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On October 27, 1967.


On October 27, 1967,”Deram” label released the debut, self titled Ten Years After album. It was recorded September 1967, at “Decca Studios” in London, and was produced by Mike Vernon and Gus Dudgeon.


  • Alvin Lee– guitar, vocals
  • Chick Churchill– organ
  • Leo Lyons– bass
  • Ric Lee– drums

Track listing:

  1. I Want to Know – Sheila McLeod as pseudonym Paul Jones
  2. I Can’t Keep from Crying Sometimes – Al Kooper
  3. Adventures of a Young Organ – Alvin Lee, Chick Churchill
  4. Spoonful – Willie Dixon
  5. Losing the Dogs – Alvin Lee, Gus Dudgeon
  6. Feel It for Me – Alvin Lee
  7. Love Until I Die – Alvin Lee
  8. Don’t Want You Woman – Alvin Lee
  9. Help Me – Ralph Bass, Willie Dixon, Sonny Boy Williamson


On October 5, 1973.


On October 5, 1973, “Deram” label released “For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night” the fifth Caravan studio album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Tolling Park Studios”; “Chipping Norton Recording Studios”; “Decca Studios” in West Hampstead, and was produced by David Hitchcock. Richard Sinclair and Steve Miller left the band prior to the recording of this album, and were replaced by John G. Perry and Dave Sinclair.


  • Pye Hastings– guitar, vocals
  • Geoff Richardson– viola
  • David Sinclair– organ, piano, electric piano, Davoli synthesizer, A.R.P. synthesizer
  • John G. Perry– bass, vocals, percussion
  • Richard Coughlan– drums, percussion, timpani
  • Rupert Hine– A.R.P. synthesizer
  • Frank Ricotti– congas
  • Jimmy Hastings– flute
  • Paul Buckmaster– electric cello
  • Tony Coe– clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Pete King– flute, alto saxophone
  • Harry Klein – clarinet, baritone saxophone
  • Henry Lowther– trumpet
  • Jill Pryor – voice
  • Chris Pyne– trombone
  • Barry Robinson – piccolo
  • Tom Whittle– clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Orchestra arranged by John Bell and Martyn Ford, conducted by Martyn Ford

Track listing:

All tracks by Pye Hastings, except where noted.

  1. Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss
  2. Hoedown
  3. Surprise, Surprise
  4. C’thlu Thlu
  5. The Dog, The Dog, He’s at It Again
  6. Be All Right / Chance of a Lifetime
  7. L’Auberge du Sanglier / A Hunting We Shall Go / Pengola / Backwards / A Hunting We Shall Go (reprise) – John G. Perry, Mike Ratledge

On July 26, 1968.


On July 26, 1968, “Deram” label released “In Search of the Lost Chord”, the third Moody Blues album. It was recorded January – June 1968, at “Decca Studios” in West Hampstead, in London, and was produced by Tony Clarke. In the “Q”  and  “Mojo” “Classic Special Edition Pink Floyd & The Story of Prog Rock”, “In Search of the Lost Chord” was ranked at number 37 in the list of “40 Cosmic Rock Albums”.


  • Mike Pinder– vocals, mellotron, piano, harpsichord, acoustic guitar, bass, cello, autoharp, tambura, spoken vocals
  • John Lodge– vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, cello, snare drum, tambourine
  • Graeme Edge- vocals, drums, timpani, tambourine, piano, percussion, tabla, spoken vocal
  • Ray Thomas– vocals, C flute, alto flute, soprano saxophone, oboe, French horn, tambourine
  • Justin Hayward– vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar,  sitar, harpsichord, bass, percussion, mellotron, piano

Track listing:

  1. Departure – Graeme Edge
  2. Ride My See – Saw – John Lodge
  3. Livingstone, I Presume – Ray Thomas
  4. House of Four Doors – John Lodge
  5. Legend of a Mind – Ray Thomas
  6. House of Four Doors (Part 2) – John Lodge
  7. Voices in the Sky – Justin Hayward
  8. The Best Way to Travel – Mike Pinder
  9. Visions of Paradise – Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas
  10. The Actor – Justin Hayward
  11. The World – Graeme Edge
  12. Om – Mike Pinder


On May 19, 1972.


On May 19, 1972, “Deram” label released “Waterloo Lily”, the fourth Caravan studio album. It was recorded in November 1971, at “Tollington Park Studios” in London, and was produced by David Hitchcock. The album cover detail is from “The Tavern Scene” from A Rake’s Progress by William Hogarth.


  • Pye Hastings- vocals, guitars
  • Steve Miller – Wurlitzer electric piano, grand piano, Hammond organ, electric harpsichord
  • Richard Sinclair- vocals, bass
  • Richard Coughlan– drums
  • Barry Robinson – oboe
  • Lol Coxhill- soprano saxophone
  • Phil Miller- 2nd lead guitar
  • Jimmy Hastings– flute
  • Mike Cotton – trumpet

Track listing:

All tracks by Richard Coughlan, Pye Hastings and Richard Sinclair except where noted.

  1. Waterloo Lily
  2. Nothing at All / It’s Coming Soon / Nothing at All (reprise) – Steve Miller
  3. Songs and Signs – Steve Miller
  4. Aristocracy
  5. The Love in Your Eye / To Catch Me a Brother / Subsultus / Debouchement / Tilbury Kecks
  6. The World Is Yours

On April 25, 1969.

Threshold of a dream

On April 25, 1969, “Deram” label released “On the Threshold of a Dream”, the fourth  Moody Blues album. It was recorded January 1969, at “Decca Studios”  in London, and was produced by Tony Clarke. The album was mixed and released in both  stereo  and   quadraphonic sound.


  • Justin Hayward- vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar, cello,
  • John Lodge- vocals, bass, cello, double bass
  • Ray Thomas- vocals, harmonica, flute, tambourine, oboe, piccolo
  • Graeme Edge- drums, percussion, vocals, EMS VCS 3
  • Mike Pinder- vocals, mellotron, Hammond organ, piano, cello
  • Phil Travers – cover artwork

Track listing:

  1. In the Beginning – Graeme Edge
  2. Lovely to See You – Justin Hayward
  3. Dear Diary – Ray Thomas
  4. Send Me No Wine – John Lodge
  5. To Share Our Love – John Lodge
  6. So Deep Within You – Mike Pinder
  7. Never Comes the Day – Justin Hayward
  8. Lazy Day – Ray Thomas
  9. Are You Sitting Comfortably? – Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas
  10. The Dream – Graeme Edge
  11. Have You Heard (Part 1) – Mike Pinder
  12. The Voyage – Mike Pinder
  13. Have You Heard (Part 2) – Mike Pinder

On April 17, 1970.

Ten Years After_Cricklewood Green

On April 17, 1970, “Deram” label released “Cricklewood Green”, the fourth Ten Years After studio album. It was recorded in 1969, at “Olympic Studio 1” in London, and was produced by Alvin Lee.


  • Alvin Lee– guitar, vocals
  • Leo Lyons– bass
  • Ric Lee– drums
  • Chick Churchill– organ

Track listing:

  1. Sugar the Road – Alvin Lee
  2. Working on the Road – Alvin Lee
  3. 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain – Alvin Lee
  4. Year 3,000 Blues – Alvin Lee
  5. Me and My Baby – Alvin Lee
  6. Love Like a Man – Alvin Lee
  7. Circles – Alvin Lee
  8. As the Sun Still Burns Away – Alvin Lee

On April 8, 1971.

Land Of Gray And Pink

On April 8, 1971, “Deram” label released “In the Land of Grey and Pink”, the third Caravan album. It was recorded September 1970 – January 1971, at “Decca Studios” and “AIR Studios” in London, and was produced by David Hitchcock.


  • Richard Sinclair – Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Pye Hastings – Electric guitars, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • David Sinclair – Organ, piano, Mellotron, harmony vocals
  • Richard Coughlan – drums and percussions
  • Jimmy Hastings – flute, tenor sax, piccolo
  • Dave Grinstead – cannon, bell and wind

Track listing

All tracks by Richard Coughlan, Pye Hastings, Dave Sinclair and Richard Sinclair

  1. Golf Girl
  2. Winter Wine
  3. Love to Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly)
  4. In the Land of Grey and Pink
  5. Nine Feet Underground
  • Nigel Blows a Tune
  • Love’s a Friend
  • Make it 76
  • Dance of the Seven Paper Hankies
  • Hold Grandad by the Nose
  • Honest I Did!
  • Disassociation
  • 100% Proof