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On February 11, 1985.

On February 11, 1985, “Atlantic” label released the self-titled, debut Firm album. It was recorded in 1984, at “Sol Studios” in Cookham, Berkshire, England, and was produced by Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers.


  • Paul Rodgers– lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
  • Jimmy Page– acoustic and electric guitars
  • Tony Franklin– fretless bass, keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Chris Slade– drums, percussion
  • Steve Dawson – trumpet
  • Paul “Shilts” Weimar – baritone saxophone
  • Willie Garnett – tenor saxophone
  • Don Weller– tenor saxophone solo
  • Sam Brown, Helen Chappelle, Joy Yates – backing vocals
  • Stuart Epps– engineering
  • Gordon Vicary – mastering
  • Steve Maher – cover artwork
  • Steve Privett – tape operation; supplier of tea, gin and tonics

Track listing:

All tracks by Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers, except where noted.

  1. Closer
  2. Make or Break – Paul Rodgers
  3. Someone to Love
  4. Together
  5. Radioactive – Paul Rodgers
  6. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ – Phil Spector, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
  7. Money Can’t Buy – Paul Rodgers
  8. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  9. Midnight Moonlight

On October 16, 1978.


On October 16, 1978, “Rocket” label released “A Single Man”, the twelfth Elton John album. It was recorded 1977 – 1978, at “The Mill” in Cookham, Berks, and was produced by Clive Frank an Elton John. It is the first album with Gary Osborne who replaced Bernie Taupin as lyricist. The album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, and Platinum in the US by “RIIA”.


  • Elton John– piano, harmonium, church organ, lead and backing vocals, clavinet, mellotron, Polymoog, Solina String synthesizer
  • Ray Cooper– congas,  tambourine,  tympani,  vibraphone,  shakers, wind chimes, rhythm box
  • Vicki Brown– backing vocals
  • Paul Buckmaster– orchestra arrangement, ARP synthesizer, Fender Rhodes
  • J. Cole– steel guitar
  • John Crocker –clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Herbie Flowers– acoustic bass
  • Clive Franks – bass guitar
  • Patrick Halcox – trumpet
  • Steve Holley– drums
  • Davey Johnstone– lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Stevie Lange – backing vocals
  • Henry Lowther – trumpet
  • Gary Osborne– backing vocals
  • Tim Renwick– acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, Leslie guitar
  • Jim Shepherd –trombone
  • Joanne Stone – backing vocals
  • Chris Thompson– backing vocals
  • Watford Football Club– backing vocals
  • Supervising producer: Mike Gill
  • Engineers: Phil Dunne,Stuart Epps, Clive Franks, Peter Mew
  • Mixing: Phil Dunne, Stuart Epps, Clive Franks
  • Mastering: Ian Cooper
  • Digital remastering:Gus Dudgeon
  • Coordination: Alex Foster
  • Arranger: Joanne Stone
  • Orchestral arrangements:Paul Buckmaster
  • Sleeve design: David Costa
  • Graphic design: Mike Storey
  • Liner editor:John Tobler
  • Liner notes: Chris White

Track listing:

All tracks by Elton John and Gary Osborne, except where noted.

  1. Shine on Through
  2. Return to Paradise
  3. I Don’t Care
  4. Big Dipper
  5. It Ain’t Gonna Be Easy
  6. Part-Time Love
  7. Georgia
  8. Shooting Star
  9. Madness
  10. Reverie – Elton John
  11. Song for Guy – Elton John