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On May 15, 2012.

On May 15, 2012, “Sub Pop” label released “Bloom”, the fourth Beach House studio album. It was recorded in 2011, at “Sonic Ranch” in Texas, “Magpie Cage” in Baltimore, and was produced by Chris Coady, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally.


  • Victoria Legrand– vocals, keyboards, organ, piano
  • Alex Scally– backing vocals, guitar, basses, piano, organ, keyboards, drum machine edits, programming
  • Daniel Franz – live drums, percussion
  • Joe Cueto – viola
  • Chris Coady– engineering, mixing
  • Manuel Calderon– assistant engineering
  • Brooks Harlan – engineering
  • Phil Joly – assistant engineering
  • Joe LaPorta– mastering
  • Brian Roettinger – design

Track listing:

All lyrics by Victoria Legrand; all music by Alex Scally, Victoria Legrand and Daniel Franz.

  1. Myth
  2. Wild
  3. Lazuli
  4. Other People
  5. The Hours
  6. Troublemaker
  7. New Year
  8. Wishes
  9. On the Sea
  10. Irene – includes the hidden track “Wherever You Go”



On June 3, 2013.

On June 3, 2013, “4AD” label released “Desire Lines”, the fifth Camera Obscura album. It was recorded in 2013 in Portland, Oregon, and was produced by Tucker Martine.


  • Tracyanne Campbell – guitar, vocals
  • Kenny McKeeve – guitar, vocals
  • Gavin Dunbar – bass
  • Lee Thomson – drums
  • Neco Case – vocals
  • Jim James – vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Tracyanne Campbell.

  1. Intro
  2. This Is Love (Feels Alright)
  3. Troublemaker
  4. William’s Heart
  5. New Year’s Resolution
  6. Do It Again
  7. Cri du Coeur
  8. Every Weekday
  9. Fifth in Line to the Throne
  10. I Missed Your Party
  11. Break It to You Gently
  12. Desire Lines

On June 3, 2008.

On June 3, 2008, “DGC” label released the sixth, self-titled Weezer studio album. It was recorded in 2007, at “Shangri La Studios” and “Malibu Performing Arts Center” in Malibu, California, “Treshold Studios” in Santa Monica I California, and was produced by Rick Rubin, Jacknife Lee, Brian Bell, Rivers Cuomo, Scott Shriner and Patrick Wilson.


  • Brian Bell- guitar, keyboards, synthesiser, backing and lead vocals
  • Rivers Cuomo- guitar, lead and backing vocals, drums
  • Scott Shriner- bass, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, Korg R3 synthesizer
  • Patrick Wilson- drums, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, percussion, guitar
  • Rich Costey– mixer
  • Andrew Scheps – engineer
  • Eric J– engineer
  • Dana Nielsen- engineer

Track listing:

  1. Troublemaker – Rivers Cuomo
  2. The Greatest man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) – Rivers Cuomo
  3. Pork and Beans – Rivers Cuomo
  4. Heart Song – Rivers Cuomo
  5. Everybody Get Dangerous – Rivers Cuomo
  6. Dreamin’ – Rivers Cuomo
  7. Thought I Knew – Brian Bell
  8. Cold Dark World – Rivers Cuomo, Scott Shriner
  9. Automatic – Patrick Wilson
  10. The Angel and the One – Rivers Cuomo