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In April 1980.

In April 1980, “Arista” label released “Sky 2”, the second Sky album. It was recorded in 1980, at “Studio 3” and “Abbey Road Studios”, and was produced by Haydn Bendall, Tony Clark, John Williams, Francis Monkman, Herbie Flowers, Tristan Fry and Kevin Peek.


  • John Williams– classical guitars
  • Francis Monkman– keyboards, synthesizers, harpsichord, piano, left-hand channel electric guitar
  • Herbie Flowers– bass guitar, tuba
  • Tristan Fry– drums, tuned percussion (drumkit, vibraphone, marimba, bass marimba, tympani & xylophones), trumpet
  • Kevin Peek– electric & classical guitars

Track listing:

  1. Hotta – Kevin Peek, Herbie Flowers
  2. Dance of the Little Fairies – Herbie Flowers
  3. Sahara – Kevin Peek
  4. Fifo – Francis Monkman
  5. Adagio – Francis Monkman
  6. Watching the Aeroplanes – Francis Monkman
  7. Tuba Smarties – Herbie Flowers
  8. Ballet-Volta – Praetorius, arr. John Williams
  9. Gavotte&Variations – Rameau
  10. Andante – Vivaldi, arr. John Williams
  11. Tristan’s Magic Garden – Tristan Fry
  12. El Cielo – traditional, arr. Williams
  13. Vivaldi – Darryl Way
  14. Scipio – Herbie Flowers
  15. Toccata – Bach, arr. Kevin Peek, Holmes



On November 19, 1973.


On November 19, 1973, “Manticore” labele released “Brain Salad Surgery”,  the fourth Emerson Lake & Palmer studio album. It was recorded June – September 1973, at the “Advison Studios” and “Olympic Studios” in London, and was produced by Greg Lake. The cover art is by H. R. Giger.


  • Keith Emerson– Hammond organs, piano,  harpsichord,  accordion, Moog Modular IIIc synthesizer, Moog Minimoog synthesizer, Moog Constellation polyphonic ensemble (consisting of Moog Lyra solo synthesiser, Moog Apollo polyphonic synthesiser (Polymoog prototype), and prototype Moog Taurus bass pedal synthesizer), ring-modulated “computer” voice
  • Greg Lake– vocals, acoustic, electric, and twelve-string guitars, bass guitar, production
  • Carl Palmer– drums, percussion, gongs, timpani, tubular bells, percussion synthesizers

Track listing:

  1. Jerusalem – William Blake and Hubert Parry, adapted by Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer
  2. Toccata – Alberto Ginastera, arr. By Keith Emerson
  3. Still…You Turn Me On – Greg Lake
  4. Benny the Bouncer – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Peter Sinfield
  5. Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 1 – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake
  6. Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 2 – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake
  7. Karn Evil 9: 2nd Impression – Keith Emerson
  8. Karn Evil 9: 3rd Impression – Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Peter Sinfield