On April 25, 1969.

Threshold of a dream

On April 25, 1969, “Deram” label released “On the Threshold of a Dream”, the fourth  Moody Blues album. It was recorded January 1969, at “Decca Studios”  in London, and was produced by Tony Clarke. The album was mixed and released in both  stereo  and   quadraphonic sound.


  • Justin Hayward- vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar, cello,
  • John Lodge- vocals, bass, cello, double bass
  • Ray Thomas- vocals, harmonica, flute, tambourine, oboe, piccolo
  • Graeme Edge- drums, percussion, vocals, EMS VCS 3
  • Mike Pinder- vocals, mellotron, Hammond organ, piano, cello
  • Phil Travers – cover artwork

Track listing:

  1. In the Beginning – Graeme Edge
  2. Lovely to See You – Justin Hayward
  3. Dear Diary – Ray Thomas
  4. Send Me No Wine – John Lodge
  5. To Share Our Love – John Lodge
  6. So Deep Within You – Mike Pinder
  7. Never Comes the Day – Justin Hayward
  8. Lazy Day – Ray Thomas
  9. Are You Sitting Comfortably? – Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas
  10. The Dream – Graeme Edge
  11. Have You Heard (Part 1) – Mike Pinder
  12. The Voyage – Mike Pinder
  13. Have You Heard (Part 2) – Mike Pinder

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