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On October 25, 2004.


On October 25, 2004, John Robert Parker Ravenscroft aka John Peel died aged 65. Being disc jockey, radio presenter, record producer and journalist, he is widely acknowledged for promoting artists working in various genres in “Peel’s Radio 1” shows, which usually consisted of four songs recorded by an artist live in the BBC’s studios. In 1969 Peel founded “Dandelion Records”, that label released 27 albums by 18 different artists before folding in 1972.


On July 5, 1968.


On July 5, 1968, “Regal Zonophone” label released “My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair… But Now They’re Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows”, the Tyrannosaurus Rex debut album. It was recorded 1967 – 1968 at “Advision Studios” in London, and was produced by Tony Visconti.


  • Marc Bolan – vocals, guitars
  • Steve Peregrin Took- backing vocals, drums, pixiphone, percussion
  • John Peel – read a children’s story written by Marc Bolan

Track listing:

All tracks by Marc Bolan.

  1. Hot Rod Mama
  2. Scenescof
  3. Child Star
  4. Strange Orchestras
  5. Chateau in Virginia Waters
  6. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues
  7. Mustang Ford
  8. Afghan Woman
  9. Knight
  10. Graceful Fat Sheba
  11. Wielder of Words
  12. Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love)

On May 16, 1969.


On May 16, 1969, “Regal Zonophone” label released “Unicorn”, the third  Tyrannosaurus Rex studio album. It was recorded November 1968 – February 1969, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Tony Visconti. It was band’s last album to feature Steve Peregrin Took.


  • Marc Bolan- acoustic guitar, lead vocals, harmonium, lip organ, phonofiddle
  • Steve Peregrin Took- bongos, backing vocals, African talking drum, bass, piano
  • Tony Visconti- production, piano
  • John Peel- narration

Track listing:

All tracks by Marc Bolan.

  1. Chariots of Silk
  2. Pon a Hil
  3. The Seal of Seasons
  4. The Throat of Winter
  5. Cat Black (The Wizard’s Hat)
  6. Stones for Avalon
  7. She Was Born to Be My Unicorn
  8. Like a White Star, Tangled and Far, Tulip That’s What You Are
  9. Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles
  10. Evenings of Damask
  11. The Sea Beasts
  12. Iscariot
  13. Nijinsky Hind
  14. The Pilgrim’s Tale
  15. The Misty Coast of Albany
  16. Romany Soup