
  • David Boruff – saxophone
  • Gene Lennon – programming
  • Cindy Mizelle – background vocals
  • Jesse Richardson – background vocals
  • Sandra Feva – background vocals
  • Brenda Corbett – background vocals
  • Fonzi Thornton – background vocals
  • Diane Green – background vocals
  • Sherry Fox – background vocals
  • Portia Griffin – background vocals
  • Margaret Branch – background vocals
  • Jarvis Barker – background vocals
  • Nikita Germaine – background vocals
  • Skyler Jett – background vocals
  • Jeanie Tracy – background vocals
  • Tony Lindsay – background vocals
  • Gwen Guthrie – background vocals
  • Tawatha Agee – background vocals
  • Donna Davis – background vocals
  • Marj Harber – background vocals
  • Esther Ridgeway – background vocals
  • Gloria Ridgeway – background vocals
  • Gracie Ridgeway – background vocals
  • Clive Davis – executive producer

Track listing:

  1. Everyday people – Sly Stone
  2. Ever Changing Times – Burt Bacharach, Bill Conti, Carole Bayer Sager
  3. What You See Is What You Sweat – David Conley, Derrick Culler, Gene Lennon, Joshua Thompson
  4. Mary Goes Round – Elliot Wolff, Oliver Leiber
  5. I Dreamed a Dream – Alain Boubill, Herbert Kretzmer, Jean Marc Natel, Claude Michel Schonberg
  6. Someone’s Else’s Eyes – Bruce Roberts, Burt Bacharach, Bayer Sager
  7. Doctor’s Orders – Luther Vandross, Hubert Eaves III
  8. You Can’t Take Me for Granted – Aretha Franklin
  9. What You Give – Aretha Franklin
  10. Everyday People (Shep Pettibone Remix) – Sly Stone

On November 20, 1979.

On November 20, 1979, “Casablanca” label released “Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin the Tale on the Funky)”, the eight Parliament studio album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by George Clinton.


  • Michael Hampton, Garry Shider, William Collins, Phelps Collins, Gordon Carlton, DeWayne McKnight, Walter Morrison – guitars
  • Rodney Curtis, Donnie Sterling, William Collins, DeWayne McKnight, Walter Morrison – bass
  • Bernie Worrell, Walter Morrison, David Lee Chong – keyboards
  • Dennis Chambers, Kenny Colton, Tyrone Lampkin, William Collins, DeWayne McKnight – drums
  • Larry Fratangelo, Carl “Butch” Small – percussion
  • Greg Thomas, Greg Boyer, Bennie Cowens, Larry Hatcher, Maceo Parker, Sam Peakes – horns
  • Bernie Worrell, Fred Wesley, P-Funk Horns (The Baltimore Connection Horn Section), Sam Peakes – horn arrangements
  • Ray Davis, Garry Shider, Ron Ford, Larry Heckstall, Michael “Clip” Payne, Tracey “Lewd” Lewis, Linda Shider, Dawn Silva, Sheila Horne, Jeanette Washington, Jeanette McGruder, Shirley Hayden, Janice Evans, Greg Thomas, Robert Johnson, Ron Dunbar, Jessica Cleaves, Philippe Wynne, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Gary Cooper, Joel Johnson, Wellington Wigout, Star Child – choir
  • Jerome Rogers, Tony Davis, Andre Williams, Larry Hackett, Walter Morrison, Rod – additional backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Prologue
  2. (Gloryhallastoopid) Pin the Tail on the Funky – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton
  3. Party People – Bootsy Collins , George Clinton, Garry Shider
  4. The Big Bang Theory – Donnie Sterling, Ron Dunbar, George Clinton
  5. The Freeze (Sizzaleenmean) – DeWayne McKnight, George Clinton
  6. Colour Me Funky – Walter Morrison (J.S.Theracon), George Clinton
  7. Theme from the Black Hole – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Walter Morrison (J.S.Theracon)
  8. May We Bang You? – George Clinton, William Collins, Bootsy Collins, Walter Morrison (J.S.Theracon)

In July 1981.

In July 1981, “ZE” label released the debut, self-titled “Was Not Was album. It was recorded January-March 1981;at “Sound Suite” in Detroit, Michigan, and was produced by David Was, Don Was, Jack Tann and Michael Zilkha.


  • David Was- vocals, alto saxophone, piano
  • Don Was- vocals, bass, vibraphone, Moog synthesizer, clavinet,
  • Sir Harry Bowens – vocals
  • Sweet Pea Atkinson – vocals
  • Bruce Nazarian, Ricardo Rouse, Wayne Kramer- guitar
  • Jervonny Collier, Lamont Johnson, Bruce Nazarian – bass
  • Franklin K. Funklyn McCullers, Jerry Jones – drums
  • Larry Fratangelo, Kevin Tschirhart, Carl “Butch” Small – percussion
  • Gary Stuck, Jim Matthews, Les Chambers – additional percussion
  • Irwin Krinsky – piano
  • Luis Resto, Raymond Johnson, Mark Johnson – keyboards
  • David McMurray, Armand Angeloni – saxophone
  • Marcus Belgrave- trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Mack Pitt – mandolin
  • Carol Hall, Carolyn Crawford, Kathy Kosins, Michelle Goulet, Sheila Horne – backging vocals
  • Anthony Was, Kim Heron, Lamont Zodiac, Mark J. Norton, Mitchell Jacobs, Mrs. Martinez’s Fifth Hour Vocal Music Class, Birney Middle School, Pam Schlom, Richard Pinkston, Rick Cushingberry, Rubin Weiss, Ruth Seymore, Tom Brzezina – additional vocals
  • Johnny Allen- string arrangement
  • Michael Zilkha- executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by David Was and Don Was; except where noted.

  1. Out Come the Freaks
  2. Where Did Your Heart Go?
  3. Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
  4. Oh, Mr. Friction
  5. Carry Me Back to Old Morocco – David Was, Don Was, Doug Fieger
  6. It’s an Attack! – David Was, Don Was, Goss
  7. The Sky’s Ablaze
  8. ..Now! – David Was, Don Was, Ron Banks

In December 1983.


In December 1983, “Capitol” label released “You Shouldn’t-Nuf Bit Fish”, the second George Clinton solo studio album. It was recorded in 1983, and was produced by George Clinton, and co-produced by Junie Morrison and Garry Shider.


  • Junie Morrison, Bootsy Collins, Andre Williams, DeWayne McKnight, Eddie Hazel – guitar
  • Michael Hampton – guitar, avatar
  • Bootsy Collins, Lige Curry, Michael Payne – bass
  • Larry Fratangelo, Maruga Booker – percussion
  • Maceo Parker – sax
  • Richard Griffith, Larry Hatcher – trumpet
  • Bootsy Collins – drums
  • Junie Morrison, Doug Duffy, David Spradley, DeWayne McKnight, Michael Payne, Ron Cron – synthesizer
  • Junie Morrison, Doug Duffy – piano
  • Junie Morrison, Doug Duffy, David Spradley, Bernie Worrell, Ron Cron – keyboards
  • Fred Wesley – trombone
  • George Clinton, Garry Shider, Gary Cooper, Ron Ford, Eddie Hazel, Darryl Clinton, Shirley Hayden, Kim Seay, Lane Strickland, Tracey Lewis, Robert Johnson, Blackbird McKnight, Michael Payne, Andre Williams, Jimmy Giles, Mallia Franklin, James Gilmore, Rev. Uriah – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Nubian Nut – George Clinton, David Spradley, Lane Strickland, Fela Kuti
  2. Quickie – Andre Williams, Ron Ford, Janice Evans, Stephanie Linn
  3. Last Dance – William Collins, Robert Johnson, Stephanie Linn
  4. Silly Millameter – Bob Bishop, Lushawn Clinton, Doug Duffy
  5. Stingy – Michael Hampton, Lige Curry, Gary Cooper, Stephanie Linn
  6. You Shouldn’t-Nuf Bit Fish – Michael Payne, Robert Johnson, Stephanie Linn

On November 20, 1978.


On November 20, 1978, “Casablanca” label released “Motor Booty Affair”, the seventh Parliament studio album. It was recorded January – July 1978, and was produced by George Clinton.


  • George Clinton, Garry Shider, S. Theracon, Gary “Bone” Cooper, Ron Ford, Ray Davis, Bernie Worrell – jaws
  • Debbie Wright, Jeanette Washington, Mallia Franklin, Shirley Hayden, Cheryl James, Lynn Mabry, Dawn Silva, Linda Brown, Richard “Kush” Griffith, Raymond Spruell, Mike “Clip” Payne, Joey Zalabok, Robert “P-Nut” Johnson, Larry Heckstall, Overton Loyd – The Choral Reef(er, Bubbly Vocalizations):
  • Michael Hampton, Garry Shider, J.S. Theracon, Phelps “Catfish” Collins, Bootsy Collins – guitar
  • Cordell “Boogie” Mosson, Bootsy Collins, Rodney “Skeet” Curtis, J.S. Theracon – bass
  • Tyrone Lampkin, Bootsy Collins, Gary “Bone” Cooper, J.S. Theracon – drums
  • Larry Fratangelo – percussion
  • Fred Wesley, Richard “Kush” Griffith, Maceo Parker, Rick Gardner, Greg Boyer, Greg Thomas, Benny Cowan – horns
  • Bernie Worrell, J.S. Theracon – keyboards, synthesizers

Track listing:

  1. Wiggles
  2. Rumpofsteelskin
  3. (You’re a Fish & I’m a) Water Sign
  4. Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)
  5. One of Those Funky Things
  6. Liquid Sunshine
  7. The Motor-Booty Affair
  8. Deep

On August 2, 1989.

Cinderrela Theory

On August 2, 1989, “Paisley Park Records” released “The Cinderella Theory”, the fifth George Clinton studio album. It was recorded in 1989, and was produced by George Clinton.


  • George Clinton – vocals
  • Bootsy Collins – bass, guitars
  • Andre Foxxe Williams – vocals, guitars, bass
  • DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight, Tracey Lewis – guitars
  • Joseph Fiddler, David Spradley, Bill Brown, Greg Crockett – keyboards
  • DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight, Steve Washington – bass
  • Dean Ragland – vocals, drums, drum programming
  • Lelan Zales, William Payne, Richie Stevens Scratchin’, Anthony Jones – drums, drums programming
  • Larry Fratangelo – percussion
  • Eric Leeds – tenor sax
  • Atlanta Bliss – trumpet
  • Mike Fleming – flute
  • AJ – spoons
  • Pat Lewis, Sheila Washington, Jimmy Giles, Sandra Feva Dance, Lige Curry, Belita Woods, Tambra Makowsky, Navarro Berman, Pennye Ford, Patty Curry, Jennie Peters, Dean Ragland, Robert Johnson, Joe Harris, Tracey Lewis, Jessica Cleaves, Karen Foster, Anita Johnson, Louis Kabbabie, Mike Harris, Garry Shider, Daryl Johnson, Daryl Clinton, Shirley Hayden, Steve Boyd, Angela Workman, “Doe” Holiday – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Airbound – Tracey Lewis
  2. Tweakin’ – Bob Bishop, Chuck D, David Spradley, Flavor Flav
  3. Cinderella Theory – Amp Fiddler, George Clinton
  4. Why Should I Dog U Out? – Amp Fiddler, DeWayne McKnight, George Clinton
  5. Serious Slammin’ – Greg Crockett
  6. There I Go Again – Amp Fiddler, George Clinton, Joe Harris
  7. (She Got It) Goin’ On – Amp Fiddler, Shawn Clinton
  8. Banana Boat Song – Burgess, W. Attaway
  9. French Kiss – Andre Foxxe Williams, DeWayne McKnight, George Clinton, Steve Washington
  10. Rita Bewitched – George Clinton, Tracey Lewis
  11. Kredit Kard – Clip Payne, George Clinton
  12. Airbound (Reprise) – Tracey Lewis