On November 12, 1980.

On November 12, 1980, “Warner Bros” label released “Ultra Wave”, the fifth Bootsy Collins studio album. It was recorded in 1980, and was produced by Bootsy Collins and George Clinton.


  • Bootsy Collins – vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion
  • Phelps Collins, Rick Evans – guitar
  • Joel Johnson, David Lee Chong, Mark Johnson – keyboards
  • Jerry Jones – drums
  • Carl Small – percussion
  • Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith, Larry Hatcher – horns
  • David McMurray – lyricon solo
  • Godmoma, Brandy, Parlet, Brides of Funkenstein, Robert Johnson – vocals

Track listing

  1. Mug Push – Phelps Collins, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton
  2. F-Encounter – Bootsy Collins, Rick Evans, Ron Ford, George Clinton
  3. Is That My Song? – Bootsy Collins, David Spradley
  4. It’s a Musical – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Carl Small
  5. Fat Cat – Phelps Collins, Bootsy Collins
  6. Sacred Flower – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton
  7. Sound Crack – Bootsy Collins


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