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Runrig: Amazing Things

On March 15, 1993, “Chrysalis” label released “Amazing Things”, the eighth Runrig studio album.


  • Donnie Munro – lead vocals
  • Malcolm Jones – guitars, banjo, mandolin, accordion, pipes, bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Peter Wishart – keyboards
  • Rory Macdonald – vocals, bass guitar, accordion
  • Iain Bayne – drums, percussion
  • Calum Macdonald – percussion, spoken vocals
  • Jake Harvey – sculptor of the Hugh MacDonald memorial (photography on the album cover)

Track listing:

  1. Amazing Things
  2. Wonderful
  3. The Greatest Flame
  4. Move a Mountain
  5. Pòg Aon Oidhche Earraich
  6. Dream Fields
  7. Song of the Earth
  8. Forever Eyes of Blue
  9. Sràidean na Roinn-Eòrpa
  10. Canada
  11. Àrd
  12. On the Edge

Runrig: Mara

On November 6, 1995, “Chrysalis” label released “Mara”, the ninth Runrig album. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Brian Young,


  • Donnie Munro: lead vocals
  • Malcolm Jones: guitars, hurdy-gurdy, accordion
  • Peter Wishart: keyboards
  • Rory Macdonald: vocals, bass guitar
  • Iain Bayne: drums, percussion
  • Calum Macdonald: percussion

Track listing:

  1. Day in a Boat
  2. Nothing but the Sun
  3. The Mighty Atlantic / Mara Theme
  4. Things That Are
  5. Road and the River
  6. Meadhan Oidhche air an Acairseid (Midnight on the Harbour)
  7. The Wedding
  8. The Dancing Floor
  9. Thairis air a’ Ghleann (Beyond the Glen)
  10. Lighthouse

Runrig: The Big Wheel

On June 10, 1991, “Chrysalis” label released “The Big Wheel”, the seventh Runrig album. It was recorded in 1990, at “Castlesound Studios” in Pencaitland, Scotland, and was produced by Chris Harley.


  • Donnie Munro – lead vocals
  • Malcolm Jones – guitars, banjo, accordion
  • Peter Wishart – keyboards
  • Rory Macdonald – vocals, bass guitar
  • Iain Bayne – drums, percussion
  • Calum Macdonald – percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Calum Macdonald and Rory Macdonald.

  1. Headlights
  2. Healer in Your Heart
  3. Abhainn an t-Sluaigh (The Crowded River)
  4. Always the Winner
  5. This Beautiful Pain
  6. An Cuibhle Mòr (The Big Wheel)
  7. Edge of the World
  8. Hearthammer
  9. I’ll Keep Coming Home
  10. Flower of the West